Free Sept 30, 2019

Happy Monday!

This one showed up in this morning’s BookBub email. Looking at the cover it has an appealing lighthearted feel. I am ready for a change of pace so this is a welcome addition.


Second Hand Secrets Miss Main Street – Second Hand Secrets book 1 – Angela Castillo

It seems I’ve read this author before, in 2015 and 2016, and the  experience was good. The titles were Texas Women of Spirit series books 1 and 2, The River Girl’s Song and The Comanche Girl’s Prayer. Refreshing my memory with the first few pages I remember wishing I had a blog started at the time so I could share.

Both of these books are available free on Kindle Unlimited

The River Girl's Song  Texas Women of Spirit – The River Girl’s Song book 1 – Angela Castillo

The Comanche Girl's Prayer  Texas Women of Spirit – The Comanche Girl’s Prayer book 2 – Angela Castillo


$0.99 for the offered book in today’s BookRunes email. The Watch on The Fencepost

This one appeared for me previously in one of my Sept 25th’s emails (before I was sharing like this) and I read it over the weekend. It was excellent. A mystery involving family secrets and the suspicious death of her parents. A book I gladly recommend.

The Watch on the Fence Post   The Watch on the Fencepost – Kay DiBianca

Happy Monday, happy reading!

Thirty Days Hath…

This week we have been sharing free book opportunities. Chautona Havig’s name  shows up regularly in the free discussion so it’s no surprise to see one of her books appear on this just read list. I thought it was a really cool book, putting a whole new spin on the dating game experience.

Thirty Days Hath...  Thirty Days Hath… because blind dates are for wimps – Chautona Havig …

Adric is about to experience dating in an awkward and never-before-imagined way. His sister Lily is determined life is getting away on him and he needs an intervention.

At some point in the recent past they worked on a dating site profile. He thinks it was short lived and forgotten. She thinks resurrected and reactivated, with a revised plan.

Her vision is to select twelve vetted respondents to spend thirty chaperoned days living at his house. Theoretically, that much time should solidify an interest and that many women should present at least one strong possibility, maybe even more.

Lily and her husband Tom have done the work; thirty single young women have passed inspection. The first three finalists have been picked. They will allow Adric the opportunity to view the profile list and decide on the other nine.

With lady number one due to arrive in two weeks… it’s time to let Adric in on the plan.

This was such a fun read!

Rumors and Promises   Rumors and Promises – Kathleen Rouser


No Place Like Home  Home to You Series – No Place like Home book 1 – Morris Fenris


A Dangerous Legacy  A Dangerous Legacy – Elizabeth Camden


a good hearted man  A Good-Hearted Man – Barbara Kaylor


a Soldier Finds Grace  A Soldier Finds Grace – Katherine St. Clair

As always, I had a good time reading with these books on my Kindle. I hope you are finding books to capture your interest too.

Happy Reading this week!


Free and Discounted books Sept 28, 2019

Today, we have one free and two discounted books. All three of these authors show up in my often read category and I am excited to add all of these new books to my TBR list (to be read….. very soon)

Free (this one was in the BookRunes email today)

The Perfect Block A Jesse Hunt psychological suspense thriller – The Perfect Block book 2 – Blake Pierce


$0.99 today (I came across this one in the Amazon suggestions on the thank you for purchasing page)

Color of Danger  Secrets of Rios Azules – Color of Danger book 1 – Alexa Verde….  I’ve peaked at the first few pages and I’m hooked.


$1.99 (a good deal for one of Angela’s books, and there are 432 pages – even better)

(this one was in the BookBub email today)

The Novelist   The Novelist – Angela Hunt …. I’ve peaked at the first few pages of this book too. I think I’ve just cancelled all of my other plans for this weekend!

Happy Reading!





Free Books Sept 27, 2019

This first one is from Chautona HavigAuthor. Chautona is prolific… at everything; books, blog posts, emails, and free book offers. You will see her name pop up here regularly. This book was mentioned in her regular email today. Be sure to subscribe if you would like to see what else she does. She is on FaceBook as well.

Prairie (Journey

For this one you need to search Prairie (Journey of Dreams: Book 1) Chautona Havig for it to come up on Amazon. Prairie isn’t enough.

It seems I downloaded this book in 2014. I don’t remember much about it but the synopsis describes a city girl dreaming of a life of prairie living, and it happened. I’m must read this again. I’ve enjoyed all of Chautona’s books. She has a unique style and  imagination. Looking forward to a re-read.

