Read and enjoyed July 07, 2020

This is a book suggestion from yesterday and I would like to tell you how I felt about it. A review of sorts. It’s still a bargain at $1.34

Christmas at the Lake: Two heartwarming sweet and clean Christian small-town romances set in Huckleberry Lake, Idaho (Huckleberry Lake Duets Book 1) 

Christmas at the lake

Amazon quote:

Calm & Bright
Will Brad and Maddie let God use a Christmas together for the sake of their son to help them rediscover the love that led to their whirlwind romance, and overcome the issues that caused their divorce? Or will the same issues divide them once again?
Even Maddie’s matchmaking grandmother and their adorable four year old might not be enough to help them get back together!
A sweet and clean faith-based reunion romance.

Midnight Clear
No one guesses teacher Claire’s secret heartbreak. Including town handyman and all-round good guy Ryan, who seems to think she’s “the One”. Only she knows why she’s not the woman for him. Easily fixed, her snark should make him forget her.
Problem is, it seems both God and Ryan have other plans this Christmas!
A sweet and clean faith-based enemies-to-love romance.

One of my first impressions was that I’d read the sequel to Calm and Bright (the first book.) By the end I was positive I had, I was just not sure where. These books have appeared in other book collections and it will have been in one of those.

Calm and Bright has complex characters with lots going on and an interesting and engaging story line. I enjoyed the read although it did feel like it could have been shorter and still covered everything nicely.

The characters in Midnight Clear appeared a few times briefly in the first book, with no real relationship to each other. There were hints though.

The story treatment in book 2 was a disappointment after seeing how it was handled in book 1.

There needed to be more depth and complexity to the characters, certainly, but more so to the story itself. There was not enough going on. Eventually, I found myself skimming the first few pages of every other chapter and didn’t feel like I’d missed anything of importance.

There needed to be more drama and maybe bigger roles for a few of the supporting characters, that could have helped improve the story.

The ending was abrupt and a big disappointment.

So, I liked book one but wasn’t a fan of book two.


After the book collection I read Hidden. I liked it as well as Calm and Bright… but

Hidden (Jones-Star Series Book 1)

Hidden 2

I did find myself skimming in spots. And while I liked it … I didn’t love it. It was worth the read though. It was a fresh take on relationships, not the tired story lines that are often used, and that was refreshing.


He’s a Montana Cowboy and she’s a Boston aristocrat.
Together they are broken ashes and spitfire, discovering common ground in a shared dream. But, even if they can somehow see eye-to-eye and partner-up, their past lives lay in wait, ready to pounce and destroy any chance of a new beginning.

The train arrives at the station on Patrick Jones’ wedding day, but his dreams go up in steam when it fails to bring his childhood sweetheart, Genevieve, west with it. Instead, he finds himself burdened with the responsibility of her adventurous younger sister.


I can’t decide where to go next. I think I’ll sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

Free and bargain books July 06, 2020

LPC Books has FREE suggestions for us. I have read the first two but not the third.

Kill Order

Kill Order

Amazon quote:

Grammy-winning pianist Landon Jeffers’s brain cancer has given him only a few years to live. But when he sleeps, the forgotten terrors of his past torment him. When he wakes, shameful memories come rushing back. Desperate for answers, Jeffers discovers that a brain implant intended to treat his cancer is really a device to control him, forcing him to commit terrible crimes. Now he’s being manipulated by an evil crime syndicate and a crooked cop.

When he sleeps, the forgotten terrors of the past come alive … and his future is a dead ending.


With This Peace (Ella Dessa’s Story Book 3)

With This Peace

Amazon quote:

Florida’s alligator-infested swamps and flat landscapes fail to impress Ella Dessa McKnapp. She longs to abandon their journey and return to the beautiful Georgia Mountains, and when her husband’s two younger brothers ride away—heading for a village called Tampa—the fear of a Seminole Indian attack is ever present.

Ella Dessa and her husband must continue the journey alone, not realizing a tragedy will place her and their two children at the mercy of Indians and a runaway slave. Only the shelter of a deserted cabin and the return of her husband’s youngest brother bring the hope of peace. But will the hurricane of 1848 rip away that hope?


