Free and Bargain books April 24, 2020

Today is a day for Romance.

This first book is a bargain at $1.32 , from an author new to me.

Snow Belle: A Sweet Small-town Romance (Madison Creek Bed & Breakfast Book 1)

Snow Belle

Amazon quote:

Haley Madison packed her big dreams and drove to the Arctic. Well, all right, so it’s Madison Creek, Michigan. But for a Texas gal, this frozen land ought to come with a sled and huskies. If it wasn’t for her family’s rundown property, she’d have stayed where the sun shone bright and warm. However, she has grand ideas for her inheritance even if the town has thrown up their objections to her plans.

Ethan Winters hated going home and admitting failure. Sure, he has a special talent with the violin, but he has bigger ambitions than playing at the local bowling alley. And then there was the idea of facing his father. No, he wasn’t ready to go home just yet. He veered off the interstate and drove to a little town named Madison Creek. Maybe his luck would change.


Another bargain at $1.32. I’ve read books 1 and 3 in this series and now I’m looking forward to this one.

Consider the Thorns (The Trampled Rose Series Book 2)

Consider the thorns

Amazon quote:

Barbara Houlton is a best-selling romance author, known for her achingly sweet love stories. However, her own love-life is nothing to write home about. Raped on the eve of her high-school graduation, she was left pregnant and scarred, both emotionally and physically. She has learned to hide the physical scars, but the emotional scars that taint her soul become harder to hide each day. Sarcasm, avoidance and denial have become weapons to keep her monstrous past at bay. Barbara avoids her home town at all costs. She denies to all those who are concerned for her that there is anything wrong. And those who try to pass her protective boundaries are met with her cutting sarcasm. Her emotional scars make intimacy a frightening thing, and those who try to grasp this beautiful rose are quickly met with her thorns. Instead, she loves through her characters, embracing her romantic dreams with every book she writes, and convinces herself it is enough.

When her father falls ill, she is forced to return home to Hamilton, New Mexico, a small town that comes with big problems, the biggest of which is Steve Meston. Steve has had a crush on Barbara since high school. But he is no longer the awkward, shy boy from her youth. He is now confident, handsome and relentless in his pursuit of her, despite her best efforts to put him off. His patient and steadfast love back her into a corner, and she finds that all her weapons are useless against his sweet love. Now she must stop avoiding and confront her past, or lose the one man who was able to get past her thorns.


This next one is a bargain at $0.99, with another author new to me. I’m always happy to make the acquaintance of a new author.

Not Until This Day: A Christian Romance (Hope Springs Book 6)

Not Until This day

Amazon quote:

Three kids. Two broken hearts. One chance to become a family.

Isabel has three simple rules: Keep moving. No friends. No men. It’s the only way to keep herself and her daughter safe. But when she arrives in the small town of Hope Springs, she finds that she suddenly wants to break all the rules. Especially when it comes to a certain sweet single dad.

Tyler has one goal: Keep his boys from ever getting hurt again. That’s why he avoids dating, women, or anything having to do with love. So why does the mysterious single mother who works at his family’s orchard have him rethinking everything?


And a FREE book. It’s never to early to talk about Christmas.

The Matchmakers of Holly Circle 

the Matchmakers of Holly Circle

Amazon quote:

Flirtation can be an art, or so they say. Well, if so, Ruth and Richard are “the old masters” of the flirting game. Despite their strictly platonic relationship, there’s “something there,” as so many of their friends and families say. Neighbors and friends for ten years, neither seems willing to change the course of their relationship.
Three doors down, at the end of the cul-de-sac, Mason Dickenson has watched his favorite neighbors with an interested eye, but he’s finally had it with the dance. So, with a pack of cards and a few tricks up his sleeve, he’s determined to get them out of the “friend rut” and into romance.

Thanks to Mason’s unique matchmaking scheme, Ruth and Richard concoct one of their own—a deeper, stronger, eternal love and relationship that nothing on earth can match.


