A new list….

It’s been a few weeks since the last post. I am travelling again and life has been full. I’ve still found time to read though… there is always time to read! The read book list is getting to be pretty long so this will be the quick version…… to get it done.

There were several events last weekend where conversation led to books and a discovered shared passion. They¬† were highlights of my week. I should be getting paid for the passionate sell job. ūüėÄ

We shared favorite authors and the benefits of using Kindle paperwhite. (large print, no¬†screen light, hours of reading with no eyestrain… great for the addicts among us!)

Many of the books on this list have been written by some of my new favorite authors. Hopefully you will enjoy them too.

So.. here’s the list….

Walking Shoes Mt Hope Southern Adventures РWalking Shoes: Triumph Over Tragedy book 1 РLynne Gentry

Until I don't¬† The Resolution Series – Until I Don’t book 2 – T.I. Lowe

Truffles by the Sea  The Chocolate Series РTruffles  By The Sea book 2 РJulie Carobini

The Sister Circle  Sister Circle Series РThe Sister Circle book 1 РNancy Moser and Vonette Bright.

Captive Justice  A Jake & Annie Lincoln Thriller РCaptive Justice: A Private Investigator Mystery book 4 РRayven T. Hill

Paper Roses¬† Serenity’s Plain Secrets Series – Paper Roses book 5 – Karen Ann Hopkins

Deadly Countdown  Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations РDeadly Countdown  book 4 РMargaret Daley

The Mask Revealed The Jacobite Chronicles РThe Mask Revealed book 2 РJulia Brannan

the Gathering Storm  The Jacobite Chronicles РThe Gathering Storm book 3 РJulia Brannan

Blood Orchids A Lei Crime Novel РBlood Orchids  book 1 РToby Neal

Proof Bloodline Trilogy РProof book 1 РJordyn Redwood


Happy Reading!

Mask of Duplicity – Jacobite Chronicles book 1

Another great book! I’ve already¬†downloaded the next two in the series.¬†It’s not often I feel compelled to read on. I love¬†feeling compelled.¬†The cliff hanger ending is mostly ¬†responsible.¬†In truth,¬†the whole book is responsible.

This is historical fiction, based on the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, which was trying to overthrow Hanoverian King George II of England and replace him with the exiled king living in France. There is a helpful and detailed explanation about this period in history  at the beginning of the book.

The rebellion theme is a small part of the story. Family drama is the bigger part.

The¬†characters are many and interesting. Some you love and some you don’t. And you¬†can never be sure¬†where things are going to go next. ¬†It’s romance¬†yet there is serious intrigue,¬†with a few fight scenes thrown in to keep up the momentum.

Mask of Duplicity¬†Jacobite Chronicles – Mask of Duplicity book 1 – Julia Brannan …… With¬†Beth’s focus centered¬†on looking after her ailing¬†father in his final years and¬†with the¬†loss of¬†his¬†income, the estate has fallen into disrepair. A fact displeasing to her angry brother when he arrives home, after a lengthy absence, to claim his inheritance.

He has grand ideas of high society and a commission in the military and decides that to achieve these goals their only recourse is to attempt reconciliation with their noble cousins. Beth has no desire to leave quiet country life but there is no choice but to go along with it.  She finds herself terrified of what her brother will do next, trying to force her to do things his way.

Their reception was not great but at least it was better than they hoped. Snobbish cousin Edward will help, reluctantly, if Beth marries quickly and well. He has conditions. Her marriage must provide a commission for her brother, Richard, and an influence in Parliament for himself.

His sisters, on the other hand, are thrilled to have Beth’s company, condition free, and are already planning ways to launch her quickly¬†into polite society,¬†where there are bachelors of the highest order.

The season won’t start in London for several months yet and they must make do with the few visitors they see at their country estate.

Foppish, socialite¬†Sir Anthony Peters is a frequent visitor, and while he seems to be popular with¬†everyone, including the king, Beth is put off by his vapid ways and the seemingly indiscriminate way he spreads gossip.¬†Beth has learned to be discerning about people but he is beyond figuring out and she still¬†doesn’t like him.

His wealth and connections are important to the men of the house though and they are hoping he will use those connections for an introduction to the king. Something that is sure to pave the way to an advantageous marriage.

