Merry Christmas December 26, 2022

Christmas is a huge family time for us and it was especially nice this year with more of the family than usual able to be together. I know we will remember this special time for many years to come.

I am excited to be stocked up on new jigsaw puzzles and I’m looking forward to a new coffee flavor to enjoy along with them

The most important part of the season for us, though, was remembering and celebrating the birth of Jesus, The son of God. For years he has been an important part of our daily lives and we couldn’t handle the ups and downs of life without him. Even more importantly he didn’t come to earth to be there for a few of us, he came to be there for as many as want him to care about them. I’m grateful that he is as close as a whisper and he hears my heart even when I can’t find the words to express it.

After two nights away I need some sleep. An unfamiliar bed doesn’t make for a restful sleep, although a busy mind caused most of the problems, It’s good to be home.


I think we need a picture to brighten this space up a little so I will share my current read. It is time travel London England 1854 to London 2014, incredibly different times to be living.

He ends up in 2014 unable to comprehend the drastic changes of 160 years. Three days later they both inadvertently end up back in 1854 where cultural norms create havoc for the uninitiated, which describes her perfectly.

There is so much more to be said but I don’t want to give too much away and spoil it for you.

This well written book is a joy to read and I can hardly wait to see how it all turns out. That’s if they survive the evil people following them around. It’s unclear what the intent is but it’s evident that loss of life is part of the plan.

The Never List: Love Across Londons Book One

Victoria Smith’s life seems dreary until someone knocks on a sealed door inside her London bookshop. When Tori discovers it’s not a ghost but a journalist from 1854, she accidentally strands him in 2014. Intrigued by the dapper and crusading Charles Stratford, Tori offers to help him locate a pendant that will reopen the door to his century. Even when their treasure hunt across London turns dangerous, Tori finds herself wishing that Charles could stay. But after losing her family a decade before, can Tori risk loving someone again, especially a man from 1854?

Lured into the future by a mysterious pendant, Charles Stratford must track down its counterpart to unlock the door between Londons. When the winsome Victoria Smith volunteers to join his search, Charles becomes smitten with the intrepid bookseller. He also uncovers an ancient struggle between two underground societies and becomes entangled in their secret intrigues. If Charles fails to return both pendants to 1854, he places his own London at risk. But how can he succeed when it means saying farewell to Victoria in 2014?

From modern-day Soho to 19th-century Mayfair, The Never List takes readers on a whirlwind tour of Londons new and old, as its time-crossed heroes search for a way to love each other within two centuries. It is the first book in the Love Across Londons series which should be read in order.


This book is still a bargain if it appeals to you.

Happy Reading and Happy Holiday

Night all.

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