This list could have been much longer if all of the books featured in the brochure were at bargain prices. I’m kind of glad they weren’t, actually. I was worried thinking what if . The thought of thirty seven new books in one day was pretty scary. I am excited to have four new books.

I’m currently reading  Justified Means. This is one author I’ve read extensively, enough to be accustomed to her voice and style. You know, like answering the phone and knowing immediately who is calling. (you have no call display, work with me here) This is the second time I’ve been thrown by the tone of one of her books. Which is cool, actually.

The voice reminds me of another favorite author, I get caught up in the story and forget who I’m listening to. The first time it happened it was shocking, mainly because Chautona has a very distinct and recognizable voice and the shock was finding I wasn’t reading who I thought I was. I can’t remember who I thought it was but it wasn’t Ms Havig.  I guess it would be like watching a movie with a favorite British actor showing up in a movie sporting a very good New York accent.

I have to say, she nailed the new voice and I quite enjoyed both stories. And, when I think about it, this new voice works well in the new genre. Fitting in better than the voice we are used to hearing from her.

Justified Means (Book One) (The Agency Files 1) is still a bargain at $0.99

Justified Means

Erika Polowski, in grave danger–danger she has no idea exists–finds herself captive, shackled, bound, gagged. Her captors have the most unbelievable story, yet as the enemy manages, time after time, to get too close, she has to decide who or what to trust. Can she believe the man who daily holds her at gunpoint? Does she trust her gut? She is certain that she knows nothing that could possibly matter to anyone–has done nothing that should put her in danger.

For Keith Auger, it’s just another assignment. Extract the client, protect the client, return the client to her life with minimal interruption. Except that this “client” isn’t so keen on being protected. His usual cheerful demeanor disappeared the night he helped her escape from her home–escape with the aid of duct tape, rope, and the dark of night.


Happy Reading.





Free and bargain books April 2, 2020

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us. I downloaded this in 2018 but while it sounds familiar, I can’t remember if I’ve read it. I will need to check this out.

The Face of the Earth

The Face of the Earth

Amazon quote:

When Mitchell Brannon’s beloved wife sets off for home after a conference, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. Mitch returns from work early that evening, surprised that Jill’s car isn’t in the garage. But her voice on the answering machine makes him smile. “Hey, babe, I’m just now checking out of the hotel, but I’ll stop and pick up something for dinner. Love you.” Hours later, Jill still hasn’t returned, and Mitch’s irritation turns to dread.

When the police come up empty, Mitch enlists the help of their next-door neighbor, Jill’s best friend, Shelley, to help search. As hours turn into days and days into weeks, Mitch and Shelley’s friendship grows ever closer—and decidedly more complicated. Every lead seems to be a dead end, and Mitch wonders how he can honor the vows he made to a woman who has seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth.


Browsing, I came across a bargain from one of my favorite authors. It’s $1.32 CDN and I can still remember reading this one four years ago.

The Demise (A Braxton Mystery Book 1)

The Demise

Amazon quote:

Tiny Braxton, Tennessee, is a quiet, tight-knit community wrapped around an old town square just a stone’s throw from Nashville. But when the town’s most prominent citizen is found dead at the base of its water tower, news of Peter Lanham’s apparent suicide roars through town like a massive tsunami.

Julie Parker is convinced he didn’t. As receptionist at Lanham’s executive office suite, she’s determined to find out what really happened to her boss. An aspiring actor who also stars as “The Lanham Girl” in the company’s TV commercials, Julie prides herself on her perceptive observations and people-skills. Who better to find out what happened to Peter up on that water tower?

Matt Bryson, on assignment as a rookie Special Agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, isn’t about to let the attractive receptionist intrude on his first case. She may be a hometown insider, but he’s perfectly capable of solving the case without “Miss Marple” screwing up his investigation.


