Bargain books September 28, 2020

A promised, here is the intriguing collection I came across in my searches yesterday. It seemed like a good idea at the time to save it and spread the wealth around a bit today instead. Why hog it all when it’s thoughtful and kind to share.

‘I Choose You’ Contemporary Christian Romance Collection

Amazon quote:

7 Full-Length Novels!

Come Next Winter by Deborah Dulworth and Linda Hanna

When tragedy hits, Carol struggles to forge a new life. She finds a friend in her cousin Millie as she puts the pieces of her shattered life back together.

Frank, a local pastor, is everything she would look for in a spouse. If she were looking. But she discovers that Millie has set her hopes on becoming the pastor’s wife. Aunt Penny’s outrageous attempts to ensure that Millie wins Frank’s heart might destroy any chance she has at a happy future. Can love find a way to break through?

Runaway Romance by Miralee Ferrell

Ann Stanway had it all—a reality show and a sparkling future. Until that life no longer existed. She flees L.A., lands in Kentucky at an Amish inn, and realizes what was missing–peace, friendship and a man who accepts her for who she is–or who he thinks she is.

Hunter is intrigued by the woman staying at the inn. Annie is secretive and won’t open up. He’s been burned by a woman before. His interest in Ann grows, and the attraction is mutual—Dare he risk his heart, when he’s sure Ann is keeping secrets? Or will Ann run again?

Finding Love in Friday Harbor, Washington by Annette M. Irby

Professor Mikaela Rhoads wants to help an old friend’s whale touring business stay afloat. The challenge? The tour captain is her first love and ex-fiancé, Hunter Cahill. Mikaela longs to help, but she’s keeping secrets. She’ll have to face her past to make it through the summer.

Hunter has taken over the family touring business. He’s drowning in debt and hoping the incoming professor will resurrect the business, but he’s not prepared when it turns out to be his former fiancée. How much will it cost him to spend the summer romancing Mikaela?

A Love to Treasure by Kimberly Rose Johnson

Nicole’s Grandmother’s final wish lands Nicole in a mysterious scavenger hunt. She finds a fellow sleuth in handsome police officer, Mark Stone. Mark is hoping for a quiet summer in Sunriver as he considers his future in law enforcement.
To complicate matters, Nicole is in danger, and Mark knows his growing feelings for her could cloud his judgment. Will their differing career goals be the end of their summer romance—or just the beginning of forever after?

An Anchor on Her Heart by Patricia Lee

McKenna, abandoned by her husband for his work, is left alone to raise their autistic child. When circumstances drive a wedge in their marriage and Dane chooses to escape, how long can she be strong? Can she remain faithful to her marriage vows when tempted by the friendship of an unlikely stranger?
Rudy Taylor, who senses McKenna’s loneliness, struggles to keep his concern for the young woman pure. Will McKenna’s faith in God and Rudy’s commitment to his Lord keep their relationship simple until McKenna’s husband one day returns?

The Broken Trail by Christa MacDonald

Katherine takes a job in smalltown Maine to break away from the toll of secrets she’s buried. With evidence of shady dealings on her job, there’s nothing relaxing about it. Maybe it would be easier if she wasn’t so distracted by Captain MacAlister.

Mac has enough to deal with from poachers to drug crime. But when he meets Katherine, he’s drawn in by her intelligence and strength, despite getting burned by her quick temper. If only their scars didn’t threaten to tear them apart. Two wary hearts must soften to have any hope of making it down the broken trail to love.

Finding Love in Eureka, California by Angela Ruth Strong

Raised in a family of adopted siblings, Genevieve works to keep her family together. If she isn’t good enough to keep her parents from giving her up then no way she’ll be enough to have a lasting relationship.

Matt’s life is easy until he starts hanging out with Genevieve more than his girlfriend. He tells himself he’s intrigued by Gen’s quirkiness, but nobody makes him smile the way she does. Can Matt give up his plan and Gen risk her heart?


Many of these authors are new to me but not all. And, I’ve previously read one of the books. It’s still win/win though, to find a collection with six new-to-me books.

It turned out to be a good thing I waited with this collection. Nothing else has presented itself today.


Currently, I’m between books again. I’m thinking about starting The Christmas Challenge. It’s still a bargain if you would like to read along.

The Christmas Challenge: (Serendipity Christmas Series Book 1)

Donovan Harper and Claire Morgan are more successful as co-owners of a thriving advertising agency in quaint Serendipity, Pennsylvania, than they were at navigating their romantic relationship.

