A new list….

It’s been a few weeks since the last post. I am travelling again and life has been full. I’ve still found time to read though… there is always time to read! The read book list is getting to be pretty long so this will be the quick version…… to get it done.

There were several events last weekend where conversation led to books and a discovered shared passion. They  were highlights of my week. I should be getting paid for the passionate sell job. 😀

We shared favorite authors and the benefits of using Kindle paperwhite. (large print, no screen light, hours of reading with no eyestrain… great for the addicts among us!)

Many of the books on this list have been written by some of my new favorite authors. Hopefully you will enjoy them too.

So.. here’s the list….

Walking Shoes Mt Hope Southern Adventures – Walking Shoes: Triumph Over Tragedy book 1 – Lynne Gentry

Until I don't  The Resolution Series – Until I Don’t book 2 – T.I. Lowe

Truffles by the Sea  The Chocolate Series – Truffles  By The Sea book 2 – Julie Carobini

The Sister Circle  Sister Circle Series – The Sister Circle book 1 – Nancy Moser and Vonette Bright.

Captive Justice  A Jake & Annie Lincoln Thriller – Captive Justice: A Private Investigator Mystery book 4 – Rayven T. Hill

Paper Roses  Serenity’s Plain Secrets Series – Paper Roses book 5 – Karen Ann Hopkins

Deadly Countdown  Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations – Deadly Countdown  book 4 – Margaret Daley

The Mask Revealed The Jacobite Chronicles – The Mask Revealed book 2 – Julia Brannan

the Gathering Storm  The Jacobite Chronicles – The Gathering Storm book 3 – Julia Brannan

Blood Orchids A Lei Crime Novel – Blood Orchids  book 1 – Toby Neal

Proof Bloodline Trilogy – Proof book 1 – Jordyn Redwood


Happy Reading!

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