Free books January 31, 2022

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us, one I’ve read.

For Real: A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel (The Courage Series, Book 3)

Blaine Donovan has a secret, but so far his plan to keep the rest of the world in the dark about who he really is and what’s really going on in his life has worked. If he can just finish school before the demons catch up with him, he knows he can make life make sense once again. However, when he runs into Melody Todd, a semi-friend he had thought was long-gone, life takes a turn Blaine wasn’t at all expecting.

Still hurting from watching her best friend marry someone else, Melody Todd has given up on dating, guys, and herself. In fact, when Blaine shows back up in her life, she does what she always does with the eligible guys who look her way—she sets him up with someone else. But Blaine soon proves to be much different than he at first seems. Too many things are not adding up the way they are supposed to, and the more Melody digs, the more she sees that the Blaine she knows is not the real Blaine at all…


LPC Free Books also has a FREE suggestion, one I’ve read and enjoyed.

A Season to Dance

Everyone has a dream. A passion. You work hard, you get there. Right? But what if you don’t get there? Despair? It happens… Then what? Give up? Try harder? What if all this time, you’ve been going after the wrong dreams? What if the best part of life hasn’t even started?

Ana Brassfield tries everything to be happy. An important career. A dream of dancing. A famous boyfriend. A move overseas. But all she experiences is a series of almost successes with a side of heartbreak. Then when she hits rock bottom, a stranger opens an unexpected door. Could she change her whole life? Should she? Or would this be another mistake in a life defined by rushed decisions and wrong turns?

A Season to Dance is a journey. From hard to better. From striving to being.


This month has come and gone in the blink of an eye. My head is still spinning.

Winter is still here though, another storm is blowing through tonight and is expected to dump one more pile of snow on us. We’ve had more than usual this year.

I’m not complaining though, it’s a dry snow and we rarely get the high volume that comes with wet snow.

Dry snow is not much good for snowballs or snowmen, it doesn’t stick together, but I can live with that. haha

So, currently I’m reading a book I’m not sure I like. I prefer something with a strong story line rather than the seemingly popular weak story focused mainly on romantic attraction. This one is not strong.

I’ll let you know what I decide.

Happy Reading!

Free book January 30, 2022

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us. This is on my read and enjoyed list from 2015, it’s nice to see it here again.

Sticky Notes:

An unusual friendship forms between a young history professor and the grandmother of one of his loveliest students.
When master’s student, Katherine King, receives an unsatisfactory grade on an exam, she learns two valuable lessons: Don’t lose your cool with a young, handsome professor. And, two, don’t tell your grandmother about it.

This sweet, clean Christian romance is set in the rolling hills of the Palouse, in the university town of Moscow, Idaho.


That’s all I’m seeing at the moment. I’ve looked around a little to see what else is out there but it’s slow going today. If anything pops up later I will be sure to let you know.

In the meantime I’m anxious to get back to my current read. It’s a house full of stress. And secrets.

Whisper If You Have To

Secrets. Alison Prescott has collected a boatload of them in her short lifetime. Moving to a new school in a new town was supposed to fix everything; however, when she meets a new set of friends, keeping those secrets might just ruin everything.

Chad Dourozette has the world by the tail as his crazy T-shirts proclaim every day, but Chad has deeply held secrets of his own. When Chad meets Alison whose life looks absolutely perfect from the outside, will he have the courage to try to win her heart, or will the secrets they both carry keep them apart forever?


Happy Reading y’all

Free book January 29, 2022

BookRunes has a FREE romance suggestion for us.

Choices of the Heart: A Sweet Romance (Three Sisters Resort Book 1)

Marianne (Mari) Wright and her two sisters are thrust from an average life into the heart of luxury.

Their wealthy uncle leaves them the Emerald Resort, in a prime spot near St. Simons Island in Georgia.

Mari meets Dexter (Dex) Scofield during a wedding reception at the resort. She sees something special in him and they become friends.

Mari makes it her personal mission to unmask a mysterious stranger lurking around the resort. When Dex realizes what Mari is up to, he offers to help the impulsive woman, wanting her to stay safe.