The next one was offered on BookRunes

Warrior   Warrior (Spiritual Warfare Series book 1) Linda K. Rodante

This is a book and author new to me, billed as Romantic Suspense. I am partial to books similar to this one (spiritual warfare) and I’m looking forward to checking it out.


BookBub offers one you may find interesting. It isn’t free but is on sale for $1.31 which is also a good deal.

Hold Me Close

Hold Me Close is book 1 in a new Historical Fiction series set in 1772 Charles Town South Carolina. I’m not familiar with this author so can’t offer an opinion or recommendation at this point.

That’s it for today.

Until next time, Happy Reading!



More Free Books for Sept 26, 2019

The weekly Free Books email arrived from LPC Books this afternoon and I am sharing the offerings with you. Typically these books are only free a short time so grab them quickly if you find them interesting.

I know these books are available on Amazon in the USA and Canada, I’m not sure about other countries but it’s worth a try just in case.

Most of these have been offered previously and I have read them. I shared them here a few months ago and they are definitely worth reading.

The only one I haven’t read is the last one, the Young Adult mystery. I think I did download book 1 of this series (this one is book 2) and started it but didn’t get it finished. It looked like it would be interesting for young people.


Preston Barclay Murder MysteryPreston Barclay Murder Mystery Series Book 1 – 3,   Rhapsody in Red, Murder in Disguise, Murder Mezzo Forte – Donn Taylor

Hidden Things   Hidden Things – Andrea Boeshaar

To Claim Her Heart  To Claim Her Heart  – Jodie Wolfe

gift of the magpie   Gift of The Magpie – Zoe M. McCarthy

Skull Creek YA  YA  Monster Mysteries – Skull Creek book 2 – Eddie Jones

Let me know if this is helpful.

Happy Reading


Still Free Sept 26, 2019

A comment in yesterday’s post The Crimson Cord has me rethinking some things. If I post about books as I download them they would still be free for you. Waiting until I’ve read them means you often miss out. Free usually has an expiry date. Although, some authors do leave the first book in a series free for extended periods of time, as teasers.

This book today came from my subscription to BookBub and it seems I downloaded and read it in 2017. Lynette Eason is one of my favorite authors and I know I love all of her books.

If there are more free books today from other sources I will post again. Hopefully this will prove to be helpful. I’m more than happy to share the wealth.

Always Watching   Elite Guardians – Always Watching book 1 – Lynette Eason

Let me know what you think … if this is helpful.

Happy reading


The Crimson Cord

One thing about recreating Bible stories – it’s a challenge, as there is rarely much detail to go on.  Jill Eileen Smith has taken on the task of retelling the story of Rahab. a harlot in Jericho, a city full of arrogance and cruelty. She’s done a masterful job of fleshing out the life of this courageous woman. There have been many re-tellings of this story but none quite like this one.

The Crimson Cord  Daughters of the Promised Land – The Crimson Cord book 1 – Jill Eileen Smith

Gamal, a handsome young man, greedy and prone to gambling, was taken with Rahab’s beauty and won her hand in marriage. He was favored in the king’s court for saving the life of the Prince but his appetite for gambling caused a massive debt that favor couldn’t cover. He was sold into slavery.

His wife suffered the same fate, in an attempt to cover his debt, and was purchased by a man she mistakenly identified as kind.  She would soon find that this powerful man, adviser to the king, had plans for her that would enlarge his wealth and grant him prestige amongst the elite.

Forced into a life of prostitution, her privileged life was a prison of cruelty and fear. Her one attempt to escape with her trusted protector proved the truth of her precarious existence.

When spies came to her door looking for information she saw what may be her only opportunity for freedom. In return for helping them escape the soldiers at her door, the three spies promised protection on the day their army invaded Jericho.

This was an intriguing retelling of Rahab’s story, it was difficult to put it down long enough to avoid reading all night.

This is not my usual multi book post, only because I couldn’t wait to share this one with you.



Leftover Girl

A little Fantasy is a nice change of pace.

Leftover Girl  Leftover Girl – C.C Bolick … Jes is used to being the new kid in class. Her family is on the move again – to yet another school. Maybe this time, moving to her adopted mother’s home town, she will get to complete the school year in one place and maybe even make a real friend.

