Lightning on a Quiet Night

Life gets a little uptight sometimes and I’d rather read than write. That’s my life these days. Can hardly bear to put my Kindle down. The awesome variety of downloads showing up in my emails only enables this over the top behavior. I’m having a good time but not much writing is happening.

I will apologize for posting this before everything in this list has a synopsis. Except I don’t really feel sorry. Sorry! This unfinished list has been around so long it’s turning grey.

I will tell you, I liked all of these books. Hope you do too. There is a good variety here, they are all  quite different.


Lightning on a Quiet Night  Lightning on a Quiet Night – Donn Taylor …. Beneficent, Mississippi views itself as a perfect town with perfect people. There is no crime and, until now, there has never been a murder. It’s a major shock to everyone. The killer has to be a visitor, someone passing through. It’s unthinkable this could be committed by a local.

Jack Davis believes the  town’s idyllic vision of itself and tries hard to convince Lisa Kemper that Beneficent really is perfect. Lisa’s new in town and skeptical. She doesn’t believe any place can be this perfect, there have to be secrets buried underneath the surface somewhere.

There are.

Her deadly inheritance  Jill Shepherd Suspense – Her Deadly Inheritance book 1 – Beth Ann Ziarnik … Jill fled seven years ago, after the untimely death of her mother. Now after all these years, her aunt Lenore is putting an application in motion to have her declared legally dead. She plans to claim the mansion and all it’s historical attributes for herself.

Jill’s uncle has always known she’s alive and is begging her to come back quickly, the company jet is waiting to bring her home.

Her return will be a shock. It could mean the end of his marriage. Can she bear that responsibility?

Clay Merrick is employed as a gardener/handyman but he is so much more than that. Former Special Forces, he is here tracking a murderer and is well on his way to having all the evidence he needs. When Jill shows up and the two stories intersect he is torn between loyalty to his case and a strong need to provide protection for her.

It turns out – Jill’s reappearance won’t be the only shock to this family.

You're the Cream in My Coffee Roaring Twenties Series – You’re the Cream in My   Coffee book 1 – Jennifer Lamont Leo …


This Daring Journey  Heart of the Mountains – This Daring Journey book 6 – Misty M Beller

A Million Miles From Home A Million Miles From Home – Mike Dellosso


In a Pirate's debt  In a Pirate’s Debt – Elva Cobb Martin

I’m hoping you feel inspired.

Happy Reading!






By Grace Draw Near, and some other good books.

It has been a great summer so far.  Quiet, relatively uneventful, there’s been some stress, and yet….

I was replaying a conversation in my head, one I’d had with friends the other day. Listening to the tone of it caused me to reassess the less than positive message I’m leaving with people. It prompted me take an honest, more upbeat, look at my life.

I realize: despite a prolific crop of weeds I can’t seem to get ahead of this summer (I’m paying for the neglect of last summer spent travelling), hot weather with record rainfall (and very muddy flowerbeds), unexpected stressors, some loneliness, sadness for friends losing loved ones (lots of that happening right now), still, – I’m loving my life.  At first glance, some things could be viewed as problems but on closer examination they turn out to be blessings. A freshly weeded flowerbed brings it’s own joy.

I’m grateful for health, a comfortable home, a reason to spend time outside in the  yard, an occasion to wear summer clothes without freezing. Books to read as an escape when I’m stressed. Activities to give me a reason to get up in the morning. Friends to come alongside when I need help (hauling away the tree that came down in last week’s wild thunder storm).  I’m grateful for this moment in time, because life will move on and things will change. And, maybe not for the better.

I will work on a more positive tone in future because the truth is; I am grateful for the life I’m privileged to live, everyday.

Another thing to be grateful for:

The number of books I’ve had to choose from the last few months has been awesome. The temptation has been to spend too much time reading –  but I’m not complaining, not for a second.

Here is a small list of books enjoyed.