Then came a FREE read that I’ve seen before somewhere. I think it must have been in a Christmas collection put together by a group of contributing authors. …. Reading the synopsis did it for me. I have read this before and it was well worth my time.

Christmas at the Unity Plenkiss: The Great Lakes Christmas Collection

Christmas at the Unity Plenkiss

Amazon quote:

Snow Angels

When Lisa Marsh is roped into serving Thanksgiving dinner at the local community center, she encounters hundreds of children, lively teenagers, stubbornly independent veterans, eccentric elderly people, and a particularly rude and scruffy homeless man named Pete. The evening ends in disaster, but when her best friend challenges her to reach out and help other people, Lisa decides to take on the project of reforming Pete – whether he likes it or not.

Hope for the Holidays

Newly arrived from her home in the Congo and armed with a brand-new degree in nonprofit management, Carrie Strough is eager to organize and improve the Unity Plenkiss Community Center. Unfortunately, no one wants to be organized, and only Micah Neresen, the charming and handsome pastor of the local church, is interested in her plans. Or is he just interested in her?


and one more, a bargain @ $0.99 CDN. I have not read this but I have read book 1, Of Windmills and War.

Beyond the Shadow of War (The War Trilogy – Book 2) 

Beyond the Shadow of War

Amazon quote:

When the war finally ended in May of 1945, Lieutenant Danny McClain made good on his promise to come back for Anya in Holland. He expected her to put up a fight, but instead found her exhausted and utterly broken. Maybe it was unfair, asking her to marry him when she was so vulnerable. But this much he knew: he would spend a lifetime helping to make her whole again.

The war had taken everything from Anya–her family, her friends, her home, her faith. She clung to the walls she’d fortressed around her heart, but what future did she have apart from Danny? At least she wouldn’t be alone anymore.

Or so she thought. When the American troops demobilize, Danny is sent home, forced to leave Anya behind in England. There she must wait with the other 70,000 war brides for passage to America. As England picks up the pieces of war’s debris in the months that follow, Anya shares a flat with three other war brides in London and rediscovers the healing bond of friendships.


Well, we have enough to keep us going for another day or two, I think.

Happy Reading!

The weather has been warm with the snow mostly gone so we could see grass and guess what. We are in the middle of another winter storm, it has dumped inches of snow all over us again. Fickle… that’s all I can say.

Enjoy your books. I will!


Read and Enjoyed February 24, 2020

My favorite book today is Egypt’s Sister by Angela Hunt, one of my long time favorite authors. This story is based on historical fact with a fictional character tying it all together.

Young Chava and her princess friend grow up together becoming fast friends. Accompanying her scholarly father to the palace everyday, Chava receives an extraordinary education right alongside her friend. Learning skills that will save her life in the future yet to come.

Over the years their friendship deepens and, as young teens do, they pledge themselves as blood-sisters. They will always be there for one another.

Invariably, the way life does, things change and move on. The princess becomes queen, Cleopatra, with new friends, and enemies. Eventually even friends become enemies and Chava is left wondering why.

This story was captivating and very well written. Finishing it was not a problem, I was sad to see it end.

This is still a bargain at $0.99

Egypt's Sister


The Defiant Bride Tish Davis. I had trouble getting into this one, I don’t remember why. Picking it up again after a couple of months, it went much better and was a good read after all.

The Defiant Bride

Amazon quote: Still a bargain too

Victoria Beatty is a poised, obedient heiress who was raised to always honor God’s law and remain in control of her emotions, unlike her mother who abandoned her family when Victoria was young. Even though Victoria dreams of having a husband and family of her own, she strives to please her father in every way – until she falls for a fortune hunter and her father sends her away to avoid the embarrassment she’s brought to the family.


Now comes a whole batch, all at once. I think a few of these are still bargains and maybe even FREE.