Beth is strong-willed, intelligent, and feisty –¬†standing up to the cruelty of her brother.

Sir Anthony dresses and behaves in a way that appears foppish and vapid, his heavy make-up and¬†flowery cologne is off-putting,¬†but –¬†there are moments when you are sure there is to him than what you see.

I’m hoping this is inspiring you to check out¬†this series. I’m sure you will find it a nice surprise.

The next list will have more books on it. I am getting behind again –¬†reading more than I’m writing about. Not a bad problem from a reading standpoint.


Happy reading! ¬†I’m hoping you are finding books you are over the moon about too.¬†

Chasing Charlie

Chasing CharlieNow and then we meet a book with huge impact…. this was one of those books for me, and I know I am not alone in that.

Vince Glaser is buried in work, as lead investigator on his tightly knit FBI team. His personal life is tough. A messy divorce followed by the tragic death of his ex wife and he is a single father struggling to make life work for his six year old son.

Angela Hawkins, head strong and capable, has been Vince’s partner and best friend on the job. He owes her his life after being shot during a suspect¬†encounter. He would have died if not for her quick action.

In the three years since his divorce and harrowing experience with death, their friendship has deepened and could possibly turn into love, but neither one of them has been willing to go down that road.

Lately, Vince has been experiencing severe abdominal pain, nausea, and weight loss,   troubling enough to seek medical help. The diagnosis РPancreatic carcinoma. Six to eight months. Devastating news. What about Charlie? He has suffered so many losses in his young life, how can Vince leave him like this? How can he tell him his father is dying.

How can he tell his team and the rest of his family he is dying, and there is so little time left.

This was a compelling story I could not put down.

Vince is determined to do whatever it takes to have more time with his son. Quitting his job, chemo therapy, whatever it takes.

His team is devastated and determined to do whatever they can to support him in his fight to live a little longer, for Charlie.

Angela is there for him, like she has always been, but it creates a tension between them. Latent feelings of attraction are fanned into flame with new circumstances. It’s impossible¬†to spend this much time and care this deeply without thinking about wanting more.

Vince is determined he can’t ask someone to start a relationship with him under these circumstances. Angela is determined she wants to¬†be there for him¬†no matter how much¬†time is left. There is no communication, on this subject, happening between them but the mindset is still affecting the ease of¬†their friendship, and in Angela’s case –¬†her relationships at work.

This is so well written that it was impossible not to be drawn into their lives. When they cried, I cried along with them. All of their lives have been forever changed living through this experience. My life has been impacted by living it with them.

Highly recommended. I hope you will read it too.

An insightful look into the world of love and cancer.

Lori Wick – another favorite

Lori Wick is one of my long time favorite authors. Back in the day when I was borrowing library books I would read everything they had for her. It’s been awhile since I last visited a library and I’ve gotten behind a bit.¬†That’s why it made my day¬†to see Promise Me Tomorrow show up as a BookBub suggestion.

I hope you will stop by to¬†meet¬†Lori,¬†if you’ve never¬†read any of her work. And if like me,¬†you’ve read¬†her work¬†but it’s been awhile, join me in getting reacquainted.

With¬†another one added¬†to the growing list of recommended authors, maybe¬†it’s time¬†to start a Favorite Authors¬†page,¬†to help keep¬†track of them all. Most likely¬†it will be coming soon.

Thinking about discovering new authors reminds me of a hand out from a library a lifetime ago. It was a large card with a list of favorite authors in the most popular genres. I loved that card. It provided treasured insight and expanded my horizons.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found choosing books¬†can be a¬†difficult decision.¬†Part¬†of the reason is¬†because I want an excellent experience with every book. This was even more of¬†a need¬†in the early days when the check out limit¬†was¬†three; that’s when the recommendations list really helped me¬†zero in on¬†good ones. Of course, once they raised the check out limit to as many books as you can carry,¬†selection decisions weren’t as critical. With that many¬†possibilities, a few duds wouldn’t be leaving me with the tragedy of¬†nothing to read.


Promise Me Tomorrow¬† Rocky Mountain Memories Series – Promise Me Tomorrow book 1 – Lori Wick …. Katherine Taggart, nicknamed Rusty for her red hair, loves the children in her aunt and uncle’s orphanage and they love her right back.

