The difference is in the details

A pleasant's not the same! You read the synopsis and think Again? How many times can they use the outline before it gets old? Granted, there are a flood of books on the market, regularly churned out using a formula with a proven sales record. Some authors and publishers do like to take the easy road. It's not uncommon for us, as readers, … Continue reading The difference is in the details

By Grace Draw Near, and some other good books.

It has been a great summer so far.  Quiet, relatively uneventful, there's been some stress, and yet.... I was replaying a conversation in my head, one I'd had with friends the other day. Listening to the tone of it caused me to reassess the less than positive message I'm leaving with people. It prompted me take an honest, more upbeat, look … Continue reading By Grace Draw Near, and some other good books.

Within The Candle’s Glow

I think my favorite book in this new list was Madeleine L'Engle's The Other Side of The Sun. Although Gathering Storm stands out for me too. It deals with murder but it's treatment is not terribly dark. The story leans more toward family dynamics than it does toward murder itself. Family members are developing compatibility in unexpected ways. Especially the protagonist. … Continue reading Within The Candle’s Glow

Beauty in Hiding

Reviews. Everyone one wants them. Writers, editors, publishers, and book sellers, to name a few. I totally get why they ask and why reviews are so important to them. Unfortunately, I view the requests with frustration. I have no confidence in my ability to deliver what they are looking for. I am selective in my reading choices, There is a strict criteria, laid out … Continue reading Beauty in Hiding