Laurel (Women of the American Revolution Series Book 2)


Amazon quote:

In the port of Charleston, South Carolina, post-Revolutionary War passions reach fever pitch. There, Lilyan’s past catches up with her. As a former patriot spy, she is charged with the murder of a British officer. Thrown into the “Exchange Building” and chained alongside prostitutes, thieves, and murderers, she seeks the courage to survive and the faith to believe she will find her missing child, Laurel. Determined to free his wife at any cost, Nicholas finds himself forced back into a life of violence.

Will their love sustain them as they seek word of their missing child? Or is Laurel lost to them forever?


There is a pre-order bargain book looking interesting. $1.35

The Practice of Prying (The Sidekick’s Survival Guide Mysteries Book 4) 

The Practice of Prying

Amazon quote:

Apprentice P.I. Elliot Ransom has almost lost her life, her family is being targeted by bad guys, and her love life is a confusing mess. Can anything else go wrong?

Her newest case has her posing as an assistant coach for a local charity softball game in order to figure out if the previous coach was murdered. The problem is that Elliot, who grew up in the jungle, knows nada about softball.

More than one mystery haunts her, and it’s hard to know which clue leads to potential answers. But one thing she does know: danger is close—too close. Whoever thought a little prying could lead to so much distress?


A new collection priced to sell. $0.99

Dangerous Deceptions: A Christian Romantic Suspense Boxed Set Collection

Dangerous Deceptions

Amazon quote:

Lethal Outbreak: Lisa Harris & Lynne Gentry

Virus hunter Aiden Ballinger believes the source of the lethal outbreak that decimated a remote Tibetan village came from disturbing the permafrost. Desperate to rebury it before it buries the world, Aiden enlists Rachel Scott, a beautiful epidemiologist. But while Aiden and Rachel pursue the cure—and their feelings for each other—someone is hunting them. Whoever wants them dead will not stop until they are silenced.

Collision Course: Elizabeth Goddard

His cover blown, FBI Special Agent Reg Jacobson finds refuge on the other side of the country, but trouble follows him when he faces off with a woman from his past. Private Investigator Nicole Weatherly, hired to catch a thief, suspects Reg. When the bullets fly, Reg and Nicole must escape secrets from their pasts before their futures collide.

Glimmer in the Darkness: Robin Patchen

When Cassidy learns another child has been kidnapped from her hometown, she’s convinced the man who took the girl she’d been babysitting seven years earlier is behind the recent abductions. She alone holds the key to finding him. Though James blames Cassidy for his sister’s death, he’ll help if there’s a chance to save a child’s life. Can Cassidy and James identify the serial killer in time to rescue his latest victim?

Expired Plot: Lisa Phillips

A man after justice. A local crime boss. The woman caught between. Undercover FBI agent Will Briar is working his way to the top of an illegal operation. But when he discovers the identity of the boss, everything changes. Hollis knows nothing is as it seems. Now she must either save her father and doom herself, or take a chance on the man who could be the answer…to everything.

Ice: Lynnette Bonner

Camryn Hunt witnessed a murder. Now she’s in the protective custody of handsome sheriff Holden Parker. The small-town life might be pleasant if the sheriff wasn’t so demanding. Determined that no harm come to Camryn, Holden secludes her at his fishing cabin. He wishes she wasn’t so intriguing. He must not divide his focus. Especially when a local busybody discovers Camryn!

Never A Traitor: Jan Thompson

The last thing Private Investigator Earl Young expects is to pose as a fake boyfriend to a whistleblower. His driving need to solve problems forces him to work with paranoid Sienna Halstead as she draws him deeper into her corporate world of secrets and subterfuge. The more time they spend together, the more attraction grows. When another whistleblower is murdered, Sienna knows she’s next. How far will Earl go to protect her?

Ben in Love: Luana Ehrlich

Is CIA operative Ben Mitchell really in love with the daughter of a Turkish dissident? Titus Ray, his mentor, isn’t buying it; he thinks Ben needs intel on a Muslim cleric. But when Titus follows Ben to northern Virginia, he discovers Ben’s deception is more dangerous than he thought. With their lives on the line, can Titus convince Ben to abandon his plans before it’s too late?