When an eccentric client makes an unusual request, Donovan convinces Claire their agency should participate in Serendipity’s annual Christmas Challenge. With contests and activities ranging from The Snowflake Plunge, candy cane making, snowman building, wreath and tree decorating, and a snowmobile race, could this be the opportunity Donovan has prayed for to win back the love of his life?


Happy Reading

Story prompt – Expectation

Sunday Scribblings  initiator of these story prompts is hosted by peckapalooza – the Confusing Middle

Today’s prompt …


I was hoping to write some awesome fiction for today’s submission but I think my self-expectations were too high. I don’t seem to have much of an imagination when it comes to stories worth reading.

I suppose, with enough effort it would be possible for me to produce something but honestly … my heart is just not in it. There are so many other things I feel passionate about.

When I look at this whole idea realistically, it makes sense to be thoughtful and wise when deciding where to spend my time. Not that I will never write fiction, just not today.

Sometimes my expectations are too high but sometimes they are not high enough.

So, this was my task for yesterday. The two smaller trees in front were in need of a prune. It doesn’t really look like it so much in this picture because fall is here and most of the leaves have dropped. A few weeks ago, though, they did look overgrown and in need of a haircut.

The day went well and I managed to prune and clean up the main mess before I ran out of daylight. Six very large garbage bags later.

So this is what it looked like post haircut.

I know, you are probably thinking that looks more like a scalping than a haircut.

Last year I did the same thing to a tree in the front yard. I didn’t really know what expect but I figured it would probably take a couple of years at least for it to grow back. Boy was I wrong.

The lovely full tree on the left was scalped last year and look how lush it is now.

My expectations were blown out of the water. I can see what I should have been doing all along.

The bush in front is a lilac and it can’t be treated quite the same way. It will have to wait to have it’s major haircut next spring after it blooms. I can hardly wait.


My project today was to be haircuts for these three trees. I managed to get the middle one done and cleaned up before the rain started. Tomorrow is another day but as long as I get it done before the snow flies it will all be good.

Next year’s challenge will be to win the war with the bunnies. They’ve eaten most of the tender perennials gracing the center part of this flower bed.

My expectation is to find a way to be smarter than they are and win the turf war.

Bargain books September 27, 2020

The challenge today was finding bargain books for some of the new authors from yesterday. There was a pre-order bargain offer for a seven book Christmas Romance collection. Two of the authors were familiar to me – today I wanted to find what I could about the other five.

Finding more was not as easy as one might think. A search by name on Amazon may or may not give accurate results. And it’s not easy wading through all the unrelated material invariably coming up along with the information I do want. It’s frustrating, truth be told.

Maybe there is a way to narrow the search to the one name I’m looking for but I haven’t discovered what that is yet. I’ll have to dig a little on that. If there isn’t a way and Amazon is listening, (they could be, you never know. Big Brother and all that) it’s on my wish list.

It turns out, some of the five authors are more prolific than others and it was easier to find more for them. This book is one of the more. Awesome cover.

The Christmas Challenge: (Serendipity Christmas Series Book 1)

Amazon quote:

Donovan Harper and Claire Morgan are more successful as co-owners of a thriving advertising agency in quaint Serendipity, Pennsylvania, than they were at navigating their romantic relationship.

When an eccentric client makes an unusual request, Donovan convinces Claire their agency should participate in Serendipity’s annual Christmas Challenge. With contests and activities ranging from The Snowflake Plunge, candy cane making, snowman building, wreath and tree decorating, and a snowmobile race, could this be the opportunity Donovan has prayed for to win back the love of his life?


While I was researching The Christmas Challenge I happened upon a Lyn Cote book I haven’t read. I’m not sure it’s wise to add it to my steadily growing TBR list but I want to, so I guess I will.

Bitter Autumn: Clean Romance and Mystery (Northern Shore Intrigue Book 2)

Amazon quote:

Vengeance can be dangerous~

Grey Lawson returns home after serving a seven-year sentence for vehicular homicide while under the influence. The only reason he’s coming home to Winfield is to care for his great-aunt Elsie who raised him. He can’t believe that he didn’t realize seven years ago that everything he did affected this good woman. But now will his return cause her more trouble in the small Lake Superior town?

