Finished Rosemary Cottage January 15, 2023

I’ve finished my current read and it was sooo good.

There were so many awesome twists and turns, and a barrel full of red herrings to throw us off the track. I didn’t even have to think twice about five stars. You should read it, I think you’d like it.

USA TODAY bestseller! Amy came to Rosemary Cottage to grieve and heal from her brother’s disappearance at sea. But there’s a deadly undertow of secrets around Hope Island . . .

The charming Rosemary Cottage on the beach offers Amy Lange the respite she needs to mourn her brother, Ben. She’s even thinking of moving her midwife practice to the Outer Banks community, a place that has always been a refuge for her and her family. She also plans to investigate Ben’s disappearance at sea. Everyone blames a surfing accident, but Amy has reason to wonder.

Coast Guard officer Curtis Ireland has lost a sibling too. His sister, Gina, was run down by a boat, leaving him to raise her infant daughter. If anyone knew who little Raine’s father was, Curtis could lose his beloved niece. Yet he can’t help being drawn to Hope Beach’s new midwife, Amy, and he agrees to help her investigate what happened to both Ben and Gina.

Can two grieving people with secrets find healing on beautiful Hope Island? Or will their quest for truth set them at odds with each other . . . and with those who will go to any length to keep hidden things hidden?


This was the kind of book I like to savor for a little while before choosing the next one. This resolution rarely lasts very long so maybe I will be able to share what could possibly come next before I leave you. I just hope it will be as good as this one was.

OK, so after some deliberation, I’m going for book two in a continued series. Most these days are stand-alone novels but not this one. Book one was a joy to read, hopefully this book will be as good; so far it looks like it will be. New characters and situations were introduced at the end of book one and already things are headed in a different direction. Looking good.

This is a time travel series. It won’t make sense to you without this small piece of information.

The Best-Left Questions: Love Across Londons Book Two

The stakes increase and the intrigue deepens as Charles and Tori journey across Londons.

“Another superb adventure through time – absolutely can’t recommend this series highly enough!” – Amazon 5-star review

Finalist in the 2017 Chatelaine International Writing Competition

After returning to London in 2014, Charles Stratford finds himself in need of a job – and answers to questions he’d rather not ask.

Spurred by Tori’s irrepressible spirit, Charles agrees to go in search of another hidden treasure, the Firestorm Amber of Brighton. Guided by clues from his father’s journal, Charles and Victoria are confronted by old foes and new friends when they travel to 1666, the year of the Great Fire of London.

But their most loyal protector may turn out to be the one man Charles cannot forgive.

From present-day London to eighteenth-century Westminster, The Best-Left Questions continues the romantic adventures of Charles Stratford and Victoria Smith. It is the second book in the Love Across Londons series which should be read in order.


I’ll let you know how it goes. Expectations are high.

I hope you are tempted to check them out too.

Happy Reading

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