Liar Like Her: D.L. Wood

When disbarred attorney Quinn Bello discovers a body that inexplicably vanishes, no one in her seaside town believes her—no one, that is, except newcomer Ian Wolfe, who for his own mysterious reasons doesn’t hold Quinn’s past against her. Together they search for the truth, but doubts about Quinn’s sanity and innocence increase as the danger escalates. Will they expose the heart of the deception before Quinn becomes the next victim?


One more interesting bargain $1.34

Christmas at the Lake: Two heartwarming sweet and clean Christian small-town romances set in Huckleberry Lake, Idaho (Huckleberry Lake Duets Book 1) 

Christmas at the lake

Amazon quote:

Calm & Bright
Will Brad and Maddie let God use a Christmas together for the sake of their son to help them rediscover the love that led to their whirlwind romance, and overcome the issues that caused their divorce? Or will the same issues divide them once again?
Even Maddie’s matchmaking grandmother and their adorable four year old might not be enough to help them get back together!
A sweet and clean faith-based reunion romance.

Midnight Clear
No one guesses teacher Claire’s secret heartbreak. Including town handyman and all-round good guy Ryan, who seems to think she’s “the One”. Only she knows why she’s not the woman for him. Easily fixed, her snark should make him forget her.
Problem is, it seems both God and Ryan have other plans this Christmas!
A sweet and clean faith-based enemies-to-love romance.


Happy Reading to you.

Currently reading … July 4th

I’m currently reading a book I’m loving and can’t wait to tell you about it. It’s still a bargain $0.99 and you don’t want to miss out on it. I’m a quarter of the way through and at this rate will be finished tonight, unless I can tear myself away long enough to do something useful. Not looking too promising. The tearing myself away part. I’m giving it 5 ***** already.

The Spice King (Hope and Glory Book #1)

The Spice King

Amazon quote:

Gray Delacroix has dedicated his life to building his very successful global spice empire, but it has come at a cost. Resolved to salvage his family before it spirals out of control, he returns to his ancestral home to save his brother and sister before it’s too late.

As a junior botanist for the Smithsonian, Annabelle Larkin has been charged with the impossible task of gaining access to the notoriously private Delacroix plant collection. If she fails, she will be out of a job and the family farm in Kansas will go under. She has no idea that in gaining entrance to the Delacroix world, she will unwittingly step into a web of dangerous political intrigue far beyond her experience.

Unable to deny her attraction to the reclusive business tycoon, Annabelle will be forced to choose between her heart and loyalty to her country. Can Gray and Annabelle find a way through the storm of scandal without destroying the family Gray is fighting to save?


I’m loving the plot and the rich characters. (no pun intended 🙂 ) I hope you will too.

Happy Reading. 

Free books July 04, 2020

A few FREE books this morning.

At Your Request (Apart From the Crowd): An Apart From the Crowd Novella 

At Your Request

Amazon quote:

After her father lost the family’s fortune, Wilhelmina was cast out of the fashionable set and banished to the wallflower section. Taking a position as a social secretary to help support her family, she’s mostly come to terms with her new status. But when her old friend Edgar returns to New York society for the first time since she rejected his marriage proposal, she’s newly ashamed at how far she’s fallen–and how hastily she dismissed him years ago. Her strategy is to avoid a face-to-face encounter at all costs, but he seems to have other plans. Will Edgar take advantage of their now reversed positions and make her regret her refusal, or is there still hope for a friendship between them–or something more?

At Your Request is an e-only novella that gives an exciting introduction to Jen Turano’s new Gilded Age historical romance series, Apart From the Crowd! Includes an extended excerpt of the first full-length novel in the series, Behind the Scenes.


Take a Chance on Me (Misty River Romance)

Take a Chance on Me

Amazon quote:

When baker Penelope Quinn steps in to help her brother’s family through a medical crisis, she’s forced into close proximity with charming Air Force fighter pilot Eli Price.

Penelope has one iron-clad dating rule—she does not date airmen. Months ago, she relaxed her rule with Eli and immediately lived to regret it. After a long deployment, he’s now back in Misty River and, to her dismay, she finds him just as tempting as always.

Eli’s spent months thinking about funny, feisty, creative Penelope. He once leveraged his focus and drive to become a pilot, his childhood dream. Now he’s set on leveraging that same focus and drive in order to convince Penelope to give him one more chance.

