Second Time Around

Morris Fenris is a new author to me, although it appears I did download book 1 in this series back in 2016. Second Time Around is book 4 and Sara in Montana is book 1 in his Second Chances Series. A peek at his website tells me he specializes in Romance in a number of different genres and is a Fiji born Australian. I’m not sure his place of birth impacts his writing as his website tells me his focus is on emulating his favorite authors. This series is set in the US and it feels right at home.

I have many positive thoughts on Second Time Around. My only negative thought would be he uses a lot of detail that, to me, feels unnecessary and is sometimes distracting. Other than that, it is a solid story with well developed characters and it drew me in from beginning to end.

As I write this I haven’t refreshed my memory on book 1 but will do so before I hit publish on this post.

Second Time Around Second Chances Series – Second Time Around book 4 – Morris Fenris … A stalker has terrified Jess, enough to force her to consider relocation. A pediatric oncology nurse, she’s excited when a friend tells her of an opening in a small and beautiful mountain town. The clinic caters to cancer patients with the sideline of a  small office for regular local emergencies. It sounded like a perfect fit.

Bryan Jackson is burnt out after three years deep undercover for the FBI. He had a major part to play in taking down a foreign drug cartel. He’s seen and done things in his role as gang member that haunt him. His superiors have other places they would like to send him but agree he needs time to heal first. They have an isolated and highly secure safe house that’s up for sale. They’ll put the sale on hold and he can have the use of it for as long as it takes him to figure things out.

It’s a very small town, everyone knows everyone, and everything. Bryan figures this out when he arrives sooner than expected. His infected knife wound is giving him trouble after long hours on the road. He decides the drug store would be the place to help him out, with ointment and bandages. He doesn’t expect to have the first person he sees  know his name and estimated time of arrival, never mind, calling in a nurse to tend a wound they already knew he had. Reluctantly, he submits to her care even though he’s used to tending his own wounds.

The long years of undercover have left him in a constant state of high alert. When the nurse’s face drains of all color after receiving a text, he notices. She says it’s nothing but he doesn’t believe her. He’ll bide his time but he intends to find out, soon, what it is that has her terrified.

Sara in Montana  Second Chances Series – Sara in Montana book 1 – Morris Fenris …  Sara entered the small town drug store in the middle of a snow storm looking for a bathroom and cough syrup, in that order. She was doubled over with coughing and exhausted from so many hours on the road but she had to keep moving. She doesn’t feel safe enough to stop yet.

Trent, the local sheriff was enjoying coffee with the pharmacist when he noticed a unfamiliar vehicle with California plates pull up out front. Ever helpful, he planted himself in front of the woman who was obviously in distress with a deep cough.  She kept trying to get around him. She was on a mission and  he was in her way.

There was something about her answers to his friendly questions that raised red flags in his mind. She wasn’t dressed for the weather, was plainly sick and unfit to drive, but was still determined to keep going. He had nothing he could use to keep her from leaving even though something about her seemed off to him.

Hoping to find a reason to detain her, he quickly ran her name and license plate. The search turned up a warrant for her arrest. It was alleged she’d stolen a car and attacked the owner. Somehow this didn’t line up with what he could see of her but it would be a place to start. Other than the arrest warrant her record was clean, not even a parking ticket. The owner of the vehicle, on the other hand, showed up as a person of interest  in federal investigations. What was she involved in? Who was she running from and why?

He was anxious to hear her side of the story before making local authorities aware he had her.

Trent went looking and found her on the side of the road several miles from town. She was wrapped in a blanket in a cooling and unlocked vehicle. Passed out but still breathing. Even without the arrest warrant she would be staying in town after all. He intended to find out what she was running from. Bruises showing up in the doctor’s exam solidified his resolve to keep her safe.

He has contacts with answers. If the Feds are involved in this, they will be happy to hear from him.

Happy Reading, on this Canadian long weekend.




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