By Grace Draw Near Wondrous Love Series – By Grace Draw Near book three – JoAnn Durgin …

All the Way Home  All the Way Home – Ann Tatlock


Runaway Heart Runaway Heart – Teresa Slack


Impossible Dream  Impossible Dream – Gemma Jackson


Memphis and me  Memphis & Me – Diane Moody


Running Home Second Chances Series – Running Home – Barbara Ellen Brink

I hope your summer is going well and you are finding much reading time too.

Happy Reading!



Eye For Revenge

A big thank-you to all of you who read this blog and like the posts. Initiating  conversations is not one of my strengths, as you can probably tell by the non-existent comment section, but my readers and followers are always noticed and appreciated, even without comments. Thank you for taking the time to read.

I am feeling pretty happy with this list of books. It’s not often that every book is a winner. Usually there are some I like better than others but this time they were all good. All of the authors except one are regulars on my reading list. Emily C. Reynolds is new to me and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Eye for Revenge  Eye For Revenge – Cheryl Bradshaw … She’s lost her will to live. Her marriage is in trouble, they are fighting all the time. She needs to go back to work to ease her depression. Her husband won’t hear of it. Her best friend Evie has just been murdered, her four year old traumatized son was there to witness it.

Quinn slowly realizes she’s lying in a hospital bed. Voices she recognizes are calling her to wake up. After a big fight with Marcus she’d stormed out of the house and in the rain, slid off the road hitting a big oak tree. That explains why she’s here. It’s stressful listening to the voices and her heart stopped. She felt like she was floating above her body and now she had a choice to make. Stay or go back.

She chooses life but there will be changes. Evie has always been there for Quinn. Now it’s time for her to be there for Evie and her traumatized son. Despite Marcus’ demand that her place is with him in Utah.

She needs to be there as support for Jacob. She is on a mission to figure out who murdered her friend.

One of the underlying issues addressed in this story is bullying. Another is fallout from poor choices. Life is complicated. That’s what makes these stories interesting!

Pcture Perfect  Picture Perfect – Emily C. Reynolds … Lily is working two jobs trying to save enough to open her own photography studio. There is an empty shop in the perfect location but the landlord is elusive.  It’s frustrating. There are rumors of a new owner and she wants to be sure of a signed lease before that happens.

Punching the new guy in town is not the best way to start a first encounter. She reacts when feeling threatened. It is not wise to grab her shoulder unexpectedly even if it’s meant to be helpful. He didn’t mean to surprise her, he only entered the church she was cleaning looking for a ladder. Micah is impressed with the muscle behind the punch,  even if it did result in a swollen eye.

He’s moved back to town to open a martial arts studio. Lily hasn’t recognize him, yet, and it is guaranteed to be awkward with their painful past.  It will be worse when they discover they are dreaming about the same building.

Tarnished Silver Tarnished Silver – Chautona Havig ….. Friends helping friends. Chautona spins a tale like no one else can. It’s always a surprise.

No One to Trust No One To Trust – Lynette Eason ….. It was still dark when Summer opened her eyes to find a man standing over her bed with a gun pointed in her face. In the shadows she could see there was a second man.

They demanded to see her husband. He should have been home from his business trip two hours ago but she can see he’s not here. Something bad has happened or he would be in bed beside her.

They are looking for something he has and if she wants to live she has twenty four hours to find it. It would be a shame if anything where to happen to the two beautiful little girls in the picture on her dresser.

Oh, by the way, your husband isn’t Kyle Abernathy, he is David Hackett. He is involved  with some bad people, he stole something from them and they want it back.

Lynette Eason knows how to write a great mystery/thriller.

Try Dying  A Ty Buchanan Legal Thriller – Try Dying – James Scott Bell ….

Wrong place at the wrong time.

A man shoots his wife. Later he jumps off an overpass killing himself while landing on a car travelling beneath him, killing the driver.

Ty is passing the accident scene on his way home when he’s devastated to realize the victim is his fiancé.

On his way to becoming a successful high powered lawyer, he’s willing to risk it all when he discovers it may have been murder. He attempts to share what he’s been told with the authorities but no one will believe him. He’s not about to sit by and do nothing. He needs to know he truth and someone needs to pay.

James Scott Bell  knows how to write a compelling thriller.