This romantic prequel novella introduces readers to the quaint mountain town of Misty River and a brand-new series from Christy-winning author Becky Wade!


Winter’s Secret: Clean Wholesome Mystery and Romance (Northern Intrigue Book 1) 

Winter's Secret

Amazon quote:

Some secrets chill to the bone….

Smashed heirlooms, ripped upholstery and rifled drawers-who is breaking into homes during a record-breaking snowy winter, vandalizing and stealing.

Whoever it is–is targeting the most vulnerable–the seniors of a small northwoods town. As the new sheriff, Rodd Durand, home again to small town Steadfast, Wisconsin, takes on the Snowmobile Burglar.

In the course of her duties, Wendy Carey, the home health nurse, discovers each new break-in and wants more than anything to stop him. The small town reels as the burglar eludes capture and steps up his crimes. A vindictive woman and a secret baby heighten the suspense. When Wendy and Rodd begin to fall in love, family complicates matters. But the real stumbling block to their love lies within. Can they break through their own insecurities over the past?


Happy Reading

… on this warm, cloudy, ready-to-thunder-storm Saturday. I think the covers of books one and three are refreshing on this more-than-warm day.


Bargain books July 03, 2020

1531 Entertainment has a bargain suggestion today and a few others showed up in the same search. A good day. I’ve not seen any of these books or their authors before and that makes for an even better day.

The Heart of Mercy (Georgia Peaches Book 4) $1.39

The Heart of Mercy

Amazon quote:

Mercy Cunningham runs a homeless shelter and soup kitchen in Atlanta. Dismissive of her noble work among the destitute, her father continually pesters her to work for his Fortune-500 corporation. A bedraggled stranger visits the soup kitchen and catches Mercy’s attention. Not because of the piercing gaze almost hidden behind his facial hair, but because something seems off about him.

Noah Allen is not the pastor, or even the man, he once was. The single-blow death of his wife and child made sure of that, as did a raging opioid addiction. Blaming himself for their deaths, he wanders the country without a destination and without a desire to find one.

Then, Mercy finds him.


A Persevering Heart (Georgia Peaches Book 1) $1.37

A Persevering Heart

Amazon quote:

When Ms. Pepper Anne Barrington isn’t driving her convertible Aston Martin or writing her bestselling mysteries, she’s busy solving real-life dilemmas happening to her three grown children or the guests visiting her Atlanta bed and breakfast, Edgewater Coventry B & B. It seems to Miss Pepper, there’s always an air of romance, mystery, and perhaps a little adventure and mayhem at the restored 19th century plantation.

When handsome handyman and popular up and coming musician, Bradley Fielding, inherits his grandmother’s Victorian estate in Georgia, he relocates his band from Nashville to Atlanta to oversee the renovations. He decides to stay at the Edgewater Coventry B & B while the Fielding house that has been in his family for generations is being remodeled. All kinds of things begin to go wrong, including the disappearance of his sister and an antique pocket watch.

Patricia Johnston, avid reader and administrative assistant to Miss Pepper, is perhaps the most disturbed of all when she is framed for stealing Brad Fielding’s antique watch. She’s off to the wrong start in her new job—and with one of the country’s most eligible bachelors.


Hidden (Jones-Star Series Book 1) $1.23

Hidden 2

Amazon quote:

He’s a Montana Cowboy and she’s a Boston aristocrat.
Together they are broken ashes and spitfire, discovering common ground in a shared dream. But, even if they can somehow see eye-to-eye and partner-up, their past lives lay in wait, ready to pounce and destroy any chance of a new beginning.

The train arrives at the station on Patrick Jones’ wedding day, but his dreams go up in steam when it fails to bring his childhood sweetheart, Genevieve, west with it. Instead, he finds himself burdened with the responsibility of her adventurous younger sister.

While naïve Ruth Ellen has a hidden agenda concerning both Aspen Glen in Montana territory and her sister’s cast off, she has no idea as to the lengths her prestigious family from Boston will go to stop her from achieving her independence.

Despite Patrick’s emotional battles, he is challenged and intrigued by Ruth Ellen, but it soon becomes obvious that his heart cannot accept the one similarity between the two Thorncrest sisters: Deception.


Nothing new and interesting showed up FREE so we will stick with bargains this time. All three books have a distinctly different flair and that is enticing. It could be a good weekend of reading.

