New pages added to this blog

More new books at the end!

I’ve created some  new pages as a place to list books read. It’s great to list them at the bottom of each post so we can easily identity what’s new, but afterwards, they kind of get lost. Maybe a separate page would be a good way to find them again. We’ll give it a try.

The new pages are Romance….. Mystery/Thriller……. and.. Other Genres.

Other Genres is pretty much a mixed bag. If ever another category clearly shows up in this list, it can have it’s own page.

Mystery/Thriller has been published for you, the other two are still under construction.

If you find these pages helpful or interesting, leave a comment and let me know. Feedback would be useful I think.

Books read this week  –  all of them good reads

Unwritten: A Novel – Charles Martin……… as always, this novel is intensely real and engrossing, and, as always with his books, once started I couldn’t stop. I am putting this book under romance because it fits better than in mystery but it’s really not a romance. It’s about people facing life, trying to find a way to live through it.

One Last Summer – Jo Noelle…….. a short romance

The Seventh Sergeant (Three Rivers Ranch Romance Book 6)  – Liz Isaacson and Elena Johnson …… I think I’ve read most of the previous ones, this was a good story.

The Hideway – Lauren Denton ….. a romance centered around a group of unusual characters, mixed with family secrets.

Black & Blue (Lord and Lady Hetheridge Mystery Series Book 4) – Emma Jameson ….. I’ve read other book in this series and enjoyed them all.

Finding Courage (Love’s Compass Book 3) – Melanie D Snitker ……. a romance faced with intense family issues, will they survive?

Her Mother’s Hope (Marta’s Legacy Book 1) – Francine Rivers …… we grow up in difficult circumstances and run away to flee that kind of life, but in the end, have we really left it behind? or does history repeat itself anyway?

Sometimes life shapes your likes and dislikes

It’s true, at least it is for me anyway, my likes and dislikes have been shaped by  circumstances of my life.

My mind has been busy, over this last week,  thinking about the ways books and music have fit into my life, thinking about the impact they’ve had, and why there even needed to be an impact.

I can remember liking this song well enough as a young girl to be able to pick it out by ear on mom’s piano

(There’s A) Bluebird on Your Windowsill

There’s a bluebird
There’s a bluebird on your windowsill
There’s a rainbow in your sky
There are happy thoughts, your heart to fill
Near enough to make you cry
There he is.
And with every tear you’ve washed away
All the things you’ve kept inside
You count your joys this lovely day
And you wonder why you cried
The melody was cheerful, maybe that’s why I liked it, or maybe it was because it mentioned tears and I latched on to that. I wanted to be done with tears.
The song says “you wonder why you cried”  but I doubt I caught the meaning of that phrase. I did have reason to cry, lots of reason, not that I can recall ever forming any of it into conscious thought in those days, but my subconscious knew and was looking for hope.
Books and music were favorites of my mother and watching her they became mine too. These favorites did many things for me, but most importantly – they were a safe place to land, they helped me forget, for a time, that I had reason to cry.
As I’ve been thinking, and blogging, about these current day passions it occurs to me that readers may have a different frame of reference when they read my words. Their expectations may be different. They may be looking for an intellectual discussion of music appreciation or examples of an impressive performance. They would be disappointed if this is true because while I love music my frame of reference is quite different. I go for the love of music rather than the knowledge of it. I like to live inside the music, where there is healing. The emotional experience is most important to me.
My criteria for great music is possibly different too. Melody is important but the lyric is more so. It must have something life changing and relevant to say. The goal must be to impact rather than impress. Likewise, with the performer, if their goal is to impress, there won’t be impact.
My kids will testify to my love of impact over impression, we had a tape once, of a Southern Gospel group, their talent and musical proficiency was lacking but their hearts shone through in spades. I loved that tape. My kids…….not so much. I guess their hearts didn’t need the message of those songs like mine did. Having said that, I do appreciate musicians who excel at their craft and I promise not to post anything in my music blog that isn’t excellent.
There is nothing wrong with the intellectual point of view for music enjoyment, it’s just not where I am at, and it helps the reader to revise their expectations if they know where I’m coming from.
The circumstances of my life, the mountains and the valleys, have created the need for music to there for me, keeping me sane, giving me comfort and hope, crying with me, connecting me to the Heavenlies and the One who can truly be there for me, helping me rise above it all, to live a fruitful and overcoming life.
I think music is a gift from God, the language of heaven, a universal language- not needing interpretation. What a gift!
I hope you will find your needs met in the blessing of music too, if you haven’t discovered this blessing already.