Happy Reading!



Within The Candle’s Glow

I think my favorite book in this new list was Madeleine L’Engle’s The Other Side of The Sun. Although Gathering Storm stands out for me too. It deals with murder but it’s treatment is not terribly dark. The story leans more toward family dynamics than it does toward murder itself. Family members are developing compatibility in unexpected ways. Especially the protagonist. Stephanie is savoring the gain of the loving step family she was never allowed to know. And she is beginning to see her father in a whole new light too.

Witin the Candle's Glow Ella Dessa’s Story – Within the Candle’s Glow book 2 – Karen Campbell Prough … This is a complicated love story where hearts are broken. Ella Dessa  and Samuel are best childhood friends and he’s grown to love her. She loves him as a friend but it’s his older brother Jim she’s in love with. Then there’s Josh. A dirty, unkempt, and injured miner, Josh has recently come to town with a bag of gold and wild tales about how he got it. He fancies himself in love with Ella and will resort to kidnapping to have her. Samuel loves her enough to risk his life to rescue her and return her to his brother.

But, ….. it’s not quite that as simple as all that.

With This Peace  Ella Dessa’s Story – With This Peace book 3 – Karen Campbell Prough … There is a third brother in the McKnapp clan, the wanderer Duncan. He’s spent many years away from the family farm always returning with grand tales of fame and fortune. This time he returns with arguments to convince his brothers, Jim and Duncan, to join him in a venture that he says can’t lose. He tells them stories of vast fertile farmland in Florida, just for the taking. Ella Dessa was not in favor of the trip to begin with and with confusing inaccurate maps and continually changing plans she faces hardship like she’s never known. Left alone with her children in an unfamiliar part of the world, she would have died without the help of kind souls travelling the same lonely,  isolated path.

The Gathering Storm  When Darkness Falls – The Gathering Storm book 1 – Barbara Warren … Stephanie hasn’t seen her undependable and dishonest father in three years. She’s shocked to see him at her door now. He’s here to convince her to visit the grand hotel he shares with his celebrity wife. Suspicious of his motives she refuses to go with him.

It seems too easy. He accepted her refusal and left. It was too easy. The valuable diamond necklace borrowed from her aunt is missing. He doesn’t need it. It’s an enticement. He knows she will follow him to get it back.

In a rage, she storms through the hotel looking for him. She finds him alright. In his room, dead. And they think she did it.

So, why did he want her here? If she knew that, maybe she could figure out who would want to kill him.

The Other Side of the Sun  The Other Side of The Sun – Madeleine L’Engle … Stella is barely married when her new husband is sent on a diplomatic mission to some unknown place in the world, for an indefinite period of time. He’s left her alone in the deep south, beach front,  family  cottage. Living with elderly relatives she’s just met, in a culture she knows nothing about.

Day to day living has her stumbling into dark family secrets she wasn’t supposed to find. The three ancient aunts warn her against certain people and certain places but she doesn’t listen. People approach her with invitations she sees no reason to decline. She has no idea what kind of clan she’s married into, or the dangerous repercussions of exposing their long buried secrets.

She may not have survived without the wise intervention of the one aunt who knows all of the family secrets, and the identity of the true owner of the massive cottage with the legendary pirate history.

Madeleine L’Engle is a master story teller and weaves an awesome tale.

The Gilded Curse  The Gilded Curse – Marilyn Turk … Her brother Robert  died at Pearl Harbor. Shortly after, came the death of her mother in a mental hospital. Lexie is left as the sole heir to a crumbling family empire. A common dilemma for the wealthy of those days. Her empire has been reduced to an abandoned family cottage on a holiday isle of the wealthy. A cottage her mother claims is cursed.

The clubhouse is still catering to their members and staff arranges to meet her ferry, even though she hasn’t advised them of her arrival time. Both the fact she was met and the identity of the person meeting her are surprises. She is arriving with plans to sell the cottage but Russell has another agenda. He plans to convince her to change her mind and keep it.

Another story with dark family secrets and hidden agendas.