Happy Reading.

Free and bargain books July 02, 2020

It is Hot out there! And it won’t be going away anytime this week. 31C feels like 38C. It’s not as hot as it could be but working to plant the new shrubs delivered this morning makes it feel that way. At least the house air conditioning is working again and I’m remembering to be grateful. Not everyone has A/C and it’s rough surviving this heat without it.

I’m planting shrubs to fill in the bare spots because, I’m feeling motivated to get-my-house-in-order. Not sure why or what’s in store but I’ve found it pays to listen to those inner urges. It’ll be a surprise.

In the meantime…

It’s another skinny day when it comes to Free and bargain books.

There is one FREE book suggestion.

God’s Gift to Love Again: A Christian Historical Romance

God's gift to love again

Amazon quote:

Amie Davison is a kind-hearted, beautiful woman that would do anything to protect the children at the church shelter. Even though recently orphaned, Amie chooses to see the best in people, although people with dark secrets surround her. Despite her innocent character, she will face everyone threatening the church and stand by the side of anyone that would help it. Like the new deputy. How will her faith guide her through this new challenge?

Josh Morgan is a reserved and repentant deputy. He is grateful for the opportunity he was given to turn his life around, and he would do anything to prevent going back to a life of crime. But now that he is starting to realize that people are not who they claim to be, he will have to make a choice. Will he look after the people that need him the most, even if that means losing everything?

When the truth about Amie’s father comes to light, she will need him to fight beside her. How can Amie and Josh save the church and revenge the murder of her father while safeguarding their love?


And a repeat bargain book $1.41

Love Me: a single dad feel-good faith-filled small-town romance, where life begins at forty (Chapel Cove Romances Book 2) Kindle Edition

Love me

Amazon quote:

The biggest disaster of her life or the beginning of something wonderful? A single dad, opposites-attract faith-filled romance to warm your heart!
Growing up, Kristina Vela never imagined she’d meet her fortieth birthday divorced by her cheating, manipulative husband, and without a house, degree, or career. Back in her hometown, Chapel Cove, to start anew, she’s given up on men. Then she meets grieving widower Greg Matthews and his adorable five-year-old daughter and helps them renovate a house. Just when Kristina feels she can love again, her ex gives her an ultimatum. Can she choose between her own happiness and Greg’s?


This one is new I think, at least I don’t have it yet. A bargain $1.36

Small-Town Love: Redemption, Best Friends to Love, and a Mistaken Identity Sweet, Clean Romances (To Love and to Cherish Book 3)

Small Town Love

Amazon quote:

SEASON OF HOPE. Redemption and opposites-attract romance! A single mother’s quiet life with her little daughter is disrupted when a notorious former football player moves next door. Angry and lost after forced retirement, he surprises himself by getting involved in a small community and falling for his redhead neighbor. Can they help each other heal, or will their hearts be broken again?

SEASON OF FAITH. Second chance and best friends to love romance! Meeting her high school sweetheart, whom this small-town girl left nearly a decade ago, opens old wounds—and rekindles old feelings. While her insecurities war with the hope for a second chance, she gets a great job offer—in Germany. Can she believe that love exists even for geeks like her? Or will she leave her heart behind in her hometown again?

SEASON OF AMOR. Mistaken identity and woman in jeopardy romance! Dumped by her boyfriend on the way to their vacation without her purse or ID, a workaholic doctor lands in a puddle of beer and sprains her ankle. A local nurse helps her, considering her a homeless drunk. Soon he realizes his mistakes and is drawn to an attractive doctor with a tragic past. But when deadly threats start, will they find love or danger together?


Persistence paid off.

Happy Reading…

…while I head back out ’till I’m overheated again. Have to beat the thunder storms coming soon.

Read and Enjoyed end of June version

It’s time again to clear out the collection of read books.

Any Given Moment 

Any Given Moment

Life can change at any given moment. Good or bad, one must make the most of it. Samantha Shaw thought she was giving each moment of her life a fair shot until former pro-football quarterback Wiley Black saunters into her world and shows the sassy tomboy exactly what she’s been missing.
A sweet sports romance for fans of happily-ever-afters



Get Up, Eleanor 

Get up Eleanor



Eleanor Petersen’s life shatters when her mother falls on the ice outside her Wisconsin farmhouse. In the process of settling her mother’s estate and sorting loose ends, Eleanor discovers the joy her mother brought to her little town. Despite her spiritual doubts, Eleanor forms an instant bond with a widowed Lutheran pastor. And she uncovers a secret that upends her view of her parents … and of herself.


