Bargain and free books for January 15, 2020

BookBub mentioned Deadly Fires: Rodeo Nights ($1.30) It was offered a year ago too and it was worth the read, I enjoy Margaret Daley. Amazon quote: Second Chances. Revenge. Arson. A saboteur targets Alexia Richards and her family company. As the incidents become more lethal, Alexia must depend on a former Delta Force soldier, Cole … Continue reading Bargain and free books for January 15, 2020

Read and Enjoyed up to December 5, 2019

Books recently read and enjoyed. The Highlanders: A Smitten Historical Romance Collection a variety of authors. I was drawn in tighter to some more than others but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the whole collection. Never underestimate the heart of a Highlander. Four great books. Night Fox, A Tender Siege, The Year without Summer, and The … Continue reading Read and Enjoyed up to December 5, 2019

The Shell Collector’s Daughter

There are many TV shows that could possibly qualify as one of my favorites. Touched by an Angel is one of them. A team of three angels is assigned to help a human in a difficult situation. They must appear undercover, assuming a persona and occupation that will allow them to become a regular part of life for their assignee. They're allowed to be friendly, … Continue reading The Shell Collector’s Daughter

Everard – Not-So-Fairy Tales

  Everard - Not-So-Fairy Tales - Chautona Havig The awesome narrator (I'll tell you why she's so awesome, later) is telling us the Terrible War is finally over and the surviving soldiers are allowed go home. Brave and courageous, Everard of Havilund is one of the first allowed to leave the battlefield. He knows he is ahead of the others, and they will … Continue reading Everard – Not-So-Fairy Tales