Shadows in the CurtainOn His Bended Knee

The Boden BirthrightHis Stubborn Sweet Bride

Small Town ChristmasAt First Sight

Remember MeLine of Duty

The After books 1-3The Gifted Groom

Forever YoursGranted


I’ve just started Sentence of Marriage. I keep seeing this in the FREE section and just now realize it’s been downloaded since 2012 and I’ve not read it. Not sure why. I’ll try again and see how it goes. This may be one I find a little too dark to handle.

Sentence of Marriage 2012

Amazon quote:

“I won’t have her forced,” Jack said. “Let her decide for herself.”

Amy knew her father meant it. She could say no if she wanted. But this marriage would make everything all right. They could put all the trouble she had caused behind them. Everyone would be happy again.

Everyone except her.

“Sentence of Marriage” is the first book in the three-volume “Promises to Keep”.

In nineteenth century New Zealand, there are few choices for a farm girl like Amy. Her life seems mapped out for her by the time she is twelve. Amy dreams of an exciting life in the world beyond her narrow boundaries. But it is the two people who come to the farm from outside the valley who change her life forever, and Amy learns the high cost of making the wrong choice.


Wishing you Happy Reading!



Book collections at bargain prices, good reads – all of them

Some of my read and enjoyed collections are still at bargain prices. An all seasons assortment with a little Christmas thrown in for good measure. I figured we could use a few more book choices, what with the sparse few days we’ve had lately. Well done, high quality reads definitely worth spending the time.

Betwixt Two Hearts ($1.31 CDN)

Please Note: The Crossroads Collections are sets of stories that are interconnected in some way, but the collections are independent, complete, and can be read in any order.

Betwixt two hearts

Yesterday’s Mail ($1.29)

Yesterday's Mail

The Wedding Dress Yes (Crossroads Collection) (1.32 CDN)

The Wedding Dress Yes

When Snowflakes Never Cease (Crossroads Collection) ($1.30 CDN)

When Snowflakes Never Cease


All is Bright (The Christmas Lights Collection) ($1.31 CDN)

All is Bright Collection

This should keep us busy until the next great haul of book happens.

Happy Reading!




Bargain books for January 8, 2020

The new site 1531 Entertainment has a book for us today, Secret Angel a bargain at $1.31. I noticed there are lots of other Christmas books on sale right now too, if you are interested. They show up in the feed when searching for this book.

Secret Angel

Amazon quote:

Doctoral student Hannah Wagganer has big dreams of leaving her hometown of Glen Arbor behind to teach at a large university. That is, until Jasper Morgan, the new mail carrier, arrives in town. Not only does he send Hannah’s heart racing, but he creates an instant bond with her cat, Jingles…..

…..  a series of unexpected blessings occurs that changes the town’s focus: first, an anonymous donor pays to have the church furnace repaired, and then other locals suddenly find solutions to their problems. Is it coincidental, or the work of a secret angel?


While browsing for something other than Christmas stories, I found a few Christy Barritt bargain books. Rains of Remorse is book 5 in the Lantern Beach Romantic Suspense series. $1.30

Rains of Remorse

Amazon quote:

A stranger invades her home, leaving Rebecca Jarvis terrified. Above all, she must protect the baby growing inside her. Since her estranged husband died suspiciously six months earlier, Rebecca has been determined to depend on no one but herself.

Her chivalrous new neighbor appears to be an answer to prayer. But who is Levi Stoneman really? Rebecca wants to believe he can help her, but she can’t ignore her instincts.


Dark Water

Dark Water is $1.31 Book 1 of Lantern Beach Blackout Series

Amazon quote:

Colton Locke can’t forget the black op that went terribly wrong. Desperate for a new start, he moves to Lantern Beach, North Carolina, and forms Blackout, a private security firm. Despite his hero status, he can’t erase the mistakes he’s made.

For the past year, Elise Oliver hasn’t been able to shake the feeling that there’s more to her husband’s death than she was told. When she finds a hidden box of his personal possessions, more questions—and suspicions—arise. The only person she trusts to help her is her husband’s best friend, Colton Locke.