She has no memory of life before her adoption, although small fragments are beginning of surface giving her clues to the truth of her abandonment.

Her life is built on lies causing Jes to push everyone away in order to keep her secret.  Meeting a strange new student who might know about her past and where she comes from has her drawing closer than ever before. He is in town looking for a certain girl and he thinks she could be the one.

Remembering is starting to happen more and more but knowing is going to come at a cost to her. Once those doors are opened there will be no going back, life will never be the same.

This story was tough to put down, and it was great. Now I need to read the sequel.

Another assortment of awesome books

After the Rains  The Camfield Legacy – After the Rains book 2 – Deborah Raney

Annabelle's Ruth  The Kinsman Redeemer Series – Annabelle’s Ruth book 1 – Betty Thomason Owens

Wings if the Dawn  Wings of the Dawn book 1 – Kristen Hogrefe

Charlie' Angel  Street Justice – Charlie’s Angel book 1- Samantha Fury


The Isaac Project   The Isaac Project – Sarah Monzon


The hot headed patriot  The Hot Headed Patriot – Jennifer Youngblood

Happy reading!

The Shell Collector’s Daughter

There are many TV shows that could possibly qualify as one of my favorites.

Touched by an Angel is one of them. A team of three angels is assigned to help a human in a difficult situation. They must appear undercover, assuming a persona and occupation that will allow them to become a regular part of life for their assignee. They’re allowed to be friendly, as long as they don’t reveal who they really are … unless their person has figured it out first. They can help things along a little by using their heavenly powers but it would have to be done discreetly.

The angel personalities are so different and that’s a big part of the appeal. The older lady is bossy, the younger is tender hearted and helpful. The sweet guy fills two roles; he is also the angel of death.  Most of the time, though, he just makes himself useful. When the three of them have trouble seeing eye to eye, as often happens, the carrying out of their assignment is a challenge — so much fun to watch.

Twice in a Lifetime is another of my favorite TV shows. There is just one angel this time. He’s been given advanced warning and he’s already in place waiting for the event. It is always a premature death of  someone who has managed to made a mess of their life. Sometimes the cause will be bad attitudes, bad choices, or both.  The angel (a cute young guy) will take the newly deceased person before a heavenly judge (an older man with a twinkle in his eye and a heavy hand on his judge’s gavel). To address confusion about why they are there he will show flashbacks of their life, highlighting their bad choices. If they exhibit understanding and remorse they will qualify to attempt a do-over. If they agree to his terms they will be sent back (accompanied by the cute angel) to an earlier  date in their life. They won’t go back as themselves but in some other role meant to cross paths with them. They have several  weeks to convince their younger self (without direct influence) to change their ways. If they are successful their life path will change, avoiding the dreaded death scene. Of course, this is never as easy as it sounds. So many things can go wrong, and usually do. The angel’s patience is severely tried at times, as he attempts to coach them toward a good ending.

The Shack by William P. Young is a book that reminds me of an extended and expanded episode of Touched by an Angel. The similarity is in the part heaven plays in changing lives and it always takes patience on the part of the angels.  They can’t cause, or convince anyone to do anything. They need to find loving ways to influence, but not force, people to make changes and good choices. Fortunately, for the struggling humans, angels do not give up easily.

The Shell Collector’s Daughter reminded me of these past enjoyments and I had to share them as an introduction to this heart warming story.

The Shell Collector's daughter

Surf’s Up Series – The Shell Collector’s Daughter – Beth Wiseman

Carianna has an unusual and close  relationship with God… has had all her life. Every Thursday she has afternoon tea with Him, and they talk. She listens to him every other day, too, but Thursdays are special. The rest of her routine for the week, Monday to Friday, has her catching the early ferry to Shell island. She stays until she has her day’s quota of beautiful gleanings for her father’s shop

Her kindness is legendary. She is loved by everyone in the village, and they take her safety personally. Her father is grateful because Carianna is very beautiful and has gained the unwanted notice of many men, young and otherwise. As protector, he has a  fierce reputation with the men of the village and beyond. So far, not one of the local men has ever gained his approval and they value their life too much to make any unsanctioned moves toward his daughter.

Carianna is oblivious to all of the drama.  She’s never shown any interest in a boyfriend, never mind a husband. This is going to have to change. Her father has been diagnosed with cancer and time is quickly running out for him. He’s worried. He’s trying to plan a safe future for her life without him.

