Lost and Found, Words

Ginny L. Yttrup digs deep when searching for stories. Reading what she comes up with is an emotional experience, resonating to one’s very heart. There are two books, one I read last year and one just now. I want to tell you about them both. They were so good.

The second story was inspired by the autobiography of Madame Jeanne Guyon (1648-1717).  Her book is still popular and still in print. I’ve downloaded a copy and it’s in my TBR stack.


Yttrup book read last year –  Words. It’s about a young girl who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, speak due to trauma at the hands of her caregiver. The two of them, child and caregiver/captor, are living isolated deep inside a forest. An unexpected hiker catches a glimpse of a little  person hiding in a hollowed out tree. It’s Kaylee’s secret room, a safe place to briefly  escape her abuser and the disturbing reminders of her everyday life with him.

Sierra is standing still, deep in thought. She needs time alone, surrounded by a vast forest, to wrestle with her own situation. A sudden moment of awareness and she is startled to realize she is looking into the eyes of a wary child, one who is  suddenly running for her life.

The desperate circumstances suggested by a fragile appearance filter through and  this grieving mother’s heart is captured. Now she’s desperate to find a way to connect with this terrified little girl.

It’s a beautiful story of compassion and rescue. A favorite at the time of reading.


Lost and Found  Lost and Found – Ginny Yttrup

This time the Yttrup book read is Lost and Found, a story with trauma of a different sort.

Her mother’s best friend Brigitte has taken Jenna under her wing. As a young teen she lost her mother to cancer and in his devastation her father is grateful to have  Brigitte  assume motherly duties for his daughter.

As CEO of a lucrative empire, Brigitte has a brilliant plan. She will groom Jenna to be  wife of her son and heir, Gerard. He is considerably older but the marriage will  result in an advantageous merger between family businesses. A merger Brigitte is determined  to have no matter what the cost.

Jenna is fooled into thinking Brigitte has her best interests at heart and has learned over the years to be compliant with all demands. Even the ones she hates. Required to live in the same house, under her mother-in-law’s rule, is the hardest to swallow now that they are married.

Brigitte rules with an iron fist and is pleased business plans are on track with her long term goal. What she doesn’t realize is: Jenna, in her unhappiness, is waking up to the abuse and is beginning to fight back.

Andee Bell, an ambitious young woman pursuing fortune and fame, has landed a relationship with Jenna’s brother and she is taking advantage of new opportunities. Her motto is: do what’s best for business. Best for business is rarely best for relationships. She is beginning to feel guilty about some of her decisions and she needs to. Some of them are about to backfire in a big way.

Each character is making decisions based on hopes and dreams. They have no idea what is about to be unleashed on all of them as a result.

The thing I like best about this story – it is presented in many layers with new revelations in each one. The characters are complex and well developed. Deep issues are raised throughout and faced head on, with bullying as the biggest one.

This was a #1 favorite for me.











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