New pages added to this blog

More new books at the end!

I’ve created some  new pages as a place to list books read. It’s great to list them at the bottom of each post so we can easily identity what’s new, but afterwards, they kind of get lost. Maybe a separate page would be a good way to find them again. We’ll give it a try.

The new pages are Romance….. Mystery/Thriller……. and.. Other Genres.

Other Genres is pretty much a mixed bag. If ever another category clearly shows up in this list, it can have it’s own page.

Mystery/Thriller has been published for you, the other two are still under construction.

If you find these pages helpful or interesting, leave a comment and let me know. Feedback would be useful I think.

Books read this week  –  all of them good reads

Unwritten: A Novel – Charles Martin……… as always, this novel is intensely real and engrossing, and, as always with his books, once started I couldn’t stop. I am putting this book under romance because it fits better than in mystery but it’s really not a romance. It’s about people facing life, trying to find a way to live through it.

One Last Summer – Jo Noelle…….. a short romance

The Seventh Sergeant (Three Rivers Ranch Romance Book 6)  – Liz Isaacson and Elena Johnson …… I think I’ve read most of the previous ones, this was a good story.

The Hideway – Lauren Denton ….. a romance centered around a group of unusual characters, mixed with family secrets.

Black & Blue (Lord and Lady Hetheridge Mystery Series Book 4) – Emma Jameson ….. I’ve read other book in this series and enjoyed them all.

Finding Courage (Love’s Compass Book 3) – Melanie D Snitker ……. a romance faced with intense family issues, will they survive?

Her Mother’s Hope (Marta’s Legacy Book 1) – Francine Rivers …… we grow up in difficult circumstances and run away to flee that kind of life, but in the end, have we really left it behind? or does history repeat itself anyway?

3 thoughts on “New pages added to this blog

  1. I like your idea of pages.
    I notice you list the books by author but some are by first name and some by last name. Perhaps list all by last name? And by author first, then title, with series in order? Sorry, it’s the secretary filer in me 😉.


    • Thanks for the feedback!! 😊

      I thought I was listing all of the authors by last name, which ones did I get wrong?

      This whole thing is still in flux, trying to see what works best.

      I sorted by Author and then by title, alphabetically, with the full series (if I read the whole series) in one line.

      I put the book titles first (on the left) because I wanted to give them prominence over the author’s name.

      That could change but I’m still thinking about it. I wanted to sort the books totally by title but I also wanted it to make it easy to find all the books belonging to an author.

      I am hoping that with a larger population of books (as time goes on), it will be easier to see what works best.

      I wanted to have titles first because some people are reluctant to try an author they don’t know. The thinking is to tempt them with the title and maybe they will take a chance on the author.

      In the individual posts books are listed in the order I read them, with the most recent being on top, no other sorting going on with them.

      I am also thinking of adding books read prior to December 2016, there are some I really enjoyed and would like to see them on this page, that will help flesh things out a bit.

      I think this is going to be like the shelves in a library, a no win situation. lol

      PS I replied to this comment but since I’m not sure how it works I’ve added your email address too. You may have this twice 🙂

      I’ve enjoyed the chance to think this through on paper. I see many changes in the future. That’s my track record speaking. lol

      I hope you are having an awesome day!



      • I think the first couple books on the thriller list are under C which looks like the author’s first name. When listing a namy by last name first there should be a comma between the names – Pohlmann, Marnie. I see your points for title first. Could you maybe do it as a table like an excel sheet? Then you can sort it before posting and it would be easier to add new books. I’d also list the series title first then the book titles in order. When you read a new one it is in the post so they can see it is new anyway.

        Just some thoughts ??

        Marnie Phosphorescent at



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