Free and bargain books June 30, 2020

A FREE suggestion today

Crime of Fashion (The Hartfield Mysteries Book 2)

Crime of Fashion

Amazon quote:

Her unexpected and unwilling entrance into the world of “true crime” showed mystery author Alexa Hartfield an uglier side of life—one she would have been thrilled to avoid. Relieved that the horror is over, she settles back into her quiet life in Fairbury and begins work on her next novel, confident that the Fairbury police force—and Officer Joe Friedan—can and will keep any other crime far from her doorstep.
And they do.
However, life is full of change, and if Alexa thought everything would go back to normal, she’ll be disappointed! Her life just got a makeover—new house, new and changing friendships, new business venture—and with it, a new murder to rock her world.
When things start going wrong with the new business, Alexa grows concerned. When someone dies and others are threatened, Joe and Alexa begin to wonder if her life isn’t in danger as well. As they race to discover who could possibly want to hurt the new fashion line and her business partners, Alexa begins to fear for the safety of her heart as well.


If you enjoy Cozy Mystery there is a bargain for you. $1.40

Milkshake Up (Crime à la Mode Mysteries Book 2)

Milk Shake Up

Amazon quote:

When ice cream lady Serena Lavinia’s best customer doesn’t show up to buy his daily treats, she has no choice but to find out if he’s okay.

She didn’t expect to find him lying dead amid the wrappers of her wares.

As an investigation begins and all the evidence points to Serena, she has no choice but to clear her name. With the help of her trusty dog Scoops and her new frenemy Webster Newsome, she’s determined to find the bad guy before her life gets the ultimate shake up and she spends the rest of her days behind bars . . . and not of the frozen indulgence variety.


If you enjoy serious Mystery here is another bargain. $0.99

Secrets She Knew: A Secrets and Lies Suspense

Secrets She Knew

Amazon quote:

Boston police detective Dani Lake dreads returning to her small hometown of Skye, Alabama, for her ten-year high school reunion–and not just for the normal reasons.

At only fifteen, Dani tragically discovered the body of her murdered classmate, setting in motion the process that led to the unjust conviction of her dear friend and an unshakable burden of guilt she carries to this day. So when new evidence surfaces during her trip home which suggests the truth Dani’s always suspected, she embarks on a mission to expose the real killer, aided by Skye detective Chris Newton–who happens to be the man Dani’s best friend is dying to set her up with, and also the only person who believes her.

But when Dani pushes too hard, someone pushes back, endangering Dani and those closest to her as she unearths secrets deeper and darker than she ever expected to learn–secrets that may bring the truth to light, if they don’t get her killed first.


If it’s Romantic Suspense you enjoy, this one is FREE

KNOX: The Montana Marshalls – An Inspirational Romantic Suspense Family Series


Amazon quote:

He’s not looking for trouble…

Montana rancher Knox Marshall’s danger years are behind him. A former bull-rider, he now runs the Marshall family ranch, raising champion bucking bulls for the National Professional Bullrider’s Expo (NBR-X). Wealth and success are his, but life is stable, expected, and…ordinary.  But he wants more from life…

But trouble is looking for her…

Kelsey Jones just wants a safe life, a family, a home. Onstage, the beautiful rising star of the Yankee Belles becomes the person she longs to be – vivacious and confident – burying the brokenness she carries from a violent assault. Becoming NBR-X’s next country act is key to outrunning her past and achieving the success and security she craves.

When trouble finds them both…

Knox and Kelsey’s paths collide when an explosion at an NBR-X event traps them in the rubble and leaves them reeling. Kelsey’s crippling nightmares return, but for Knox, an obsession to find the bomber is ignited.


Happy Reading …

… from a warm Manitoba, Canada, a humid 29 C. They promise there will be more. On the bright side, we don’t need the furnace to feel comfortable.


Free books June 29, 2020

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us today. A Mystery from a favorite author.

Dark Water (Lantern Beach Blackout Book 1)

Dark Water

Amazon quote:


Colton Locke can’t forget the black op that went terribly wrong. Desperate for a new start, he moves to Lantern Beach, North Carolina, and forms Blackout, a private security firm. Despite his hero status, he can’t erase the mistakes he’s made.