Trish Franklin, the first female deputy in the county, walks a tightrope too. As a law officer, she should see Grey only as an ex-con. On the other hand, she is the niece of the man Grey’s reckless action killed. As unlikely as it is, Trish finds herself attracted to Grey. He always seems to appear when she needs him to help with her family which is in crisis.

As she finds herself drawn to this good, repentant man, she faces the challenge of dealing with her intractable, bitter father. And a rash of copycat accidents in the eerie fog-shrouded evenings mimic Grey’s original crime. People wonder is Grey acting out some sick compulsion of his own. How can Trish solve this series of near fatal accidents before someone is seriously injured or killed? And sort out her feelings for the man her father hates?


An intriguing seven book collection popped up while I was researching JoAnn Durgin but I think I’m going to save it for tomorrow. Spread out the wealth a bit.

Today is story prompt day (Sunday Scribblings) and I have a small idea. It is not fiction and may involve a picture or two.

In the meantime …

Happy Reading!

Bargain books September 26, 2020

There is a new Christmas Romance Collection available for pre-order, it will be out October 20th at the low price of $0.99. I’m excited because there are seven books and all but two are written by authors new to me.

Melodies of Christmas Love: A Boxed Set Collection of Contemporary Christmas Romance Novellas

Amazon quote:

The Heart of Christmas – Lynnette Bonner

When Wynn Mason sees police lights at Misty Cove’s one-and-only bar, she goes inside to investigate and is just in time to see her ex-boyfriend punch Ryland Sage in the face. What is the star of her favorite TV show doing in their tiny Pacific Coast town? Since Wynn is the only medical help for miles around, she has to stitch up his face—and also maybe his heart—all while protecting her own heart from the worldly charmer.

Love on a Mission in Millcreek – JoAnn Durgin

Angelia Ford wonders if she’ll ever live down her unfortunate outburst at the end of the Millcreek Elementary Christmas program. Sixteen years later, she’s home to care for her grandfather and prays the town’s citizens have finally forgiven her youthful indiscretion.

Millcreek’s newest resident, Nicholas Sanders, recognizes the beautiful blonde server at the local diner, but it’s clear Angel doesn’t remember him. What better time than the festive holiday season for Nick to reintroduce himself to the girl he’s never forgotten?

The Bells of New Cheltenham – Chautona Havig

When Justine Driscoll decides to enter a short story contest using a Christmas carol as the inspiration, she discovers love in the carols she investigates, in the story an ex-Army guy tells, and in the little tourist town of New Cheltenham.

A Christmas Duet – Annette M. Irby

A breakup steals a cellist’s inspiration. How will she create new compositions for her ensemble’s next album? Perhaps the church’s handsome music director could help. Join Kate Fleming and Zach Tillmon as Christmas music brings them together on Whidbey Island, Washington.

A Night Divine – Dawn Kinzer

One chilly December night, a tragedy connects successful model Camryn Tate and outreach minister Trace Gardner. As they share a common mission serving the homeless on the streets of Seattle, they provide more than food—they offer hope. But as Christmas Eve approaches, secrets have the potential to break Camryn’s heart.

To Hear the Angels Sing – Lesley Ann McDaniel

Being guardian of her niece isn’t as easy as Devlin Welsh might hope. When her niece is invited to be in a church show, the free childcare is hard to pass up. But when Devlin admits to knowing how to sew, she’s enlisted as costume designer. How will she find the time?

One of Jonah Ryan’s favorite parts of his job as worship leader is working on the kids’ Christmas musical. There’s something about the woman who’s volunteering to design costumes this year that gets him thinking. Could there be more to life than music?

Prairie Rose – Sylvia Stewart

For many years, Rose Morris has lived alone with her dog, Rusty. Mitch Foster, a handsome, un-married neighbor, brings her a bright red geranium, and insists on helping with chores. But who should drive into Rose’s farmyard? The scoundrel husband who had deserted her and her teenaged son years before. Later, a pre-teen runaway, found in her barn, adds his troubles to her own, so Rose decides to re-capture the peace and serenity of Christmas.


While I was noticing this new Christmas pre-order collection I came across a Chautona Havig bargain I haven’t read yet. One thing about Chautona, her stories cover a broad range of styles. I have not read one of her’s similar to this one so I must check it out.

The Ghosts of New Cheltenham (New Cheltenham Shopkeepers Book 1)

Amazon quote:

What’s a guy to do when the ghosts of his past converge on his Christmas present?