A couple of books to impact my life this week

Sharing Jesus (Seeing Jesus book 3) – Jeffrey McClain Jones
I’ve read books 1 & 2 in the last few months, as well. In each of them Jesus becomes visible to the main characters and lives with them for a few days. Actually he always lives with them, he just isn’t visible the rest of the time. It was a deeply moving experience for me, reading these stories of how they lives were changed. I know God is always with me, I talk to him about everything in my life, it was an affirmation of many things, hearing someone else relate to him on such a personal level. As always, reading these stories reveals some things to me, about me, too, and that’s a good thing.
Check out this book if you can relate to, or desire such a connection. I can’t say any of us would ever experience a visible Jesus but this story can encourage us toward recognizing the invisible Jesus more often.

I started a new blog the other day…

I have more than one passion I wish to share with the world and, so far, it has been an interesting but unproductive time trying to figure out how to make it work the way I visualize.

It seems to me these passions would be most effective if they were kept somewhat  separate, like food on certain people’s plates – not touching. It may be possible, on this site, to do what I have in mind, I won’t declare it isn’t, maybe I just need to learn more about the technical side of blogging to find there is a way it could be done. But so far it isn’t happening for me.

Another option just sort of jumped out at me a couple of days ago, I went with it and started a whole new blog. We will give it a try to see how it goes. Not everything in life is cast in stone, in my opinion, so changes can always be made later if it doesn’t go as smoothly as hoped.

My parallel passion to reading, is music. Two passions that have been with me pretty much my whole life, keeping me sane and happy, through thick and thin.

There are many days a song plays in my mind and I wish I could share it, as encouragement to someone who could use a glimmer of hope. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have to throw some songs out there if I want a chance to encourage.

The other day I heard a song and wanted to share it here but the only blog option I could see for sharing looked to be on Blogger……. hence the new blog.   …………….. posting as “music lover”

I will keep the discussion of music, and genres enjoyed, confined to the new blog.

If you are booklover reading this blog and you love music too, drop by for some encouragement, and maybe even a little fun now and then.  I hope to post more frequently, songs aren’t as time consuming as books, and posts will add up more quickly.

Books won’t be taking a back seat to music anytime soon, there is no threat of that!

Several books  are ready….with more on their way.

Any book listed here was read and enjoyed…… just saying!

Drowning For Rainbows – Kristoff Chimes …..   impossible situations threaten the tenuous peace in Bosnia. Follow a police chief, a peace keeping doctor, and a young couple from both sides of the conflict, as they struggle to stay alive.

Any Blooming Thing – Marisa Logan….. a romance ,  these two books were downloaded from InstaFreebie. it is working out better for me than I at first thought. Give it a try if you are looking for more free stuff


Instafreebie and Autism

*there is a list of books at the bottom of every post*  

A friend told me about a new site called Instafreebie. I am all over freebies so I’ve signed up and downloaded a few things. It hasn’t gone all that smoothly, compared to BookBub. There are more steps to be taken, there’s a bigger learning curve, and sometimes the authors require the reader to sign up for a newsletter first.

It’s unclear, at this point anyway, what the quality of the books will be, I expect the standard could be lower than usual for inclusion in the list and they may all be self published, which may or may not mean anything.

I think I will give it a whirl, to see if it’s worth the extra effort. Many of the books seem to be a little on the fringe, but that could just be my first impression. There could be some real gems in there……. I’ll let you know how it goes.

One of the books to come my way this week is on Austism and is written by a doctor as a story which helps demonstrate concepts she wants to get across. I don’t know enough about this subject to be a good judge of information being presented but this book  seemed to make sense to me. And since we need to spread all the knowledge possible on this subject I hope you will give this book a try. I think these concepts will give the general public a better understanding if they should happen to meet up with an autistic person; knowledge and understanding is always a good thing.