This bargain book ($1.31) was in the queue for me in 2017. It was a very good book. Leaving Oxford by Janet Ferguson

Leaving Oxford

Amazon quote:

Escaping home to Oxford, Mississippi, seemed like a good idea. Until it wasn’t.

A year after a tragic accident in Los Angeles flipped her world upside down, advertising guru Sarah Beth LeClair is still hiding away in her charming hometown of Oxford, Mississippi. And she may well be stuck there forever. Suffering from panic attacks, she prays for healing. Instead, her answer comes in the form of an arrogant football coach and an ugly puppy.

Former celebrity college quarterback Jess McCoy dreamed of playing pro football. One freak hit destroyed his chances. Although he enjoys his work as the university’s offensive coordinator, his aspirations have shifted to coaching at the highest level. His plans of moving up are finally coming together—until he falls for a woman who won’t leave town.

As the deadline for Jess’s decision on his dream career looms, the bars around Sarah Beth’s heart only grow stronger. But it’s time to make a decision about leaving Oxford.

Happy Reading


Books Read and Enjoyed January 2, 2020

It seems, today is not a good day for free or bargain books but there is a long list of read-and-enjoyed books to talk about, so let’s get to it.

Three Days in Heaven, I think this is probably my favorite story on this list. Although I haven’t refreshed my memory about the others yet, to verify this statement. For sure it is one of my favorites.

I didn’t know what to expect with this story. How would he handle this subject matter. Would his treatment of the idea make sense? Would the characters and their actions come across as believable? I think he did a great job on all aspects. It is believable and gives an accurate, if rather unorthodox, view of what God is like. To give the author credit: he isn’t trying to cater to anyone’s sensibilities, just giving an honest view of heaven as he understands it.

Some-things I know he’s got right; God loves all of us deeply (most of us have no idea how deeply), he has a large sense of humor, he doesn’t look at our actions through the lens of a strict set of rules and regulations (the way we assume he does), rather he looks deeply at the longings and intents of our hearts.

The author weaves an engaging story that leaves us with hope and a feel good experience.

Three Days in Heaven

Alias Raven Black  Second Chances book 2. Great book. It didn’t take much effort for me to spend the time needed to make my way through this story.

The FBI has some evidence against Raven and they are demanding cooperation if she wants to avoid prison. They want her to go undercover as a nanny for a mob boss’s young kids. She has no training for undercover work never mind filling the role as a nanny. They know enough about her actions in past indiscretions to believe she has the bravado to pull it off. She will find the evidence they need for a solid conviction.

Things become complicated when Raven discovers she’s not the only undercover operative in the house. Nor is the FBI the only agency represented. On top of that, her dad keeps showing up as a friend to her employer. What in the world is he up to?

Lots of awesome twists and turns in this story.

Alias Raven Black

Remembering Christmas

Rick has never allowed his mother’s new husband to have the role of dad in his life. It’s been years since he escaped to make a new life in California. His visits home have been rare and brief. Now, after her husband’s major stroke, his mother needs Rick’s help. For more than just the few days he’s expecting.

There are many things he needs to learn while he’s here and the truth is at the top of the list.

Remembering Christmas

A Merry Little Christmas

A Merry Little Christmas

Christmas Suspense Boxed Set

Christmas Suspense

The Sleigh on Seventeenth Street

The Sleigh on 17th Street

All For Anna (Letting Go book 1)

All for Anna

A Mouse for the Duke …. excellent book.

A Mouse for the Duke

The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas

Bespoke: A Tiny Christmas Tale


Longing for the Tormented Sheriff

longing for the tormented Sherriff

Courage Dares (Sisters of Spirit book 4)

Courage Dares

Peg Leg’s Princess (The Pistol Ridge series.) I loved this book.