It’s summertime and publishers are promoting an abundance of reading material for those days of leisure at the beach and cottages. I’m thrilled. I hope you too. Are you taking advantage of the extra opportunities?

Happy summertime reading!



Second Time Around

Morris Fenris is a new author to me, although it appears I did download book 1 in this series back in 2016. Second Time Around is book 4 and Sara in Montana is book 1 in his Second Chances Series. A peek at his website tells me he specializes in Romance in a number of different genres and is a Fiji born Australian. I’m not sure his place of birth impacts his writing as his website tells me his focus is on emulating his favorite authors. This series is set in the US and it feels right at home.

I have many positive thoughts on Second Time Around. My only negative thought would be he uses a lot of detail that, to me, feels unnecessary and is sometimes distracting. Other than that, it is a solid story with well developed characters and it drew me in from beginning to end.

As I write this I haven’t refreshed my memory on book 1 but will do so before I hit publish on this post.

Second Time Around Second Chances Series – Second Time Around book 4 – Morris Fenris … A stalker has terrified Jess, enough to force her to consider relocation. A pediatric oncology nurse, she’s excited when a friend tells her of an opening in a small and beautiful mountain town. The clinic caters to cancer patients with the sideline of a  small office for regular local emergencies. It sounded like a perfect fit.

Bryan Jackson is burnt out after three years deep undercover for the FBI. He had a major part to play in taking down a foreign drug cartel. He’s seen and done things in his role as gang member that haunt him. His superiors have other places they would like to send him but agree he needs time to heal first. They have an isolated and highly secure safe house that’s up for sale. They’ll put the sale on hold and he can have the use of it for as long as it takes him to figure things out.

It’s a very small town, everyone knows everyone, and everything. Bryan figures this out when he arrives sooner than expected. His infected knife wound is giving him trouble after long hours on the road. He decides the drug store would be the place to help him out, with ointment and bandages. He doesn’t expect to have the first person he sees  know his name and estimated time of arrival, never mind, calling in a nurse to tend a wound they already knew he had. Reluctantly, he submits to her care even though he’s used to tending his own wounds.

The long years of undercover have left him in a constant state of high alert. When the nurse’s face drains of all color after receiving a text, he notices. She says it’s nothing but he doesn’t believe her. He’ll bide his time but he intends to find out, soon, what it is that has her terrified.

Sara in Montana  Second Chances Series – Sara in Montana book 1 – Morris Fenris …  Sara entered the small town drug store in the middle of a snow storm looking for a bathroom and cough syrup, in that order. She was doubled over with coughing and exhausted from so many hours on the road but she had to keep moving. She doesn’t feel safe enough to stop yet.

Trent, the local sheriff was enjoying coffee with the pharmacist when he noticed a unfamiliar vehicle with California plates pull up out front. Ever helpful, he planted himself in front of the woman who was obviously in distress with a deep cough.  She kept trying to get around him. She was on a mission and  he was in her way.

There was something about her answers to his friendly questions that raised red flags in his mind. She wasn’t dressed for the weather, was plainly sick and unfit to drive, but was still determined to keep going. He had nothing he could use to keep her from leaving even though something about her seemed off to him.

Hoping to find a reason to detain her, he quickly ran her name and license plate. The search turned up a warrant for her arrest. It was alleged she’d stolen a car and attacked the owner. Somehow this didn’t line up with what he could see of her but it would be a place to start. Other than the arrest warrant her record was clean, not even a parking ticket. The owner of the vehicle, on the other hand, showed up as a person of interest  in federal investigations. What was she involved in? Who was she running from and why?

He was anxious to hear her side of the story before making local authorities aware he had her.

Trent went looking and found her on the side of the road several miles from town. She was wrapped in a blanket in a cooling and unlocked vehicle. Passed out but still breathing. Even without the arrest warrant she would be staying in town after all. He intended to find out what she was running from. Bruises showing up in the doctor’s exam solidified his resolve to keep her safe.

He has contacts with answers. If the Feds are involved in this, they will be happy to hear from him.

Happy Reading, on this Canadian long weekend.