For the past year, Elise Oliver hasn’t been able to shake the feeling that there’s more to her husband’s death than she was told. When she finds a hidden box of his personal possessions, more questions—and suspicions—arise. The only person she trusts to help her is her husband’s best friend, Colton Locke.


Someone wants Elise dead. Is it because she knows too much? Or is it to keep her from finding the truth? The Blackout team must uncover dark secrets hiding beneath seemingly still waters. But those very secrets might just tear the team apart. 


LPC Books has FREE book suggestions too.

Desert Willow 

Desert Willow

Amazon quote:

After a failed engagement, Captain Andrew Lee James has focused on building a career in the Army he loves. That commitment includes helping a feisty, out-of-work ballerina whose devotion to her grandmother’s dying wish immediately grabs his heart. She’s the one, but will he be able to win the heart of a woman who has vowed to never be involved with a soldier?

College graduate Clara Malone swore to never love anyone in the military again but when her dying grandmother asks her to deliver a love letter to the general who broke her heart decades ago, she agrees and finds herself escorted by a handsome Army captain whose kindness challenges her beliefs. Surrounded by desert willows that shower her path with pretty pink flowers and sing with the buzzing of hummingbirds, Clara enjoys the wild beauty of El Paso—and her time with Andrew—more than expected.


The Forgotten Life of Evelyn

The forgotten life of Evelyn Lewis

Amazon quote:

Facing bankruptcy, a high-end interior designer returns to her childhood Tennessee to salvage her company and finds herself tangled in relationships, property disputes, and a past that refuses to be silenced.

In a desperate attempt to save her company from bankruptcy, designer Evelyn Lewis decides to sell the only memento from her past worth anything—the family farmland. Determined to get in and get out of the abandoned property, she finds the valuable land tangled in a trust, and wonders who she can really depend on. Certainly not the property manager and affable Southern gentleman, Taylor Simpson.

Caught up in the mechanics of a farm, a legal document she can’t break, and pressure from her company for money, Evelyn turns to her own wiles and willpower…but can she resist the South’s wooing?


Summer of Deception

Summer of Deception 

Amazon quote:

Determined to unearth the truth about her DEA agent brother’s reported death, Rachel York takes a nanny position at an historic Charleston tea plantation. She finds she is ill prepared to deal with the plantation’s new owner who is overflowing with bitterness and distrust.

Widowed and wounded, former Marine Corps Special Forces operative, Luke Barrett, has enough to handle with his little girl and an historic property to upkeep. The last thing he needs is a feisty, stubborn woman with whom to contend. Yet, Rachel’s determined spirit awakens something in Luke that he thought died a long time ago.


Mail-Order Refuge

Mail-Order Refuge

Amazon quote:

Rand Stafford isn’t looking for true love. He’d ridden that trail until his fiancée left him with a shattered heart. What he needs now is a wife to help him care for his orphan nieces. Desperate, he sends an advertisement to a Baltimore newspaper and hopes for the best.

Fleeing her former employer who would use her to further his unlawful acts, a newspaper advertisement reads like the perfect refuge to Carly Blair. The idea of escaping the city, the intrigue, and the danger to hide herself on a cattle ranch in Kansas is her best shot for freedom.

But its sanctuary comes with a price—a husband. While marrying a man she doesn’t know or love means sacrificing her dreams, it’s better than being caught by the law.

Or is it?


How is the weather at your house today?

It’s 27C here at the moment with an expected high of 31C feels like 40C with the humidity. It was warm yesterday too.

It was quite windy last evening, enticing me to sit outside and cool off a little. It felt like it could be the edge of a storm, turned out it was. We heard this morning a major storm hit further west of us. There was heavy flooding with torrential rainfall. Power outages due to wind damage. The destruction looks like a tornado hit but that’s not been confirmed yet. With so many roads washed out it’s slow-going to restore power.

Life is never boring around here when it comes to weather.

I plan to lay low again today. I know it’s shocking but I’m needing a break from reading. Maybe I’ll break out the new jig-saw from Christmas. I love jig-saws.

It will end up being both. No question.