Candyfloss Guitar  (The Reluctant Pilgrim book 1)Stephen Marriot…….. he describes this book as the story of a modern day pilgrim taking the first steps on a journey of discovery. Stephen Marriot is a British author inspired by travel and walking the roads less travelled. This was on Instafreebie, and I liked it a lot.

Two Tocks Before Midnight – Clay Boutwell ….. a historical mystery from Instafreebie, a unique and enjoyable mystery. A scholarly club of men with strict rules for their members, and a puzzle to solve.

Autism Goes to School – Book 1 of the School Daze Series – Dr. Sharon A Mitchell…... A single dad facing many challenges……not only is his five year old son an autistic child he has never met, he knows nothing about being a dad and is totally on his own with this, at first anyway.

A Discovery of Hope (A Coming Home Again Novel Book 3) – T. I. Lowe….. another fresh take on life, an engrossing story.

A Fresh Start – Trisha Grace……. Paige leaves everything she knows to get away from something threatening. The theme sounds very familiar but it didn’t feel like I was reading the same book, again. Enjoyed this story.

As always, look these books up on Amazon, or other sites you may know of, for a fuller description, to help give you inspiration. That’s how I get my mine.

Happy reading!

More books I am excited about.

*there is a list of books at the bottom of every post*

This has been a week of great books, if you are a fan of the kind of books I like, I hope you will browse my list and maybe check out Amazon for a fuller story description, one that will help inspire you to read them too. Most of these books were recommended by Bookbub, so we know they are good to begin with as I hear it’s difficult for an author to have books listed on Bookbub, at least until they have a proven track record. You may want to check their lists out as well, for your own favorite genres.

I’m am hoping you will read some of today’s books for yourself, so you can verify my claim they are good books. You may not have heard of many of these authors but don’t let that keep you from trying them out, I hadn’t heard of some of them either but I took a chance and discovered they are good at their craft. Finding good authors, and good books, makes me want to do my part and tell the whole world about them.

My definition of a good book? One that makes me lose sight of  the words on the page, the sense of the author to put them there, and the fact that these people are not real – it makes me feel like real life is playing out right before my eyes, and I have to know what happens. This is my definition of a good book.


Now the Books!

I have to tell you about the last two books in the list. The thing that impressed me most about them was the simplicity of the story line coupled with the epic length. Not many authors can achieve this, a long, simple, story able to hold the reader’s attention to the very end. I liked book 1 enough to buy book 2, this says a lot, because I have so many others waiting to be read I don’t move on to the second book very often.

After A Fashion (A Class of Their Own Book 1)  Jen Turano …..  another romance with lots of twists and turns, it captured my interest and kept me reading much longer than I should have been when there were places I was supposed to be.

Wild Montana Skies (Montana Rescue Book 1) – Susan May Warren …… romance and rescue, rolled into one.

Because of the Rain – Deborah Raney ……. in town because of her husband’s business trip, Anna, inadvertently finding herself in a dangerous place, is brutally beaten and raped. This is a gripping story about life after that moment.

When Mockingbirds Sing – Bill Coffey…. Leah is a child from Away, shunned by her peers because of her stutter, she draws prophetic pictures based on conversations with her unseen friend, Rainbow Man. I enjoyed this book, a great deal!

The Letters (The Inn at Eagle Hill book 1)  – Suzanne Woods Fischer …. an Amish romance.

Instant Daddy: Inspirational Romance Noah’s Crossing Book 1 – Carol Voss…. Jessie is raising her sister’s son as her own and loves him fiercely. Life becomes complicated when the unknown, but unmistakable father, crosses paths with them and is shocked to discover he has a son.

Of Stillness and Storm – Michele Phoenix ……. a story of the call to live a sacrificial and giving lifestyle, and the heart breaking cost to family life, written with raw honesty.

When I’m Weak: Epic-Novel The Grace Series Book 2 – Staci Stallings…..  Jaycee’s world comes crashing down when injury causes the loss of her basketball career. Like many of us she is crippled by this and other difficult circumstances of her life, especially relationships. I could tell you more but that would spoil the book for you. This was another book worth reading.

Mirror Mirror: Epic-Novel  The Grace Series Book 1  – Staci Stallings ….. the captivating story of a fractured family’s brokenness, a story that draws you in, letting you feel all of the hurt, pain, and love.  a solid Five Stars

Happy reading, I hope you feel inspired today!