I am an avid reader, have been since age 12 when I discovered the public library. I loved losing myself in the adventures of courageous young girls. I wasn’t courageous at that age, but the stories have stayed with me all these years, and I like to think my life has been affected in a positive way by the things I read as a young girl.

The deep love of books has never left me either. It had to be toned down, drastically, at times through years- especially the busy years. Even in the toned down years I still found time to read something, kids books (to the kids), magazines, Reader’s Digest, newspapers, self help books, National Geographic, Sunday School papers. Whatever could be read, and finished, in a short space of time. It turned out that adult Sunday School papers (a weekly handout) were a great way to meet new authors as there were usually several short stories included each week.

Now, my time is mostly my own, to do with as I wish and I wish to read. LOTS! I do other things too, electronic games – Paradise Bay claims a lot of my time, a variety  of different hobbies, a little time with my family and friends. It always comes back to books though. The second I finish one, I start another. My Kindle goes with me everywhere, from room to room even. It’s always in my purse when I go out, because you never know when there will be two minutes I could be reading.

Now that I’ve discovered writing, reading is having to share. It’s a tug o war!


I’ve started a second blog, on a different blog site. I rarely rearrange furniture; my ideas, however,  are turned inside-out regularly, so, after many revisions of the plan, a different site happened.   musictonourishmysoul.blogspot.com

This music site is born out of a passion for music that rivals my passion for books. Love of music has been with me every bit as long as my love of books, and has been a comfort and a lifter of my soul. It’s a passion because music reaches the deepest places of my heart, when and where I need it most. I want to share the encouragement I receive …… to make a difference in hearts like mine.  I hope you will check it out, if music speaks to you.