Happy Reading y’all

Chapter Six Moon

This is week seven in the Sunday Scribblings  prompt hosted by Peckapalooza: The Confusing Middle.

I’ve decided to hook these challenges together to make a chapter story. Might as well make something out of it if I can. Besides it helps with inspiration, having a starting place.

The earlier chapters can be found here to bring you up to speed on the whole story.

Carly is in witness protection but her cover has been blown and her life is threatened.

They have been on the run for weeks unsure of the seriousness of the threat, not wanting to take a chance with her life. Things are about to change.

Here is this week’s installment and challenge.


Random happenings June 27, 2020

Today is another off-day for book suggestions but it has been a good day for reading. Well, in between bouts of gardening.

I’m currently reading book 5 in the series I’ve been working on all week. I think in the end my favorites have been books 2, 3, and 4. I’ve been skimming book 5 just like I did with book 1. The middle books were similar and they seemed to work well to hold my interest. 1 and 5 are quite different and somehow they just didn’t catch my attention the same. I’m not finished 5 yet and I do want to see who-dunit.  They are all still offered at bargain prices.

Loving the Mysterious Texan: A Texas Lawman Romantic Suspense: Garrison’s Law Book 5 

It’s probably a good thing I’m not enjoying Loving the Mysterious Texan all that much. Some deadlines are looming in my garden and I need to put the book down and get to work.

This is the year for a garden makeover. In the eight years I’ve been in this house I’ve not changed anything really, just tried my best to maintain the beautiful landscaping the previous owners loved so much. Things change. Grow too big, don’t grow well, need to be replaced for one reason or another.

Hydro took out a couple of beautiful big Spruce trees in the back a year or two ago as they were getting too big. That’s left a big hole in the landscaping. Then last fall’s big storm blew down the pretty flowering tree in my front yard, now it needs to be replaced.

Today I ordered new shrubs and trees and they will arrive here early next week. In the meantime the beds need to be cleaned up and ready to receive them. I’m very excited to see how much better everything will look with these changes.

This whole thing has been a learning curve for me. I wasn’t the gardener in the family when it came to landscaping. Vegetable gardens were my thing, back in the day when canning and freezing was a worthwhile activity for our family. Now I’m having to be brave and try my hand at pruning and other things I’ve never done before. It’s working out not too badly if I do say so myself.


Three leggy Lilac bushes in the foreground have been cut down and will be replaced with Hydrangeas. They should grow better in the spot, hopefully. The neighbors tree has gotten so tall the bed no longer gets enough afternoon sun to suit the lilacs.

There are a lot of flower beds in this yard but the one in the back right is my favorite.

I can’t decide which I love more. My pretty yard or books. I think it’s a tie.

Happy Reading y’all



Free and bargain books June 26, 2020

BookBub has a bargain book collection suggestion for us. $0.99 Another new author for us. This sounds like it could be fun.

The Sweetwater Island Ferry Collection: A Heartwarming, Feel-Good Trilogy

Sweewater Island Ferry

Amazon quote:

If you like a good fixer-upper, fresh donuts and fun storytelling, jump on the ferry and make your way over to Sweetwater Island! Get ready to meet a delightful cast of friends and family who’ll remind us that a happy, fulfilling life requires having big dreams, faith in the impossible, and a little TLC.

BOOK#1 – For Love…and Donuts:
Virginia’s entire life needed a renovation, but it took inheriting her aunt’s seaside cottage to realize it. Crafting gourmet donuts, hanging out with her sister, and maintaining her slightly off-kilter relationship have become the epicenter of Virginia’s life. But looking in the mirror, she has to admit that life hasn’t turned out exactly like she planned.

BOOK #2 – To Love…and Renovate:
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a huge B&B renovation…Or if you are engaged couple Virginia and Tristan, you try to juggle all three simultaneously.

BOOK #3 – With Love…and Reality TV:
With their new married life underway, Virginia and Tristan have finally got it all together…or do they?


1531 Entertainment has a FREE suggestion for us.

Coming Home: The Route Home: Book 1

Coming Home

Amazon quote:

He was why she left. Now she’s falling for him.

