The Shell Collector’s Daughter

There are many TV shows that could possibly qualify as one of my favorites. Touched by an Angel is one of them. A team of three angels is assigned to help a human in a difficult situation. They must appear undercover, assuming a persona and occupation that will allow them to become a regular part of life for their assignee. They're allowed to be friendly, … Continue reading The Shell Collector’s Daughter

Murder in the Family .. Five stars

  Murder in the Family - Ramona Richards This was a fun read. It was serious but fun. Family feuds, kept alive with greed. Murder and mayhem, from beginning to end. This was the serious part. The reluctant but feisty executrix of Aunt Liz's will, this was the fun part. I think it makes all of us want to stand up and cheer  when the abused goes … Continue reading Murder in the Family .. Five stars

Something I Am Not

This time it's different. I've written other posts, lamenting what could have been great writing were it not watered down with obligatory but unnecessary sex scenes. This book is the exception... the sex scenes are not here to titillate the reader. They are an integral part of the story... unfortunately. There wouldn't be a story without the raw honesty in … Continue reading Something I Am Not

Lost in Hardyland

Lost in Hardyland is a cool book with an irreverent approach to family life.   Lost in Hardyland - Shannon Heuston Brad Hardy, manager at Walmart, has commitment issues. With good looks and a magnetic personality women love, he has no shortage of willing partners. He is upfront about his casual intentions but they are all convinced they will be the one able to … Continue reading Lost in Hardyland

The difference is in the details

A pleasant's not the same! You read the synopsis and think Again? How many times can they use the outline before it gets old? Granted, there are a flood of books on the market, regularly churned out using a formula with a proven sales record. Some authors and publishers do like to take the easy road. It's not uncommon for us, as readers, … Continue reading The difference is in the details

Within The Candle’s Glow

I think my favorite book in this new list was Madeleine L'Engle's The Other Side of The Sun. Although Gathering Storm stands out for me too. It deals with murder but it's treatment is not terribly dark. The story leans more toward family dynamics than it does toward murder itself. Family members are developing compatibility in unexpected ways. Especially the protagonist. … Continue reading Within The Candle’s Glow