A Ring And A Prayer (Book 1 Golden Bowl Series)

A Ring and a Prayer

Annie Brewster has dedicated her life to helping others, but now she’s going to need a little help of her own.
A beautiful gold bowl sits on a pedestal on the front porch of The Golden Bowl restaurant in Marberry, Maine, where patrons are invited to leave a prayer and take a prayer. Annie Brewster, the owner, has made it her life’s mission to feed people both body and soul.
When her beloved husband Russ died ten years ago, Annie threw herself into making the restaurant a success—to the detriment of everything else in her life: her finances, her home, even her heart. Annie believes in prayer and in miracles too, and she’s going to need plenty of both because her life is about to be turned upside down and inside out .

A PATH LESS TRAVELED (A Miller’s Creek Novel Book 2)

A Path Less Travelled

A recently-widowed woman is tired of being rescued. Though surrounded by friends and family, Trish is determined to blaze a path for herself and her daddy-starved little boy without outside help. Unfortunately, her attempts to run a small town business just doesn’t pay the piles of bills. Though the new attorney in town seems interested in both her and little Bo, the timing is all wrong. At heart, she’s a small town girl, but will her current life circumstances mean leaving Miller’s Creek?

When a world-weary lawyer starts a new practice in Miller’s Creek, he’s prepared for business challenges, but not for falling in love. Can the new attorney romance Trish and get through the wall of stubborn hurt encasing her heart? And can they see past their limited human understanding to take a path less traveled?

PoustiniaConsider the thornsThe One Who Rocked Aawy

Forget me nowOne Season of hopeKill Order

The Billionaire's Destined BrideBush Country CowboyA summer Romance Collection

Three Christmas NovellasJake's HonorThe Mail-order Bride carries a gun

Loving the Texa LawmanLoving Her Texas ProtectorLoving the Texas Negotiator

Loving the Texas StrangerLoving the Mysterious TexanMail-Order Refuge

Desert WillowThe Ransome

Cotton Tree Ranch

Happy Reading!


Free and bargain books June 30, 2020

A FREE suggestion today

Crime of Fashion (The Hartfield Mysteries Book 2)

Crime of Fashion

Amazon quote:

Her unexpected and unwilling entrance into the world of “true crime” showed mystery author Alexa Hartfield an uglier side of life—one she would have been thrilled to avoid. Relieved that the horror is over, she settles back into her quiet life in Fairbury and begins work on her next novel, confident that the Fairbury police force—and Officer Joe Friedan—can and will keep any other crime far from her doorstep.
And they do.
However, life is full of change, and if Alexa thought everything would go back to normal, she’ll be disappointed! Her life just got a makeover—new house, new and changing friendships, new business venture—and with it, a new murder to rock her world.
When things start going wrong with the new business, Alexa grows concerned. When someone dies and others are threatened, Joe and Alexa begin to wonder if her life isn’t in danger as well. As they race to discover who could possibly want to hurt the new fashion line and her business partners, Alexa begins to fear for the safety of her heart as well.


If you enjoy Cozy Mystery there is a bargain for you. $1.40

Milkshake Up (Crime à la Mode Mysteries Book 2)

Milk Shake Up

Amazon quote:

When ice cream lady Serena Lavinia’s best customer doesn’t show up to buy his daily treats, she has no choice but to find out if he’s okay.

She didn’t expect to find him lying dead amid the wrappers of her wares.

As an investigation begins and all the evidence points to Serena, she has no choice but to clear her name. With the help of her trusty dog Scoops and her new frenemy Webster Newsome, she’s determined to find the bad guy before her life gets the ultimate shake up and she spends the rest of her days behind bars . . . and not of the frozen indulgence variety.


If you enjoy serious Mystery here is another bargain. $0.99

Secrets She Knew: A Secrets and Lies Suspense

Secrets She Knew

Amazon quote:

Boston police detective Dani Lake dreads returning to her small hometown of Skye, Alabama, for her ten-year high school reunion–and not just for the normal reasons.