Mitchell Bogaert hasn’t done much with his life in the four years since college, to which his negative-digits bank account and credit score will attest. So when news of an inheritance from a man he hasn’t seen in years arrives on the same day as his eviction notice, Mitchell considers the odd terms of the will to be a no-brainer.

Sure, he’ll move into a building in the tourist village of New Cheltenham. Of course, he’d be happy to live there for a year as a condition of inheritance. And yes, he’ll suffer the humiliation of creating, entering, and presenting at the annual Dickens Ghost Story Competition.

Free room and board for a year plus a rather substantial inheritance to boot? Who wouldn’t?

But someone either doesn’t want him in New Cheltenham or doesn’t want him to receive that inheritance, because the more he works on his story, the more convinced he is that a ghost resides in the narrow building he now calls home.


I am going to download this next one because it’s a new-to-me author, I like the cover, and the first couple of pages have me wanting to check it out. I’m not going to recommend it to you though. The synopsis makes it sound a little preachy. I’m not a fan of preachy. I’m not saying don’t download it, I’m just saying you’ve been warned about what to expect.

I’ve searched by the author’s name to see what else this gal has written but nothing is showing up, not even this one book. I hoped to gain a sense of what she’s like. Guess I’ll just have to read the book.

I Guess I Do 

Amazon quote:

Sarah Miller is one year short of graduating college when she hits a financial snag. To continue her education, she must trust a handsome stranger–and trusting anyone is not something Sarah finds easy to do. As Sarah hurls headlong into a crazy and unexpected adventure, she realizes that her life is lacking a special dimension that can only be fulfilled by becoming part of the body of Christ. Will Sarah open her heart to her new friends, or will she continue living her life alone?


I’m between books so it’s decision time on what comes next. I think I will make another attempt to get into The Widow of Rose Hill (The Women of Rose Hill Book 2)

Widowed during the war, Natalie Ellis finds herself solely responsible for Rose Hill plantation. When Union troops arrive with a proclamation freeing the slaves, all seems lost. How can she run the plantation without slaves? In order to save her son’s inheritance she strikes a deal with the arrogant, albeit handsome, Colonel Maish. In exchange for use of her family’s property, the army will provide workers to bring in her cotton crop. But as her admiration for the colonel grows, a shocking secret is uncovered. Can she trust him with her heart and her young, fatherless son?

Natalie Ellis is everything Colonel Levi Maish loathes: a Southern slave owner. When he and his men arrived in Texas with the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing slaves still in bondage despite the war having ended, he feels little concern for the trail of plantation owners left in its wake without workers. But the plight of the beautiful Widow Ellis stirs to life his compassion and the heart he’d thought cold as stone after witnessing the carnage of war. While the army camps on her land, Levi finds himself contemplating a future with Natalie and Samuel. But when he learns where her husband perished during the war, he knows a life with Natalie is impossible. How could she ever forgive him for what he’d done in battle on the banks of the Bull Run?


Tomorrow is story prompt day hosted by a fellow blogger. At the moment I have no ideas. Maybe inspiration will hit me tomorrow. Hopefully.

In the meantime …

Happy Reading!

Bargain books September 25, 2020

BookBub has a suggestion. I did say books but it has turned into book. Despite an honest attempt at discovering more nothing else of interest showed up. We are limited to one, again.

There is always tomorrow.

Without Proof: A Redemption’s Edge Novel

Amazon quote:

“Asking questions could cost your life.”

Two years after the plane crash that killed her fiancé, Amy Silver has fallen for his best friend, artist Michael Stratton. When a local reporter claims the small aircraft may have been sabotaged, it reopens Amy’s grief.

Anonymous warnings and threats are Amy’s only proof that the tragedy was deliberate, and she has nowhere to turn. The authorities don’t believe her, God is not an option, and Michael’s protection is starting to feel like a cage.

How will Amy find the truth?


I finished last night’s book Lessons in Love (Secrets in Savannah Book 2) and enjoyed it every bit as much as I hoped I would.

Megan Conley can’t believe her eyes. That handsome man who keeps popping up all over town looks a lot like her boyfriend, Michael. But Megan hasn’t seen him since he vanished unexpectedly, leaving her searching for answers. Turns out the stranger is Michael’s cousin, Noah, and he seems to have her best interests at heart. Could Noah help explain Michael’s absence?