Logging camp owner Seth Blake is Becca’s first love, her brother’s best friend, and the reason she turned her back on her hometown.

In 1881, at the end of the Oregon Trail, head-strong, impetuous Becca Wilson is a university student, determined to be a modern woman and not a resident of a frontier boomtown. Now her brother’s dead, and she needs Seth’s help to find justice. If only she can avoid falling in love with Seth and keep herself out of the killer’s sights.

Quiet and steady Seth joins Becca in her search justice until a piece of evidence implicates him in her brother’s death. If he tells her, he risks Becca leaving again.


I’m still reading the collection from yesterday. By now I’m on book 4. The characters in books 3 and 4 are similar in temperament. The story details are different but the strong willed, take-no-prisoners attitude is the same. The sameness hasn’t prompted me to move on to something else just yet. One more book after this one. I think this is still at bargain price too. There is a lot of shooting and tense life threatening moments in this series.

Loving the Texas Stranger: A Texas Lawman Romantic Suspense (Garrison’s Law Book 4)

Loving the Texas Stranger

Amazon quote:

An assassin takes a shot and hits two people with one bullet.
Natalie Brewster, a deep undercover agent for a group that doesn’t officially exist, saw the gunman aiming. He definitely waited, lined up the shot, and tried to kill both of them. Nat and Case Garrison hit the ground bleeding. They both come up shooting and kill the assassin—but that just makes him mad.
Now Case and Nat, who have never before met, have to figure out what they have in common to make them prey for a killer.


Happy Reading…

from my house to your house, on a warm day.

Between the lingering warmth of the day and eyes that want to drift closed after hours spent out in the flower beds today, I think reading for me will have to wait until tomorrow. A very sad way to start the weekend!

Progress has been made so I am a happy camper.

Free and bargain books June 25, 2020

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us. We’ve seen this author before, fairly often in fact.

Jake’s Honor: Cowboys of Coulee Crossing (Romancing the West Book 1) 

Jake's Honor

Amazon quote:

Connie has always been the plain one. The responsible one. The dutiful one. She always stood in her beautiful cousin’s shadow, but now her cousin is dead. Connie is left to pick up the pieces and do right by her little niece, Megan, which means delivering the girl to her father. But nothing is as it seems. Jake denies being the father. Worse, the attraction Connie once felt for the enigmatic rancher still exists, though she has always been invisible to him.

Jake Hooper lost his mother, his father, and then his sweetheart, who left him without so much as a word of explanation. When Connie shows up with a child she claims is his, he knows it can’t be true.

Jake determines to take Connie and Megan to Fort Macleod. They aren’t his responsibility. And after all the loss he has suffered, he can’t bear to open his heart again.


A interesting looking bargain book by a new-to-me author. This was found in the Amazon suggestion ribbon. $1.31

The Cowboy’s Best Friend (Sweet Water Ranch Western Cowboy Romance Book 1)

The Cowboy's Best Friend

Amazon quote:

Palmer wouldn’t trade his family’s land for the world. But the only way to save the ranch from financial disaster and claim his billion-dollar inheritance is to find himself a wife. His happily-ever-after would be complete if he could just hitch his wagon to the woman who sees him only as her best friend.

Ames’ free spirit can’t be tied down. So she’s more than willing to help Palmer find the perfect bride before she takes off to pursue her dreams in LA. But every time she thinks about the rugged cowboy with another girl, her heart burns with jealousy.

Though Palmer tries to enjoy his new match-made companions, he can’t keep his mind off Ames. And now he worries her wanderlust is blinding her to what’s right in front of her eyes.


A bargain book collection looks interesting too, I think. I’m not totally sure although I have read this author before. At $0.99 it’s easy to take a risk to find out. Five books is awesome.

Grant Us Grace Box Set: Books 1 – 5 (Elizabeth Maddrey Box Sets)

Grant us Grace

Amazon quote:

This omnibus edition includes the complete Grant Us Grace series and is more than 1000 pages of realistic, relatable romance.

In this charming collection of inspirational romances, five friends support each other through the ups and downs of life — but can they follow God’s plan and find the love they’ve each been waiting for?


It doesn’t look like much at first glance but there are seven books in this list. Not too shabby after all.