At only fifteen, Dani tragically discovered the body of her murdered classmate, setting in motion the process that led to the unjust conviction of her dear friend and an unshakable burden of guilt she carries to this day. So when new evidence surfaces during her trip home which suggests the truth Dani’s always suspected, she embarks on a mission to expose the real killer, aided by Skye detective Chris Newton–who happens to be the man Dani’s best friend is dying to set her up with, and also the only person who believes her.

But when Dani pushes too hard, someone pushes back, endangering Dani and those closest to her as she unearths secrets deeper and darker than she ever expected to learn–secrets that may bring the truth to light, if they don’t get her killed first.


If it’s Romantic Suspense you enjoy, this one is FREE

KNOX: The Montana Marshalls – An Inspirational Romantic Suspense Family Series


Amazon quote:

He’s not looking for trouble…

Montana rancher Knox Marshall’s danger years are behind him. A former bull-rider, he now runs the Marshall family ranch, raising champion bucking bulls for the National Professional Bullrider’s Expo (NBR-X). Wealth and success are his, but life is stable, expected, and…ordinary.  But he wants more from life…

But trouble is looking for her…

Kelsey Jones just wants a safe life, a family, a home. Onstage, the beautiful rising star of the Yankee Belles becomes the person she longs to be – vivacious and confident – burying the brokenness she carries from a violent assault. Becoming NBR-X’s next country act is key to outrunning her past and achieving the success and security she craves.

When trouble finds them both…

Knox and Kelsey’s paths collide when an explosion at an NBR-X event traps them in the rubble and leaves them reeling. Kelsey’s crippling nightmares return, but for Knox, an obsession to find the bomber is ignited.


Happy Reading …

… from a warm Manitoba, Canada, a humid 29 C. They promise there will be more. On the bright side, we don’t need the furnace to feel comfortable.


Free books June 29, 2020

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us today. A Mystery from a favorite author.

Dark Water (Lantern Beach Blackout Book 1)

Dark Water

Amazon quote:


Colton Locke can’t forget the black op that went terribly wrong. Desperate for a new start, he moves to Lantern Beach, North Carolina, and forms Blackout, a private security firm. Despite his hero status, he can’t erase the mistakes he’s made.


For the past year, Elise Oliver hasn’t been able to shake the feeling that there’s more to her husband’s death than she was told. When she finds a hidden box of his personal possessions, more questions—and suspicions—arise. The only person she trusts to help her is her husband’s best friend, Colton Locke.


Someone wants Elise dead. Is it because she knows too much? Or is it to keep her from finding the truth? The Blackout team must uncover dark secrets hiding beneath seemingly still waters. But those very secrets might just tear the team apart. 


LPC Books has FREE book suggestions too.

Desert Willow 

Desert Willow

Amazon quote:

After a failed engagement, Captain Andrew Lee James has focused on building a career in the Army he loves. That commitment includes helping a feisty, out-of-work ballerina whose devotion to her grandmother’s dying wish immediately grabs his heart. She’s the one, but will he be able to win the heart of a woman who has vowed to never be involved with a soldier?

College graduate Clara Malone swore to never love anyone in the military again but when her dying grandmother asks her to deliver a love letter to the general who broke her heart decades ago, she agrees and finds herself escorted by a handsome Army captain whose kindness challenges her beliefs. Surrounded by desert willows that shower her path with pretty pink flowers and sing with the buzzing of hummingbirds, Clara enjoys the wild beauty of El Paso—and her time with Andrew—more than expected.


The Forgotten Life of Evelyn

The forgotten life of Evelyn Lewis

Amazon quote:

Facing bankruptcy, a high-end interior designer returns to her childhood Tennessee to salvage her company and finds herself tangled in relationships, property disputes, and a past that refuses to be silenced.

In a desperate attempt to save her company from bankruptcy, designer Evelyn Lewis decides to sell the only memento from her past worth anything—the family farmland. Determined to get in and get out of the abandoned property, she finds the valuable land tangled in a trust, and wonders who she can really depend on. Certainly not the property manager and affable Southern gentleman, Taylor Simpson.

Caught up in the mechanics of a farm, a legal document she can’t break, and pressure from her company for money, Evelyn turns to her own wiles and willpower…but can she resist the South’s wooing?