Will their adventure bring them together, or will it kill their chance at love?


Current read: is by a favorite author with an exceptional gift. It amazes me the way Staci Stallings can write a slow moving story that is 344 pages long and yet I can hardly bear to put it down. I need to know what happens next. It is definitely a gift.

Whisper If You Have To

Secrets. Alison Prescott has collected a boatload of them in her short lifetime. Moving to a new school in a new town was supposed to fix everything; however, when she meets a new set of friends, keeping those secrets might just ruin everything.

Chad Dourozette has the world by the tail as his crazy T-shirts proclaim every day, but Chad has deeply held secrets of his own. When Chad meets Alison whose life looks absolutely perfect from the outside, will he have the courage to try to win her heart, or will the secrets they both carry keep them apart forever?


Have a good rest of the weekend.

Happy Reading!

PTSD Conversation January 29, 2022

“Do you wanna be well, really wanna be well?” The Gaither Vocal Band has a song asking this question.

I’m just now realizing it’s a question I have to ask myself, again.

I’ve loved this song since it first came out and I honestly thought my answer to this question was a resounding YES!

I’m having to rethink this position, based on my actions, or rather, lack of them.

My conversation with the dermatologist on Tuesday is the catalyst.

His question “how long have you had this rash on your legs?” started this train of thought. Looking at my answer “12 years,” from his perspective was upsetting. Added to that, my comment regarding much scratching “pain is addictive,” tipped me over the edge. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

I’ve never sought help in regard to this current, and worst, version of the rash. Why is that?

I can get into the weeds pretty quickly if I follow this train of thought too intensely so I won’t go there.

It is true that for many years I have been working on healing from my childhood trauma and the damage it caused. Honestly though, it’s not as simple as I thought.

I think it’s more like a mirrored disco ball. There are many facets and I’ve been honest about some but not others. My behavior shows the truth. No doctor visits in a decade. Never (rarely) leaving my house. Avoiding any gatherings with certain types of people in attendance. (it’s probably more honest to say avoiding gatherings with people in attendance, never mind types.)

Where do I go from here?

I don’t know. For now I think my acknowledgement of the truth is enough. My behavior often changes when my perspective changes.

Baby steps.

The song is based on a bible story found in the New Testament, the book of John, chapter 5, verses 1 – 15

I do want to be well, I’m just not so sure about making changes in some areas.

I like interacting with people in this arena. Maybe, along with honesty, interaction here is all that’s needed. I could live with that.

Read and enjoyed this week January 28, 2022

I’ve enjoyed all of these books, I can’t say that any one stood out above the rest but if I had to pick one… nope, can’t do it. They were all enjoyable. The most I can say was that I didn’t love any of them enough to give my rare and coveted five star.

It was a good, disappointment free week.

In no particular order…

It has been an awesome week. I’ve just started my current read. Maybe if I’m loving it I’ll share it in another post.


Bargain books January 28, 2022

BookBub has an interesting suggestion from an author I’ve not met I’ve read books in a similar genre but not this one. I’m planning to check it out for sure.

Within and Without Time (Within & Without Time Book 1)

Be prepared to laugh and cry, to be inspired, and find your heart rejoicing!

Experience the Origin of a Prophet …When a sixteen-year-old boy is suddenly caught up in a series of miraculous encounters, it heralds an adventure that will transform his life, rock his town, and trigger events that will ultimately change the world!

Befriended by a powerful angelic warrior, Jimmy finds himself in the center of God’s plan for Earth’s final Great Revival. The beginning of God’s amazing harvest at the End of the Age. Like an intense roller coaster, the journey he experiences is exciting and unpredictable. Heartwarming, as well as heart-rending. God prepares him for a mission more extraordinary than anything he could have imagined, placing him in the rare company of ancient prophets and apostles alike.

WITHIN & WITHOUT TIME melds powerful Biblical truths with an imaginative and engaging story that envelopes the reader in an intense range of human emotions. Be prepared to laugh and cry, to be inspired, and find your heart rejoicing as Jimmy experiences the profound truths of God’s immense power and immeasurable love.