Currently I’m reading book 2 in the series mentioned yesterday. There was a lot of skimming happening in book 1 even though I enjoyed the story. Book 2 is much different. I haven’t been tempted to skim a single page let alone a paragraph. There are no similarities in the stories, which is wonderful, although the main characters are brothers and there is the family connection. The cover makes you think cowboy, the story doesn’t. It feels military actually. It’s still a bargain if you are tempted to read along, to see if you agree with my assessment.

Loving Her Texas Protector: A Texas Lawman Romantic Suspense (Garrison’s Law Book 2)

Loving Her Texas Protector

Amazon quote:

Jacie Moreau is a tough-as-nails security specialist who works with the Long Pine Texas police. She takes care of herself and doesn’t ask for help from anyone.

Brett Garrison is an odd-man-out in the Garrison family. He’s a soft-hearted veterinarian from a family of daring Texas lawmen.

Jacie runs afoul of a hired killer and no one is there to step between her and danger but Brett.

Brett’s good-hearted plan is to care for the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen draw an assassin’s attention.


Happy Reading!



Loving the Texas Lawman, bargains June 24

My current read today was book 1 in the Garrison’s Law Series. Good news — it’s still on at a bargain price.

Loving the Texas Lawman: A Texas Lawman Romantic Suspense (Garrison’s Law Book 1)

Loving the Texa Lawman

The premise of the story was unique and appealing. The frustration (for me) was a leading character stubbornly lacking in common sense. I can see why characters are written this way – common sense is, after all, boring. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though.

Naivety coupled with the lack of commonsense spells double trouble. In spite of all that I did like her.

There were other redeeming qualities though. The supporting character counter balanced her weaknesses. That was a plus.

Apart from character flaws, the story moved too slowly for my patience. It finally seemed attractive to read every other chapter until closer to the end. It worked well for me, I didn’t have to go back to catch up.

Overall I did like the story and wanted to read the ending for sure.

There are four more books in the series and I plan to keep going, until I can’t.

Amazon quote:

Trudy Jennings is a college professor with a string of bestselling pop psychology books about answering all of life’s troubles with love.
Ben Garrison is her student. He’s a hardened cop who needs this class to get his degree, but he can’t keep a straight face. He tells her she’s right, as long as she lives in her cushioned, safe life. But for him, using her philosophy, he’ll be dead by the weekend.
A stalker is coming after kindhearted Trudy, and Ben is there to protect her. Trudy faces her first true challenge to turning the other cheek. Her stalker keeps coming despite her kindness and she feels like a failure that she can’t help the confused and frightening man.


The other four …

They are all still at bargain price. Read along with me and see what you think.

I’m moving on to book 2

Loving Her Texas Protector: A Texas Lawman Romantic Suspense (Garrison’s Law Book 2)


I did find one interesting new (to me) author as I researched prices on the above series.

It’s mystery/suspense. It promises to keep me on the edge of my seat. I’m not handling edge of my seat well these days but I’d like to experience this author so I’ll give it a shot. Besides you may handle suspense perfectly well, thank you very much, so this is for you too.

Always Look Twice (Uncommon Justice Book #2)  ($0.99)

Always look twice

Amazon quote:

At the advice of her therapist, homicide survivor Harper Reynolds has traded her job as a crime scene photographer for a more peaceful life taking photographs of the natural world. But her hopes for a life surrounded by the serenity of the outdoors are dashed when she inadvertently captures a murder being committed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She flees the scene in fear–and loses the camera.

Former Green Beret Heath McKade is a reserve deputy in an understaffed county who has been called in to protect Harper, a childhood friend he is surprised to see back in the area. When Harper learns that the sheriff’s department can’t find any evidence of the murder she witnessed, she is determined to do what she can to see that justice is done. What neither Harper nor Heath could know is how many explosive secrets from the past will be exposed–or how deeply they will fall for each other.


Until tomorrow…

Happy Reading.

Slow but good day.