Peg Leg's Princess

Shattered Image (Chain of Lakes series book 1)

Shattered Image

I liked all of these books. Admittedly, there were some I liked better than others but overall they are all worth reading.

Happy Reading






Bargain books December 22, 2019

Some Christmas-y bargain books to curl up with this afternoon.

Cozy Mysteries Collection (Heart and Holiday edition) … 6 books, 1096 pages, a lovely bargain at $0.99

Cozy Mysteries Collection

Partial Amazon quote:

Just in Time for the Holidays!

Treat yourself to the brand new “Heart & Holiday” Cozy Mystery Collection featuring 6 bestselling books from four of Hope Callaghan’s most popular mystery series. Each book has a heart/love or a holiday theme.

These books are not available in any other boxed set or collection…

I’m happy to see these stories aren’t included in any other box set. I’ve read some of her other cozy collections and was worried maybe I’d read half of this already. So glad.


Christmas Suspense book set is another collection that looks like it will be a fun read. A bargain too, $1.31, 321 pages. These stories are novellas, a little less daunting than full book length.

Christmas Suspense

Amazon quote:

In the season of Love, Peace and Joy, a chance meeting with a young woman in a supermarket sets Detective Cole Allen on an urgent quest to save the lives of three young women.
It will take the combined skill and dedication of the Twin Falls Homicide Bureau, and a helping hand from God, to locate and end the nightmare of the helpless victims.

Nothing bad can happen in a place called Christmas Tyme, Colorado. Right?
Granted, Sean McGregor is there to bodyguard a recent heiress to the Kane Industries fortune. Not to mention there have been two previous attempts on her life.
For Sean, a former Recon Marine and ex-Secret Service Agent this should be a no-brainer. Safely ensconced in a mountain chalet overlooking the picturesque town he can control the environment. Control the environment, control the mission.
But the Kane chalet is hiding dark secrets he can’t control.

Chance Crawford is back in Afghanistan.
A place he swore to never return.
No longer the team leader of a Marine Recon unit. He’s now a CIA agent, searching the mountains of the Hindu Kush for a Taliban chief who wants to defect.
While tracking his objective he encounters two children in need of a protector. And he’s the only one available.
It’s mission impossible but Chance has never run from trouble.
No matter the odds.

A Bonus Christmas Short Story

I’m not sure if I’ve read this author. I think I have but it must have been in a collection if I did. Looking forward to checking this one out anyway.


I’m currently reading, and enjoying, so far anyway. I’ve only just begun so it’s a little early to tell for sure. I still have hopes.

Resort to Love a collection still at the bargain price of $1.31

Resort to Love

I’m on book 1 Oregon Coast 

Christina Lovejoy finds herself honeymooning alone when she leaves her fiancé at the altar. Dave Lake prayed for a wife and has a bride show up at his bed and breakfast. When she agrees to stay on as his cook, will he be able to convince her not to run away from another chance at romance? (Amazon quote)

All of today’s offering are on the lighter side. Maybe that’s a good thing?

Enjoy. Happy Reading!



Free/bargain books recently read… December 16, 2019

There are no new free books so far today but… there are some old free books.

The one I just started reading is still FREE.  Whisper- the Pete Zendel Suspense Series. I’m liking it.

The first two chapters are pretty intense with burning buildings, armed and dangerous intruders, vehicles forced off the road. Accidentally witnessed drug deals in ancient ruins, resulting in crooks shooting and blowing up buildings to eliminate the threat to their freedom. Fortunately, the drug dealers and their thugs missed.

I’m thinking the two situations are probably linked. Check it out.



There would have been a better search for Free books if I had been home today. I needed/wanted to attend a funeral for a dear extended family member. It was in the city, an hour from me, and I had a couple of hours waiting time in the middle of everything. Perfect for some reading time.

I finished the book started yesterday. Longing for the Tormented Sheriff, Cassidy Hanton. Still a bargain at $1.31.