1531 Entertainment has a suggestion, this is one I’ve read and enjoyed.

When Night Comes (Jack Turner Suspense Series Book 1) 

Jack Turner comes back to Culpepper to give a series of lectures for his old history professor. Within days, he starts having bizarre experiences at night. Like he’s traveling back in time, experiencing the epic events in his lectures firsthand. He has no control over these experiences and can’t make them stop.

Joe Boyd thought he’d left big city crime back in Pittsburgh when he took a detective job in Culpepper, Georgia, a sleepy southern college town. His peaceful life ends when two students turn up dead in two weeks. The coroner is saying natural causes, but something doesn’t add up.

Rachel Cook, a teaching assistant at Culpepper, can’t believe Jack is back in her life again. She’s had a crush on him since she was fourteen, but Jack never knew. He instantly seems attracted to her, but she can tell…something is deeply troubling him.

Watching all this from a distance is Nigel Avery. He’s certain this experiment’s about to unravel. It’ll be his job to tie up all the loose ends when it does.


I’m so excited. I just discovered Christy Barritt has another new book on pre-order. How timely is that! I just finished reading and enjoying book 6 in this series.

Refuge of Redemption: The Colsons (Fog Lake Suspense Book 7)

For years, residents of Fog Lake thought of Bear Colson as the son of an infamous serial killer. But Bear stood his ground, determined not to be driven away. Now, new evidence has emerged that could clear his father’s name, and Bear sets out to use his skills as a computer forensics expert to find the killer’s real identity.

Piper Stephens, once an acclaimed forensic photographer, fell from grace after trusting the wrong person. Not only was her career burned, but so was her heart. When she discovers a possible clue about the GSK in a photo, she hopes this is her chance at redemption.

When she follows the trail of clues to Fog Lake, she discovers someone is one step ahead of her—and now people she loves are in danger. The only person who can help her is Bear Colson. But the last time she trusted someone, she lost everything.

As fear batters Fog Lake residents once again, Bear and Piper must work together to track down the truth. But the killer is determined to stay in the shadows—and he’ll kill anyone who stands in his way.


I’ve made good progress this week (literary licence) keeping ahead of my burgeoning reading list. I’ll share some of them in the next post.

In the meantime…

Happy Reading!

Bargain books January 27, 2022

1531 Entertainment has several interesting suggestions, both of them from longstanding popular authors.

Shades of Blue

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes an emotional story of forgiveness and healing. In between a checkered past and a fairytale future, three people must find a way forward.

Brad Cutler is a 28-year-old rising star at his New York ad agency, about to marry Laura James, the girl of his dreams. Anyone would agree he has it all: a great career, a beautiful and loving fiancée, and a fairy tale life ahead of him—until memories of his high school girlfriend, Emma, begin to torment him.

Lost innocence and one very difficult choice flood his conscience, and he is no longer sure what the future will bring except for this: he must find his old love and make amends.

Friends since childhood, Brad and Emma became a couple in high school—before their relationship was forever altered by a single decision. Haunted by the past and confused about the future, Brad turns to God seeking forgiveness and redemption for the choice he and Emma made long ago.

Brad, Emma, and Laura must work through the repercussions of a decision made as teenagers that continues to affect each one of them before any of them can look toward a new future.


One Little Lie (The Pelican Harbor Series Book 1)

Jane Hardy is appointed interim sheriff in Pelican Harbor, Alabama, after her father retires, but there’s no time for an adjustment period. When her father is arrested for theft and then implicated in a recent murder, Jane quickly realizes she’s facing someone out to destroy the only family she has.

After escaping with her father from a cult fifteen years ago, Jane has searched relentlessly for her mother—who refused to leave—ever since. Could someone from that horrible past have found them?

Reid Dixon is well-known for his documentaries, and his latest project involves covering Jane’s career. Jane has little interest in the attention, but the committee who appointed her loves the idea of the publicity.

Jane finds herself depending on Reid’s calm manner as he follows her around filming, and they begin working together to clear her father. But Reid has his own secrets from the past, and the gulf between them may be impossible to cross—especially once her father’s lie catches up with him.