It’s been a slow day for book suggestions but it was a good day for blogging suggestions. A fellow blogger always has funny, entertaining, and sometimes, even wise things to say. (I’m kidding, he often has wise things to say.) Today was no exception. It’s his seventh blog anniversary. If you aren’t following him you should be. Check out his birthday blog post, you will be glad you did. Paul, The Captain’s Speech

I took to heart one piece of advice he had in regard to blogging. Say something even when you have nothing. Even if it’s only one line. So that’s what I’m doing.

The usual sources of book suggestions were bare today. On top of that I was busier than usual with my day job. (A pleasant state of affairs.)

I normally spend time browsing Amazon but warm weather was calling me. I had a deadline to clean some flower beds before the tree man comes to remove old stumps. I need them gone so I can replace the less than healthy bushes I cut down last fall.

It was a pleasure working warm but not too hot and 3 1/2 – 4 hours was good for progress.

I’m stiff after all the bending and squatting but I’m happy. Clean looks good and I’ll sleep well tonight, guaranteed.

Well, there you have it. One line turned into more somehow.

Free and bargain books June 22, 2020

1531 Entertainment has a FREE suggestion for us. An author new to me.

The Ransom (Legacy of the King’s Pirates Book 4)

The Ransome

Amazon quote:

Can a woman run a business and provide for a family in Jamaica in 1692? Juliana Dutton intends to find out. With an ailing father and a wastrel for a brother, she has no choice. But she must keep her activities a secret or face destitution. When a nosey suitor threatens everything, she spurns him and instead becomes engaged to the town idiot, Lord Munthrope. But is he an idiot? The more her problems push her closer to the man, the more she realizes he is not who he seems.

Alexander Hyde, the Pirate Earl, is the most feared pirate in the Caribbean—feared, successful, wealthy, handsome, and bored, so terribly bored. When an unexpected event allows him to get close to Juliana, a woman he has loved from afar for years, he takes it. But leading a double life causes more problems than it’s worth. A restless crew and a long-time enemy out to capture and hang Alex, put Juliana in grave danger.


LPC Books has a number of FREE suggestions for us. I’ve read some of them.

Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy

Amazon quote:

New York City socialite Becky Campbell inherited more than a speck of her father’s wanderlust. Now his murder bequeaths her a mystery, a ramshackle homestead, and a silver mine.

Zeke Graumann signs on as Becky’s foreman to keep his portion of his family’s ranch. He shares the workers’ reservations about a woman boss, especially one who burns water and prances around in dungarees. Even though she did look awful good in the dungarees.

Then a series of accidents add threat to tension. Can Becky trust Zeke, find her father’s killer, and turn her mine into a profitable venture? Will Zeke be forced to give up his ranching dream to win Becky’s heart?


The Children of Main Street

the Children of Main Street

Amazon quote:

The children come—scores of them. Broken. Suffering. Learning to survive. These are not the clients Katie Collier expected to help when she went to work at the mental-health clinic.

But Katie and her husband can’t have children of their own, so her natural compassion flows. Still, Katie wonders why God gives babies to some women who seem unwilling to care, feed, love, shelter—even hold, and leaves other women barren.

Then one day it happens. A little girl named Bailey walks into Main Street Clinic … walks straight into Katie’s broken heart.

Forced to choose between her husband and her career, Katie fights to hold onto both in order to save Bailey. When her husband gives her the ultimate ultimatum, Katie finds the children of Main Street are not the only ones feeling cast out and lost.


Murder for Emily’s Sake 

Murder for Emily's Sake

Amazon quote:

On a moonlit night in Wichita, Kansas, a tormented father stands by the grave of his teenage daughter, Emily, and makes a chilling vow to avenge her death. Once he gets his hands on the three women responsible for his daughter’s death, they will regret the day they met Emily outside the abortion clinic. He will expose their dark secrets. He will bury them, as he buried Emily. Bury them alive. And after their caskets are in the ground, they will die for Emily’s sake.


Lake Surrender – Her journey ends where the lake begins.

Lake Surrender

Amazon quote:

Quicker than you can say “downsized, unemployed, and divorced,” Ally Cervantes finds herself with the Pacific Ocean in her rearview mirror as she and her two children head to Lake Surrender in rural Northern Michigan to live with her aunt. The dry hills of California are a metaphor for her empty soul, but she can’t afford to wallow in self-pity with an autistic son who can’t make eye contact and a precocious twelve-year-old daughter counting on her to get it together.