Noah can’t deny his attraction to Megan. But he made a promise to his cousin, and he’s a man of his word. He’ll help her move on with her life—but he can go no further. Unless the key he holds to Michael’s disappearance is also the key to Megan’s heart…


Now I’m reading and enjoying Every Secret Thing. I’ve only just begun and I’m hooked. I hope it keeps delivering to the very end. I expect it will but, disappointingly, sometimes a read doesn’t. Fingers crossed.

When Elizabeth Gunnar accepts a teaching position at the preparatory school she attended as a girl, she revisits ghosts of the past and old self-doubts. But she is returning to more than a place–to memories, mysteries, and an old love. Once there, she meets unexpected challenges—and challenging new people—and she is reminded of the faith that first captured her heart in what she called her “moments of being.” A rich, complex weave of character, mystery and divine epiphanies, “Every Secret Thing” will have you turning the pages late into the night.


It’s Friday!!

Happy Reading y’all

It’s hard getting started sometimes

My head is not in the game today. Book suggestions were non-existent – not that we necessarily need more, I don’t anyway, that’s for sure. They give me something to talk about and I miss them.

Then I thought about sharing books read. I did that the other day though and since I’ve been reading such long books lately the numbers haven’t accumulated very quickly. It’s a short list hardly worth bothering with.

Currents reads are not a whole lot better as a topic. I’m up to the third attempt without any more success than with the first two. It could be the books or it could be me. The jury is still out on that.

I’ll share the three non starters.

I’ve barely looked at the outside two. I’ve read 13% of the middle one.

I’m sure it’s mainly me. There are other things going on today. Tasks requiring heavy concentration and now my brain is fried. I think I need to end the day with something taking little or no thought.

The trouble is, I download more heavy than light and the light has probably all been read. Mostly.

See, downloading mindless is not a bad thing sometimes.

So, I went on a little break and tried one more time. This one is looking a little more promising, it’s definitely on the lighter side compared to the other three.

Lessons in Love (Secrets in Savannah Book 2) 

Can the handsome man who holds the secret to the disappearance of Megan’s boyfriend hope to hold the key to her heart?

Megan Conley can’t believe her eyes. That handsome man who keeps popping up all over town looks a lot like her boyfriend, Michael. But Megan hasn’t seen him since he vanished unexpectedly, leaving her searching for answers. Turns out the stranger is Michael’s cousin, Noah, and he seems to have her best interests at heart. Could Noah help explain Michael’s absence?

Noah can’t deny his attraction to Megan. But he made a promise to his cousin, and he’s a man of his word. He’ll help her move on with her life—but he can go no further. Unless the key he holds to Michael’s disappearance is also the key to Megan’s heart…


You had to know I’d try again. I can’t bear to be without a book in progress. I promise to double back and try the others again, just not tonight.

How is your reading going. Are you hooked on books? I’m hoping you are headed in that direction.

Happy Reading anyway!

Bargain books for September 23, 2020

I can never pass up the chance for an Alana Terry book. Especially when it is a bargain. $0.99. Thanks to BookBub for the suggestion.

Save Me Once: A Safe Refuge Christian Thriller

Amazon quote:

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare. Except she isn’t dreaming.

If only she’d been more attentive, none of this would have happened.

Now her daughter’s missing, abducted by a man with a criminal past. A man who has been grooming her daughter for a life on the streets.

Is it any wonder Margot fears the worst?

Fueled by love, terror, and unwavering determination, Margot will stop at nothing to save her little girl. Enlisting the help of a police detective with a sordid past and a host of problems of his own, Margot is determined to blow this case wide open.


My current read…

The Socialite

Glamour, treachery, and espionage collide when an English socialite rushes to save her sister from the Nazis.

As the daughter of Sir Alfred Whitford, Kat has a certain set of responsibilities. But chasing her wayward sister, Ellie, to Nazi-occupied Paris was never supposed to be one of them. Now accustomed to the luxurious lifestyle that her Nazi boyfriend provides, Ellie has no intention of going back to the shackled life their parents dictate for them—but Kat will stop at nothing to bring her sister home.

Arrested for simply trying to defend himself against a drunken bully, Barrett Anderson is given the option of going to jail or serving out his sentence by training Resistance fighters in Paris. A bar owner serves as the perfect disguise to entertain Nazis at night while training fighters right below their jackboots during the day. Being assigned to watch over two English debutantes is the last thing he needs, but a payout from their father is too tempting to resist. Can Barrett and Kat trust each other long enough to survive, or will their hearts prove more traitorous than the dangers waiting around the corner?


