Here is my third or fourth stab at an about page.

The object of the about page, I think, is to convince you of my worthiness to be read or followed. I’m an introvert. I struggle with having to come up with something to say that I feel comfortable with.

Jumping right in, I’ll give it a shot.

I have a story, we all do, and mine includes years of brokenness. I allude to my story now and again but not often because this blog is not about that. When I do share my story, in other appropriate places, I’m often told that for having experienced such a broken life I’m pretty healthy. I’m encouraged with that affirmation. My journey has lasted decades. Partly because it takes awhile for me to let things go and partly because of the volume of stuff to be worked through.

In the early years, my mind could not cope with the reality of my life and I turned to comfort in the world of reading. It was a safe harbor offering me respite and positive role models. I still carry strong recollections of the courageous girls and women in the stories I loved. I can still feel the admiration I had for them.

The primary adults in my life, whole life, added to my brokenness. My kids and my grandkids are the bright spot. I’m not sure how they turned out so well but they did and I am eternally grateful. They wouldn’t be if life had made different choices for me. I wouldn’t change even the bad.

So enough about who I am.

My passion, as it relates to this blog, is creating a thirst for reading. I’m convinced, finding the one you can’t put down will be the beginning of a life long love affair with books.

There is a secondary goal to this blog – to come alongside, to be an encouragement. I’m not the only broken person in this world.

But the main goal behind this effort is to spread a love for reading. To help with that is the mention of books I’ve loved. Hopefully they are books that will enrich your life like they have mine. “Never settle for less than awesome” is a rule that keeps my reading love alive.


I’m also dabbling a little in writing. I mention that because of the surprise I feel at what materialized when I had nothing I mind to say about me. Sometimes it’s cool to just start writing and then look back to see what comes out,

Reading has been cathartic my whole life, writing is starting to be as well. For years I’ve heard the recommendation for journaling on the road to healing, it hasn’t been a good fit for me. Between the blog and joining a welcoming writing group (where I need to take my turn at reading for critique) expressing my thoughts in this form has become therapeutic in an unexpected way.

I guess you could say I’m now an advocate for both reading and writing.