Free books January 31, 2022

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us, one I’ve read.

For Real: A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel (The Courage Series, Book 3)

Blaine Donovan has a secret, but so far his plan to keep the rest of the world in the dark about who he really is and what’s really going on in his life has worked. If he can just finish school before the demons catch up with him, he knows he can make life make sense once again. However, when he runs into Melody Todd, a semi-friend he had thought was long-gone, life takes a turn Blaine wasn’t at all expecting.

Still hurting from watching her best friend marry someone else, Melody Todd has given up on dating, guys, and herself. In fact, when Blaine shows back up in her life, she does what she always does with the eligible guys who look her way—she sets him up with someone else. But Blaine soon proves to be much different than he at first seems. Too many things are not adding up the way they are supposed to, and the more Melody digs, the more she sees that the Blaine she knows is not the real Blaine at all…


LPC Free Books also has a FREE suggestion, one I’ve read and enjoyed.

A Season to Dance

Everyone has a dream. A passion. You work hard, you get there. Right? But what if you don’t get there? Despair? It happens… Then what? Give up? Try harder? What if all this time, you’ve been going after the wrong dreams? What if the best part of life hasn’t even started?

Ana Brassfield tries everything to be happy. An important career. A dream of dancing. A famous boyfriend. A move overseas. But all she experiences is a series of almost successes with a side of heartbreak. Then when she hits rock bottom, a stranger opens an unexpected door. Could she change her whole life? Should she? Or would this be another mistake in a life defined by rushed decisions and wrong turns?

A Season to Dance is a journey. From hard to better. From striving to being.


This month has come and gone in the blink of an eye. My head is still spinning.

Winter is still here though, another storm is blowing through tonight and is expected to dump one more pile of snow on us. We’ve had more than usual this year.

I’m not complaining though, it’s a dry snow and we rarely get the high volume that comes with wet snow.

Dry snow is not much good for snowballs or snowmen, it doesn’t stick together, but I can live with that. haha

So, currently I’m reading a book I’m not sure I like. I prefer something with a strong story line rather than the seemingly popular weak story focused mainly on romantic attraction. This one is not strong.

I’ll let you know what I decide.

Happy Reading!

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