Bargain books September 27, 2020

The challenge today was finding bargain books for some of the new authors from yesterday. There was a pre-order bargain offer for a seven book Christmas Romance collection. Two of the authors were familiar to me – today I wanted to find what I could about the other five.

Finding more was not as easy as one might think. A search by name on Amazon may or may not give accurate results. And it’s not easy wading through all the unrelated material invariably coming up along with the information I do want. It’s frustrating, truth be told.

Maybe there is a way to narrow the search to the one name I’m looking for but I haven’t discovered what that is yet. I’ll have to dig a little on that. If there isn’t a way and Amazon is listening, (they could be, you never know. Big Brother and all that) it’s on my wish list.

It turns out, some of the five authors are more prolific than others and it was easier to find more for them. This book is one of the more. Awesome cover.

The Christmas Challenge: (Serendipity Christmas Series Book 1)

Amazon quote:

Donovan Harper and Claire Morgan are more successful as co-owners of a thriving advertising agency in quaint Serendipity, Pennsylvania, than they were at navigating their romantic relationship.

When an eccentric client makes an unusual request, Donovan convinces Claire their agency should participate in Serendipity’s annual Christmas Challenge. With contests and activities ranging from The Snowflake Plunge, candy cane making, snowman building, wreath and tree decorating, and a snowmobile race, could this be the opportunity Donovan has prayed for to win back the love of his life?


While I was researching The Christmas Challenge I happened upon a Lyn Cote book I haven’t read. I’m not sure it’s wise to add it to my steadily growing TBR list but I want to, so I guess I will.

Bitter Autumn: Clean Romance and Mystery (Northern Shore Intrigue Book 2)

Amazon quote:

Vengeance can be dangerous~

Grey Lawson returns home after serving a seven-year sentence for vehicular homicide while under the influence. The only reason he’s coming home to Winfield is to care for his great-aunt Elsie who raised him. He can’t believe that he didn’t realize seven years ago that everything he did affected this good woman. But now will his return cause her more trouble in the small Lake Superior town?

Trish Franklin, the first female deputy in the county, walks a tightrope too. As a law officer, she should see Grey only as an ex-con. On the other hand, she is the niece of the man Grey’s reckless action killed. As unlikely as it is, Trish finds herself attracted to Grey. He always seems to appear when she needs him to help with her family which is in crisis.

As she finds herself drawn to this good, repentant man, she faces the challenge of dealing with her intractable, bitter father. And a rash of copycat accidents in the eerie fog-shrouded evenings mimic Grey’s original crime. People wonder is Grey acting out some sick compulsion of his own. How can Trish solve this series of near fatal accidents before someone is seriously injured or killed? And sort out her feelings for the man her father hates?


An intriguing seven book collection popped up while I was researching JoAnn Durgin but I think I’m going to save it for tomorrow. Spread out the wealth a bit.

Today is story prompt day (Sunday Scribblings) and I have a small idea. It is not fiction and may involve a picture or two.

In the meantime …

Happy Reading!

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