Now on Facebook too

I’ve just started a Facebook page, Janette McCormack-Blogger , that’s the big news for today. There’s not much there yet but at least it is started and I will work on filling it out. If you like to follow on Facebook I look forward to seeing you there. This week has been a time of […]

Is there a common thread?

I believe there is. This blog seems to have fallen into two different areas, with different audiences. My mind even puts them in separate camps when I write. I've spent considerable time today thinking about the relationship between Life Story and Books .... not by design, it just happened. Maybe all this thinking was triggered by the few pages read while investigating a book … Continue reading Is there a common thread?

The best stories use actions to give the details

I love being drawn in to a story, like I am really there, a fly on the wall watching it all happen. I love feeling the emotions.... NCIS is one of my favorite TV shows...... because the actors are so convincing they make you feel like you are watching their life. You forget it is only a story. When books do the … Continue reading The best stories use actions to give the details