Still Free Sept 26, 2019

A comment in yesterday’s post The Crimson Cord has me rethinking some things. If I post about books as I download them they would still be free for you. Waiting until I’ve read them means you often miss out. Free usually has an expiry date. Although, some authors do leave the first book in a series free for extended periods of time, as teasers.

This book today came from my subscription to BookBub and it seems I downloaded and read it in 2017. Lynette Eason is one of my favorite authors and I know I love all of her books.

If there are more free books today from other sources I will post again. Hopefully this will prove to be helpful. I’m more than happy to share the wealth.

Always Watching   Elite Guardians – Always Watching book 1 – Lynette Eason

Let me know what you think … if this is helpful.

Happy reading


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