Summer of Deception

Summer of Deception 

Amazon quote:

Determined to unearth the truth about her DEA agent brother’s reported death, Rachel York takes a nanny position at an historic Charleston tea plantation. She finds she is ill prepared to deal with the plantation’s new owner who is overflowing with bitterness and distrust.

Widowed and wounded, former Marine Corps Special Forces operative, Luke Barrett, has enough to handle with his little girl and an historic property to upkeep. The last thing he needs is a feisty, stubborn woman with whom to contend. Yet, Rachel’s determined spirit awakens something in Luke that he thought died a long time ago.


Mail-Order Refuge

Mail-Order Refuge

Amazon quote:

Rand Stafford isn’t looking for true love. He’d ridden that trail until his fiancée left him with a shattered heart. What he needs now is a wife to help him care for his orphan nieces. Desperate, he sends an advertisement to a Baltimore newspaper and hopes for the best.

Fleeing her former employer who would use her to further his unlawful acts, a newspaper advertisement reads like the perfect refuge to Carly Blair. The idea of escaping the city, the intrigue, and the danger to hide herself on a cattle ranch in Kansas is her best shot for freedom.

But its sanctuary comes with a price—a husband. While marrying a man she doesn’t know or love means sacrificing her dreams, it’s better than being caught by the law.

Or is it?


How is the weather at your house today?

It’s 27C here at the moment with an expected high of 31C feels like 40C with the humidity. It was warm yesterday too.

It was quite windy last evening, enticing me to sit outside and cool off a little. It felt like it could be the edge of a storm, turned out it was. We heard this morning a major storm hit further west of us. There was heavy flooding with torrential rainfall. Power outages due to wind damage. The destruction looks like a tornado hit but that’s not been confirmed yet. With so many roads washed out it’s slow-going to restore power.

Life is never boring around here when it comes to weather.

I plan to lay low again today. I know it’s shocking but I’m needing a break from reading. Maybe I’ll break out the new jig-saw from Christmas. I love jig-saws.

It will end up being both. No question.

Happy Reading y’all

Random happenings June 27, 2020

Today is another off-day for book suggestions but it has been a good day for reading. Well, in between bouts of gardening.

I’m currently reading book 5 in the series I’ve been working on all week. I think in the end my favorites have been books 2, 3, and 4. I’ve been skimming book 5 just like I did with book 1. The middle books were similar and they seemed to work well to hold my interest. 1 and 5 are quite different and somehow they just didn’t catch my attention the same. I’m not finished 5 yet and I do want to see who-dunit.  They are all still offered at bargain prices.

Loving the Mysterious Texan: A Texas Lawman Romantic Suspense: Garrison’s Law Book 5 

It’s probably a good thing I’m not enjoying Loving the Mysterious Texan all that much. Some deadlines are looming in my garden and I need to put the book down and get to work.

This is the year for a garden makeover. In the eight years I’ve been in this house I’ve not changed anything really, just tried my best to maintain the beautiful landscaping the previous owners loved so much. Things change. Grow too big, don’t grow well, need to be replaced for one reason or another.

Hydro took out a couple of beautiful big Spruce trees in the back a year or two ago as they were getting too big. That’s left a big hole in the landscaping. Then last fall’s big storm blew down the pretty flowering tree in my front yard, now it needs to be replaced.

Today I ordered new shrubs and trees and they will arrive here early next week. In the meantime the beds need to be cleaned up and ready to receive them. I’m very excited to see how much better everything will look with these changes.

This whole thing has been a learning curve for me. I wasn’t the gardener in the family when it came to landscaping. Vegetable gardens were my thing, back in the day when canning and freezing was a worthwhile activity for our family. Now I’m having to be brave and try my hand at pruning and other things I’ve never done before. It’s working out not too badly if I do say so myself.


Three leggy Lilac bushes in the foreground have been cut down and will be replaced with Hydrangeas. They should grow better in the spot, hopefully. The neighbors tree has gotten so tall the bed no longer gets enough afternoon sun to suit the lilacs.

There are a lot of flower beds in this yard but the one in the back right is my favorite.

I can’t decide which I love more. My pretty yard or books. I think it’s a tie.

Happy Reading y’all