“Colleen Coble always raises the notch on romantic suspense, and One Little Lie is my favorite yet! The story took me on a wild and wonderful ride.” —Diann Mills, bestselling author 


That’s all there is for the moment. If more shows up, I will be back.

Here is my current read … much enjoyed, as usual with this author.

Secrets of Shame: The Colsons (Fog Lake Suspense Book 6)

Attorney Isaac Colson only wants to put his tumultuous past in Fog Lake behind him and return to his life in Memphis. But when an ominous text threatens that he must come back or there will be deadly consequences, he knows he can’t take any chances.

Rebecca Moreno has only ever loved one man—her high school sweetheart, Isaac Colson. But when his dad went to prison for murder, Rebecca’s father forbade them from seeing each other again.

Years later, Isaac is back in town and old feelings are stirring. But Rebecca is harboring a secret that could change everything. When The Good Samaritan Killer strikes again, guilt pummels her. She has to tell Isaac the truth. But as events unfold, she has more to lose than ever.


Happy Reading ….

On this awesome, bright and beautiful, marshmallow snow day

A little This and That, January 26, 2022

I’m feeling the need to talk. Not sure what about, though.

I had an appointment with a dermatologist yesterday. A few weeks ago I shared about large and longstanding rash on both shins. When my doctor saw it many months ago he referred me to a specialist. When I asked if it would be helpful, he didn’t hold out much hope for clearing it up.

Many times over the course of the year I was tempted to cancel the appointment. My thinking was… what’s the point if all they can do is give me something to keep it manageable.

Yesterday, I was pleased to discover there is hope for getting rid of it. The dermatologist prescribed a cream that should kill the active agent behind the rash. Suddenly I was happy I hadn’t given in to my negative thinking and cancelled the appointment.

There was a downside to the appointment as well, though. As he examined the worst area the dermatologist made the observation that I scratch a lot. It’s true, I do. Unfortunately, this keeps it alive and spreading. The new areas are the itchiest. Then I admitted I scratched sometimes when it wasn’t even itchy. I commented that the pain inflicted is addictive and the doctor nodded his agreement.

That revealing admission has been both haunting and upsetting. The worst of it is that I’m not really sure why. There must be a deep seated wound underneath the need to feel such pain. Admitting it has triggered a large emotional response in me that I don’t understand.

I’m hoping that, like with every other thought eventually making it’s way to the surface of my mind, with reflection some understanding will break through. The needed knowledge is down there somewhere, it just isn’t able to get through to me until I relax enough to give it permission.

Many years were spent with fingers in my ears. I would say that I was yelling lalalalalalala I can’t hear you, but I don’t think I was. I am pretty sure my feet were planted, my arms were crossed and I refused to listen to one word.

Now after many decades I’m finally listening. It has been a freeing experience and I’m loving life more and more all the time. It doesn’t mean I will ever be healthy or normal. The wounds go too deep for that, but I’m embracing every bit of emotional healing that comes my way.

And now I’m looking forward, hopefully, to rash-less legs with no more itch.

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Bargain books January 25, 2022

1531 Entertainment has a suggestion for us, one we’ve already seen but it worth seeing again. I remember reading this… that’s a recommendation in itself. I have to say, this book was thoroughly enjoyed.

Exercise Is Murder: A classic whodunit mystery with more twists and turns than a roller coaster. (Smiley and McBlythe Mystery Series Book 1)

it’s no accident… it’s murder.

Found at the bottom of his exercise pool, police believe the death of Steve Smiley’s friend is an accident. Smiley doesn’t buy it.

There are a lot of things a blind man can do, but solve a murder alone isn’t one of them. He needs a partner… one who knows their way around a crime scene. In walks Heather McBlythe. She can help him solve the crime, but can she keep him out of danger? Steve doesn’t have a choice. Without her someone will get away with murder.

Armed with years of experience as a homicide detective and his new partner, Smiley sets out to find a killer. He knows he’s on the right trail when a bullet whizzes past his ear. Will Steve resurrect his life as a master crime solver, or will his sleuthing get them both killed?