Reporter Dominic is spending time on her beach researching an article for a travel magazine. There are a number of beaches in the country popular for shell collecting and this is one of them. He’s writing a fluff piece, really, but since he’s still grieving the death of his mother he appreciates the simple distraction of an easy subject. Other than work, he has nothing  on his mind, not even attractive women. The very last thing he wants to consider right now is love. That’s why it’s such a shock when he encounters a beautiful young woman; feeling an instant and strange bonding with her. She is unlike any one he has ever met. He can’t quite find a way to adequately describe the aura of puzzling innocence about her. The unsettled feeling each time he sees her has him attempting to escape.  It never works. Somehow he finds himself drawn back into her life instead.

This afternoon she’s insisting on taking him home to meet her father. Dominic is trembling in his boots. A fellow passenger on the ferry to the beach told him what would happen if her father ever saw him showing interest. Now he’s in shock; her father has just issued an  invitation for him to stay and share a meal with them … a confusing, and scary  development.

She’s not surprised at her father’s invitation. God has been whispering in her ear. He’s shared with her the description of a man … this man.

Beth Wiseman has done an awesome job, telling this beautiful and unusual story.


Now comes a varied selection of interesting, sometimes scary, sometimes compelling,  books. Hopefully you will find them enticing too.

Temporary Bride Dakota Brides Series – Temporary Bride book 1 – Linda Ford.

An Invitation to Murder  Lady Katherine Regency Mysteries – An Invitation to Murder book 1- Leighann Dobbs and Harmony Williams

the bridge beween An Edisto Novel – The Bridge Between – Lindsay P Brackett

Paramedic killer  Medic-7 Series – Paramedic Killer book 2 – Pat Patterson

To Claim Her Heart  To Claim Her Heart – Jodie Wolfe

Conspiracy of Silence  The Tox Files – Conspiracy of Silence book 1 – Ronie Kendig

Deadly Night, Silent Night  Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations – Deadly Night, Silent Night book 8 – Margaret Daley

Happy Reading, ’til next week.



Murder in the Family .. Five stars

Murder in the Family  Murder in the Family – Ramona Richards

This was a fun read. It was serious but fun. Family feuds, kept alive with greed. Murder and mayhem, from beginning to end. This was the serious part. The reluctant but feisty executrix of Aunt Liz’s will, this was the fun part. I think it makes all of us want to stand up and cheer  when the abused goes toe-to-toe with a bully… and wins. Molly discovers she is adept at gaining the upper hand once she decides to stand and fight.

Twenty years earlier, both Molly and her brother Mike left town when their mother lost her battle with cancer. There was nothing left for them after an unscrupulous uncle  blackmailed their mother into giving up everything they owned. Molly severed all family ties and never looked back… until now. It was a shock to learn Aunt Liz died and left a well thought out plan for her estate to be dispersed in a way, legally, her brother would not be able to get his grubby hands on any of it.

Molly is convinced the whole family is mean and greedy but it appears Liz thinks differently. She’s left detailed lists to make sure the neglected family members will get the help they need for a change. It seems Molly and Mike were not the only ones abused by the family bully and his like minded offspring.

The resolve to honour her beloved aunt’s last will falters when she enters the jam packed house of a hoarder. The shear volume of stuff, and the overwhelming smell of something dead, is enough to make her turn tail and run. If it wasn’t for the perseverance of Liz’s friends she would have.

The many ups and downs of the struggle, along with her determination to win the fight, kept me engaged and smiling with every skirmish won.

This won a solid Five Stars from me. I loved this book.

There is a nice variety of other books again this time. You can probably tell it wasn’t much of a burden to read through this list.

Agnes Hopper Shakes UpThe Adventures of Agnes Hopper Series – Agnes Hopper Shakes Up Sweetbriar book 1 – Carol Guthrie Heilman

A Heart Surrendered  A Heart Surrendered  – Joy K. Massenburge

Fashioning the Future  Aspiring Hearts Series  – Fashioning the Future book 3 – Kay Moser

The Witness Tree   The Witness Tree – Denise Weimer

Tess in Boots  A Country Romance – Tess in Boots – Courtney Rice Gager

Murder in Disguise  A Preston Barclay Mystery – Murder in Disguise book 3 – Donn Taylor

“Till next time, Happy Reading!