With no other available jobs, Ally steps through the only open door for employment, working as head cook at a dilapidated Christian camp. Problem is, she doesn’t cook and doesn’t like religious fanatics.

But despite everything, she finds herself strangely hopeful as she learns her journey ends where the lake begins.


I’ve just finished an old (been around for a while) four book collection and I’m about to start another (recent)  collection that is still a bargain $1.40. I like Christmas anytime of year.

Three Christmas Novellas: Longhorn Christmas * The Sweetest Gift * The Christmas Candle 

Three Christmas Novellas

Amazon quote:

Longhorn Christmas
Netty Lewis, a lonely young widow is saved from a raging mama longhorn by a passing cowboy who’s been wandering since the end of the Civil War.
She needs help surviving her rugged life and caring for Jeremiah, her young son. And that means rounding up a nice-sized herd of wild-as-wolves longhorns.
Netty and Roy, along with Jeremiah begin a journey toward Christmas, family, home and love.
And a herd of longhorns are making the way hard.

A sweet re-telling of The Gift of the Magi–with a happy ending
The Sweetest Gift
She longs for music. He needs a valuable horse to improve his herd.
When Christmas comes the gift they truly give is the gift of love.

The Christmas Candle
A lonely widower with a pair of out-of-control sons he never got to know while their mother was alive.
A woman with a love of nature and beauty and scent…and the little boys seem determined to destroy her way of life.
A feisty Ozark mountain granny who doesn’t put up with much nonsense.
The gift of a candle for Christmas and a Christ child who is a perfect match for this scent of heaven.


Happy Reading!

Story prompt Skin

Disclaimer: Please do not read this post if difficult personal story is not your cup of tea, or if it could trigger or offend you.

This is week six in the Sunday Scribblings  prompt hosted by Peckapalooza: The Confusing Middle.

Normally I hook these challenges together to create an ongoing chapter story. It pleases me to get as much mileage as possible out of my writing attempts. I did have a plan in mind to work this week’s prompt into today’s chapter (6) while advancing my story. At least I did until yesterday’s post with reference to Father’s Day. Plans have changed.

I consider myself thick skinned when it comes to my personal history. Much of the time I can talk about most of it matter-of-factly while minimizing the truth of our abusive family life. No big deal.

Yesterday I made reference to abusive relationships because, just like there are many who find Mother’s Day traumatic, there are many who find Father’s Day a traumatic experience. The reasons are different but still painful.

Now, working my way emotionally through the aftermath of yesterday, I realize trauma related to Father’s day goes deeper than first thought. Generally, the deeper the trauma the less likely we are to speak about it. Many are vocal every year about their negative experiences surrounding Mother’s Day. Today for the first time, I realize we are hearing a complete lack of corresponding comments surrounding Father’s Day. The silence speaks loudly, if we happen to be listening.

Yesterday I wanted to acknowledge mostly-forgotten hurting hearts. To be seen and understood means a lot to those living with unimaginable pain. It felt like the right thing to do, to offer support and encouragement.

It’s no surprise to find, once again, my conscious mind can’t handle the truth of my own life. It has deeply buried the negative and bought into the never-happened, no-big-deal lies. My brothers insist I need to face the uncomfortable truth. I find I don’t want to/can’t remember. Inappropriate (not fitting the situation) triggered responses are the only evidence of truth.

The triggered reaction arising out of yesterday’s sharing was a shock to my system. The emotional upheaval I woke up to this morning was a shock too. As a result this has been a recovery day. As the day wears on I’m starting to feel better.

My skin appears to be thinner than I believe it is.

I’m sharing all this now because I feel compelled. Partly because I know the power of story to comfort and help others. Partly because I know the value of expression to release pent up emotions. I’m trusting that life will be incrementally better after acknowledging another sliver of truth. So far it always has been and I have great expectations for now too.

May life be better for you too, as you acknowledge the truth (as you are able) of your situation.

Next week will be soon enough for anther installment in my continued story about Carly, an exposed woman in Witness Protection.

Hoping this all made sense…