I’m currently reading and enjoying a mystery with an author I have enjoy a number of times. It is still FREE too.

Target For Terror: An International Thriller (Security Specialists, Inc. Book 1)

“If you leave on your own, you’ll be dead by morning.”

Critical Care Nurse Natalia Sokolova can’t ignore former FBI Agent Sloan Dryer’s dire warning. After the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia dies under her care, her house explodes in front of her eyes and now she’s found her best friends brutally murdered. Ironically, the only bright spot in this nightmare is Sloan’s bad Ukrainian accent and his willingness to protect her.

Sloan is convinced that someone wants to kill Natalia and when he finds a link to her family, he’s not sure who they can trust. As they run for their lives, and from the attraction simmering between them, they uncover a terrorist plot that could bring the nation to its knees. Time is running out. Can Sloan and Natalia save their country and their future, before it’s too late?

“Thrilling! If you enjoy the works of Irene Hannon or Elizabeth Goddard, you will want to give this a try.” L. Couter VINE VOICE


That’s all we have for today but tomorrow is a new day. It could be better.

Things are crazy here weather-wise. It was -29C earlier, with a wind chill it was pushing -40C. It’s currently -25 and the high tomorrow will be 0. How crazy is that. I guess that’s why we don’t pack away our summer clothes.

Just kidding. Some of us don’t pack away our summer clothes… but I’m not one of them lol

Happy Reading y’all

Free books January 24, 2022

BookBub has a sweet FREE suggestion for us

Gift of Grace: A Sweet Holiday Romance (Gifts of Christmas Book 1)

Sometimes the best gifts

Are those freely given from the heart . . .

Ready to begin a new life far away from the sad memories of the Civil War, J.B. and Nora Nash head west on the Oregon Trail. They settle into the small community of Pendleton, Oregon, on a piece of land where they’re excited to build a future and their dreams together.

A devastating tragedy leaves them both reeling as they draw further and further apart. Nora blames J.B. for her unhappiness while he struggles through his own challenges. Only a miracle can bring them through their trials and reunite them for Christmas.


LPC Free Books has a FREE suggestion.

Hummingbird by D. Stearman

She feels like a misfit. Who is she? Where does she belong? Is she Lexa, Alexandra, or someone else? Forced to commit a crime, she flees south of the Border—and a vindictive bounty hunter follows her. Will she escape? Find redemption? Learn who she really is and where she belongs?

Her answers lie hidden in a tiny seaside village where wandering hummingbirds rest their wings.

“From the moment the story begins, Hummingbird is fast paced. Not once is the reader left behind or snoring with boredom. The author keeps the story moving like a pulse rate. The characters are believable, and the main character is well developed. The reader learns to deeply care about Lexa over the course of the novel. One can tell the author is familiar with his setting, too. I felt like I was there—in Mexico. Over all, a interesting and compelling novel.” ~ Goodreads review.


Browsing uncovered this FREE offering.

The Indentured Queen: Contemporary Christian Romance (Crowns & Courtships Book 4)

King Benjamin is about to have control of his own home for the first time in his life. By evicting his uncle, he can finally become the ruler he was meant to be.
Finally live up to the legacy handed down to him, beginning with King Alfred the First, and embodied in his own father, King Alfred the Second.
But revenge is a dish best served cold – or at least lukewarm – and his uncle’s revenge comes just two days later when a press release announces Benjamin’s engagement.
To a modern-day scullery maid.

Katrín Jónsson took over her mother’s debt to the Eyjanian royal family as soon as she turned eighteen. Five years down. Only ten – or more – to go.
Until the king offers her a way out.
Marry him, in name only, for a year, then disappear. Her indenture will be paid off – and, more importantly, her mother and brother will be taken care of for life.
The wedding won’t change anything about her life because no one will know the truth of their arrangement.
A disconcerting incident softens Katrín’s heart toward the usually impassive king. But, even as she begins to fall for the man he could become, she wonders if she’ll ever be more than The Indentured Queen?


Have a good day and …

Happy Reading.