Random happenings June 27, 2020

Today is another off-day for book suggestions but it has been a good day for reading. Well, in between bouts of gardening.

I’m currently reading book 5 in the series I’ve been working on all week. I think in the end my favorites have been books 2, 3, and 4. I’ve been skimming book 5 just like I did with book 1. The middle books were similar and they seemed to work well to hold my interest. 1 and 5 are quite different and somehow they just didn’t catch my attention the same. I’m not finished 5 yet and I do want to see who-dunit.  They are all still offered at bargain prices.

Loving the Mysterious Texan: A Texas Lawman Romantic Suspense: Garrison’s Law Book 5 

It’s probably a good thing I’m not enjoying Loving the Mysterious Texan all that much. Some deadlines are looming in my garden and I need to put the book down and get to work.

This is the year for a garden makeover. In the eight years I’ve been in this house I’ve not changed anything really, just tried my best to maintain the beautiful landscaping the previous owners loved so much. Things change. Grow too big, don’t grow well, need to be replaced for one reason or another.

Hydro took out a couple of beautiful big Spruce trees in the back a year or two ago as they were getting too big. That’s left a big hole in the landscaping. Then last fall’s big storm blew down the pretty flowering tree in my front yard, now it needs to be replaced.

Today I ordered new shrubs and trees and they will arrive here early next week. In the meantime the beds need to be cleaned up and ready to receive them. I’m very excited to see how much better everything will look with these changes.

This whole thing has been a learning curve for me. I wasn’t the gardener in the family when it came to landscaping. Vegetable gardens were my thing, back in the day when canning and freezing was a worthwhile activity for our family. Now I’m having to be brave and try my hand at pruning and other things I’ve never done before. It’s working out not too badly if I do say so myself.


Three leggy Lilac bushes in the foreground have been cut down and will be replaced with Hydrangeas. They should grow better in the spot, hopefully. The neighbors tree has gotten so tall the bed no longer gets enough afternoon sun to suit the lilacs.

There are a lot of flower beds in this yard but the one in the back right is my favorite.

I can’t decide which I love more. My pretty yard or books. I think it’s a tie.

Happy Reading y’all



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