It was an okay story. Unique and well enough written. It moved too slowly for me – with a great number of books still waiting to be read. I admit to skipping ahead to the last three chapters, I wanted to see how it all turned, I did like the ending.

Looking for the cover to share here – it appears this download has not been mention in a post yet. I remember now, being uncertain about it and wanting to wait a bit. It turned out better than expected so that’s a plus.

longing for the tormented Sherriff


Waiting time wasn’t over for me yet this afternoon so I started (and then finished at supper)  Bespoke: a Tiny Christmas Tale. It is a Victorian story with a bit of a fantasy twist to it. It was different but definitely a good read. It’s still FREE

Bespoke is a British word I wouldn’t have known except that it turned up in another book I read recently. I had to look it up to figure it out. My head still can’t make the connection between the meaning and the word but we’ll go with it. It is a term used for something ordered that is specific to you, such as business cards with your logo, or even a commissioned suit of clothes. In this case it was something forged in a unique, and unheard of, shape.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow, maybe it will have something new for us.

Happy Reading.


Another FREE book December 13, 2019

Another FREE book to add to our list. Thanks Dianne!

The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas is a collection of two romantic stories. If you love Christmas, and if you love soul-stirring drama and romantic surprises as merry as a rose blooming in a snowfall—then you’re going to love this gathering of winter tales. So, bring a mug of something warm, cozy up by the fire, and make yourself ready to laugh, cry, and helplessly fall in love.  (Amazon Quote)

Happy Reading!

Free books December 13, 2019

Some days are just full of treasures! This is one of those days. I didn’t mean to look for free books. I was just closing out an Amazon page left open from earlier, researching a book mentioned in my last post. My curiosity wouldn’t let me leave without checking the book ribbon at the bottom of the page. I’m so glad I took the time. I think I’ve found some gems.

Whisper – The Pete Zendel Suspense Series. A regular family. An old secret. And a dangerous enemy collide. Who will stand? (Amazon quote)


Bespoke: a Tiny Christmas Tale

While the elusive Secret Symphony of Giovanni St. John captivated the world’s fascination, it left his daughter closed away in the Silent House – she, the one who holds the fullness of truth about the ninth symphony. Now Aria St. John is determined to not only break free of the loss that has defined her, but to honor her father through one final gift in his last days. (Amazon quote)


Redemption’s Edge – Redemption Mountain series book 1.

Someone says on Amazon – “A heartwarming, passionate story of loss, forgiveness, and redemption set in the untamed frontier during the tumultuous years following the Civil War. Ms. Davies’ engaging and complex characters draw you in from the start, creating an exciting introduction to this new historical western romance series.”

Redemption's Edge

Made For Each OtherGrandma Mandy Series book 1

When Lissa arrives in New Mexico, her grandmother is recovering from a mild illness so Grandma’s young friend, Jason, picks Lissa up from the airport. Though Lissa’s attraction to him is immediate, she refuses to be tempted into romance with a man in a creative profession. (Amazon quote)

Made for Each Oher

BookRunes has a FREE book today, A Merry Little Christmas, and it looks intriguing.

A Merry Little Christmas

A Merry Little Christmas is about Franny Martin—a woman who isn’t afraid to dream big. But most of all, A Merry Little Christmas is a love story about two people who come from different worlds. Charlie is all wealth and polish while Franny is a simple farm girl who has more spirit than money. In the process of making a “trading places” arrangement between them, they unearth some discoveries of the heart—that sometimes love comes when you’re least ready for it, and that love can bring the most impossible dreams within reach. (Amazon quote)

It seems crazy to mention more books than I can possibly read but… they have to be grabbed quickly, before they disappear, never to be found again. That happened to me yesterday. There were several suggested books I wanted to check out but when I clicked to a new screen by mistake – they were gone. Clicking the back button didn’t help. They slipped into the black hole… GONE. Grab them quick, while you can. That’s my daily cry of encouragement.

Happy Reading everyone!