Chase McCandles, a director for the orphanage, is impressed by her take charge attitude and her easy rapport with children. He is even more impressed when he sees the way his son takes to her. He offers her the job of replacement nanny when a sudden need arises but Rusty is having serious reservations about saying yes, knowing there will be fireworks over differences in parenting styles. Would they survive the conflict? Will her tender heart for the needs of a little boy let her say no? Will Chase ever see her as more than a nanny?

October¬† October – J. Grace Pennington …… this is a story of unique friendship, discovery, loss of innocence, and a broken heart: An intriguing¬†new girl shows up in church, she¬†carries herself like a princess and Emily is fascinated. Friendship is not quite that easy though, with this illusive princess.¬†But¬†when finally¬†it begins – it’s magical. Life through October’s eyes¬†seems to open up whole new worlds to her friend, and yet,¬†the world that is her is a¬†closed to everyone.¬†This was an emotional read but it touched a deep place, and made me glad for the experience.

Words¬†¬† Words – Ginny L. Yttrup ….. Sierra Daw has escaped to a¬† favorite¬†forest¬†where she can privately¬†lose herself in grief¬†on the anniversary¬†of her baby’s death. Out of the corner of her eye something catches her attention¬†but when she focuses,¬†there is only¬†a fleeting glimpse of a young girl. Concerned about seeing a child alone in such a remote location, she investigates and discovers a hiding place in a hollowed out tree. Now she is on a mission to find a child her heart knows is in trouble and needs to be rescued.

Kaylee runs when the woman sees her. She’s¬†intrigued after witnessing such¬†grief but terrified to stay because of what would happen if her captor¬†discovered she had left the cabin.¬† The¬†tree is¬†the secret place where she¬†can write out words and ¬†hide the¬† dictionary –¬†a gift¬†from her mother before she disappeared.¬†Kaylee¬†hasn’t spoken¬†since,¬† but she has words.


Two Rivers¬† The Peacemaker Series – Two Rivers book 1¬†– Zoe Saadia …. centuries before the US¬†¬†became a nation¬†there was a confederacy called The Great League¬†of the Iroquois, composed of five nations. After many years of destructive, ¬†retaliatory fighting between the five nations, they came to an agreement and their constitution was born. It¬†worked so well that it maintained perfect balance¬†between the them and their success was evident to all.¬†Many scholars believe this was noticed and so it¬†became¬†the example followed for the writing of the US Constitution.

This series attempts to recreate the events leading up to this Iroquois agreement. Historical books in a similar theme¬†seem to be a popping up regularly¬†just now, but this series¬†is unique in¬†it’s handling of history and is definitely worth reading.¬†I’m looking forward to the rest of the story.


Forgotten and Remembered¬† Love’s Second Chance Series – Forgotten & Remembered: The Duke’s Late Wife – Bree Wolf …… Graham is crushed by the death of¬† his wife and has withdrawn from¬† life, closing out even his daughter. There is pressure on him to take a new wife as¬†a mother for¬†his daughter so when he notices the interaction¬†between a young woman and the children surrounding her, an idea begins to form in his mind.

Rosabel, has been taken in by her disapproving aunt and uncle after the death of her parents.  A life of total obedience to their unreasonable ways is torture. She is exploring ways to gain her freedom from them when a complete stranger asks for her hand in marriage. Who is this man, why would he offer for her, and what will life be like in this marriage? Better or worse? Will she be sentenced to a marriage of convenience or is there a chance for a real marriage with the duke?


The Indigo Rebels¬†¬† The Indigo Rebels: a French Resistance Novel – Ellie Midwood ……. Three siblings, each of them¬†with different temperaments,¬† all find themselves caught up in the Resistance movement, in one form or another. Germany has invaded France, hardships prevail, and their houses are taken over by high ranking military men. This causes problems on the one hand while on the other,¬†it supplies opportunities.

I enjoyed this book for the strong and varied characters. It also had¬†a different slant on the war and was¬†unlike anything I’ve read so far. It¬†drew me in from the beginning and came to an end all too quickly. There are sequels and¬†I hope to read them too.

Happy reading! I hope you are discovering a growing list of authors that you love.