Pickings are scarce this morning but at least there was a good one. And there is always hope for surprises tomorrow.

Happy Reading!

Favorite books this week September 23, 2020

This has been an exceptional week for excellent books. Three in a row. I feel like it’s been my lucky week.

A Distance Too Grand (American Wonders Collection Book #1)

What I liked most about this book:

  • There was a whole cast of strong well developed characters. I loved all but one of them. You might even agree with me on this.
  • There was a fresh and interesting story line with more than enough tension and intrigue to keep me reading. All of it well balanced to avoid reader frustration. (I’m a big fan of no frustration.)
  • An amazing setting.
  • I won’t tell you about the ending. Surprises are a good thing.
  • I could easily read this one again. It was my favorite.


Number two on the list was my next favorite.

Blessing Bentley (Marriages of Conviction Book 1)

What I liked most about this book.

  • The writing style was quirky. This created light moments which made the read fun.
  • The foundation of the story was thought provoking. At no point was there intent to convince the reader of a particular point of view. This was both unusual and greatly appreciated. The what if question was posed and thoroughly explored. In the end any conclusions would be left to the reader.
  • Sometimes (many times, if we are honest) the writer has an agenda and it is to sell an idea. With his/her attention focused on the idea the story falters as underdeveloped and weak. A simple vehicle to carry the idea. In this case that didn’t happen. There was an agenda of sorts but it ended up as foundational to the story. It worked beautifully.
  • The characters were relatable and lovable.
  • There was tension in all the right places without a hint of frustration in the reader over the progression of the story.
  • I’m not in a hurry to read this again but I could easily.


Number three:

The Wedding Bond (Christian Romance): Sacred Bond South: Book One

What I liked most about this book:

  • It was both light (not shallow) and deep (not dark). Stories with substance are my favorites.
  • As with the other two books; the characters were relatable and strong. They had flaws and struggles which made them all the more real. I couldn’t help but love them.
  • The plot was unique. Not once did I wonder if I’d read this book before (a thought that runs through my mind more often than I like it to.)
  • Overall, it was worth my time and I’m glad I took a chance on it.


Happy Reading.

I hope your reading week has been as awesome as mine.

Bargain books September 22, 2020

First up we have an interesting bargain ($1.31 CDN) from an author I’ve discovered recently and enjoyed immensely.

Fatal Illusions: A Novel (North Woods Chronicles Book 1)

Amazon quote:

Who Will Escape Alive?

An Amateur Magician, an Unassuming Family . . . a Fatal Illusion

Haydon Owens wants to be the next Houdini. He has been practicing his craft and has already made four women disappear. All it took was a bit of rope and his two bare hands.

The Thayer family has come to the north woods of Newberry, Michigan, looking for refuge, a peaceful sanctuary from a shattered past. But they are not alone. Little do they know that they are about to become part of Haydon’s next act.

Time is running out and already the killer has spotted his next victim. Who will escape alive?


Then, this interesting box set was recommended by the author above and is on pre-order at a bargain price for a release date of October 6th. $1.34 CDN. I’ve ordered my copy. A few months back actually and I’m looking forward to it.

Mistletoe and Murder: A Christmas Suspense Collection

Amazon quote:

Silent Night, Deadly Night. Welcome to a Killer Christmas!


My current enjoyable read is still a $1.99 bargain and I would highly recommend it. This is not your average run of the mill story. It has a freshness about it… my favorite thing.

A Distance Too Grand (American Wonders Collection Book #1)

Meg Pero has been assisting her photographer father since she was big enough to carry his equipment, so when he dies she is determined to take over his profession–starting with fulfilling the contract he signed to serve on an Army survey of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in 1871. What she doesn’t realize is that the leader of the expedition is none other than the man she once refused to marry.

Captain Ben Coleridge would like nothing more than to leave without the woman who broke his heart, but he refuses to wait even one more day to get started. This survey is a screen for another, more personal mission, one he cannot share with any member of his team.

As dangers arise from all sides, including within the survey party, Meg and Ben must work together to stay alive, fulfill their duties, and, just maybe, rekindle a love that neither had completely left behind.


Happy Reading! …

… on this sunny day that promises to reach 27C. I’m not so sure it will be able to deliver on that promise but I’m hoping. After the cold spell we’ve had, with frost at night, I’m looking forward to relaxing with coffee on the deck in shirtsleeves. Maybe for the last time this year.

Winter is arriving much too quickly. Plants are shutting down and leaves are falling many weeks ahead of last year. On the bright side, yard work has slowed down and I’m not complaining about that.

Free books September 21, 2020

This FREE suggestion is from BookRunes

The Wedding Bond : Sacred Bond South: Book One

Amazon quote:

When café owner Kaylee Kinney vows to marry within a year, she’s picturing a nice, peaceful life with a nice, peaceful husband. Enter Phelan O’Donnell: army ranger, bad boy, and Kaylee’s high school ex. What Kaylee doesn’t know, when she enters into a “practice” relationship with Phelan, is that he’s harboring a secret that could rip her family apart. Their chemistry is explosive and their values are finally in sync. Their trial run just might turn into an actual marriage. But can they withstand a shocking revelation about their own history without breaking each others’ hearts?


LPC Books has a few FREE suggestions too.

I’ve read this first one. I enjoy Gansky.

Who Is Harrison Sawyer? 

Amazon quote:

His son … a stranger … now dead.

Desperate to rediscover his estranged son, Marshall Sawyer agrees to finish the autobiography Harrison began before his untimely death. But the passages described in the book do not match the life Marshall remembers with his son. Together with his daughter-in-law and a professional football player friend, Marshall embarks on a journey to find out the truth. What happened to the boy in the missing years after Harrison ran away at age fifteen and his marriage years later? As he begins to investigate, he soon discovers a dangerous plot—one that puts his life in danger, and the future of America at risk.


This next one is a short read.

Everlasting Light 

Amazon quote:

The American Civil War has ended, but Alaina McKenna still awaits news about her husband, Braeden. Did he die in a Yankee prison? Was he buried in a shallow grave on a Virginia battlefield? Or has he turned his back on the specter of death and loss around him and sought solitude west of the Mississippi River, never to return home, again?

As Christmas nears, Alaina deflects the advances of a suitor in the neighboring county, choosing to cling instead to hope and her belief that Braeden will return. As winter’s chill settles upon her farm, Alaina cries out to God in one final Christmas Prayer.


Romance Box Set: Secrets in Savannah: Hearts in Georgia Romance Collection

I’ve read all of these too.

Amazon quote:

The Caretaker’s Son

Symon Sinclair grew up in the caretaker’s cottage. Now a successful writer in New York, he’s returned home to Savannah to thank his mentor, Miss B, for all her support. But it’s her niece Annabelle who greets him at the door. Symon remembers the little rich girl who never gave him a moment’s notice. Now she’s a beauty who has more depth than he’d ever imagined. As they spend time together, Symon begins to question his attitude toward life—and Annabelle.

Former beauty queen Annabelle Yarwood had her life all planned out—until she came face-to-face with the caretaker’s son. Suddenly those plans seem stifling. Just as Annabelle begins letting Symon into her heart, she discovers he’s been keeping a secret about his life in New York. Has their love story ended before it’s even begun?

Lessons in Love

Megan Conley can’t believe her eyes. That handsome man who keeps popping up all over town looks a lot like her boyfriend, Michael. But Megan hasn’t seen him since he vanished unexpectedly, leaving her searching for answers. Turns out the stranger is Michael’s cousin, Noah, and he seems to have her best interests at heart. Could Noah help explain Michael’s absence?

Noah can’t deny his attraction to Megan. But he made a promise to his cousin, and he’s a man of his word. He’ll help her move on with her life—but he can go no further. Unless the key he holds to Michael’s disappearance is also the key to Megan’s heart…

Seeking Mr. Perfect

Lizzie Marshall is giving up on dating. Then Mr. Perfect walks into her life. Her mystery man is the one she’s been waiting for—except that he’s dressed as a clergyman! Outspoken Lizzie wouldn’t make a good pastor’s wife, so it’s for the best that she’s no longer looking for a husband.

When Lizzie mistakes him for a clergyman, Zach Grant plays along, if only to get close to the sweet beauty who has sworn off men. Though Zach has business reasons for wanting to know her better, soon his feelings for Lizzie become all too personal. But will his deception keep her from giving love one last chance?


My current read is The Wedding Bond : Sacred Bond South: Book One, top of the page. I downloaded it last night and needed a change of pace for a moment.

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