Free and bargain books August 31, 2020

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us and I see the author has the prequel in this series FREE as well. This is speculative fiction, which I do enjoy. The suggestion today is book 2 but we did see book 1 back in March. It was Vestige of Hope: (Vestige in Time Book 1.)

Vestige of Legacy: (Vestige in Time Book 2)

Amazon quote:

A woman bent on survival…
…a man haunted by his failures…
…thrown together by a tumble through time.

After running away from her foster home and surviving several years living on the streets, Samara has finally found her path in life—performing music with the hope of putting down roots. But when she is violently attacked and somehow ends up one hundred and forty years in the past, it appears her dreams for the future have once again been ripped from her.

While trekking through the Coloradan Rockies in 1879, Orlando finds a wounded woman. He questions why God would put this small, weak woman in his path. As he races to save her from the harsh wilderness bent on destroying them, he hopes his failures of the past don’t catch up to them.

If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you’ll love Sara Blackard’s unique time travel series.


Then there’s the prequel

Vestige of Power: Novella (Vestige in Time Book 0)

Amazon quote:

Joseph, a man of the wilderness…

…thrown into the wilds of the city.

Born and raised in the heart of the Rockies, Joseph can’t imagine a more exciting life. But when one wrong step lands him in the alleys of an unknown city, excitement takes a new turn. Will he get his bearings in time to help a stranger whose life’s about to be threatened?

Though Victoria grew up in high society, her father encouraged her to follow her dreams. Now she wants everyone to have the same freedom she’s had. Freedom to an education, no matter your gender or social rank. Little does she realize speaking at a rally will change her life completely.

Can Joseph and Victoria look past those grasping for power around them to their true destinies or will the shadows of doubt keep them from all God means for them?


1531 Entertainment has an interesting bargain suggestion for us. The first few pages have me wanting to read further. I have not read this author but see one of her books was downloaded earlier this year. I’d better get busy and read this one.

The Silent Governess 

Amazon quote:

Believing herself guilty of a crime, Olivia Keene flees her home, eventually stumbling upon a grand estate where an elaborate celebration is in progress. But all is not as joyous as it seems.

Lord Bradley has just learned a terrible secret, which, if exposed, will change his life forever. When he glimpses a figure on the grounds, he fears a spy or thief has overheard his devastating news. He is stunned to discover the intruder is a scrap of a woman with her throat badly injured. Fearing she will spread his secret, he gives the girl a post and confines her to his estate. As Olivia and Lord Bradley’s secrets catch up with them, will their hidden pasts ruin their hope of finding love?


One more from 1531 Entertainment, this one FREE

The Trouble with Nancy (Gold Diggers Collection One Book 2)

Amazon quote:

Nancy Harrison has finally stepped out of her prissy box and tried to do something helpful–but did she go overboard in her first self-less act?

She can’t ride, she hates horses, and she’s terrified of being alone. What’s a girl to do?

Join the Pony Express, of course.

When Nancy Harrison’s family receives a tax bill they can’t pay, there’s only one option open to them. Her brother, Lewis, will have to join the Pony Express and earn the money that way.

It would have worked, too, if ruffians hadn’t attacked him and broken his leg.

She doesn’t want to do it, of course, but what choice is there? Lose everything or ride a stupid, smelly horse for a few weeks? Nancy decides that she’ll chop off her hair, take to the dusty overland trail, and prove that she isn’t a “flighty little thing.”

But things go from bad to worse as she discovers that riding astride is worse than sidesaddle—especially when you’re not used to it.

Can’t she just go back home to balls, teas, and the hope of a suitor before her twentieth birthday? Sans her hair, of course, because that’ll entice the fellows. Sigh.


It’s been a good day for suggestions.



Yesterday I was starting this series at book 2 having previously read book 1. After some middle of the night reading I’m twenty pages away from finishing book 3. Two more books to go. You can tell I’m liking it.

Northwest Counter-Terrorism Taskforce: the complete series


Happy Reading!

…. to one and all.

Read & Enjoyed end of August editon

Despite a bundle of good intentions to share more often with fewer books and more comments, it hasn’t happened and the backlog is large once again. The need to clear the deck means a streamlined post is the only way to go.

There couldn’t be awesome comments about these books even if there was room or time. Most of them are forgotten once I’ve immersed myself in the next story. I do know they were all liked. Some more than others but still, all liked. I know this because, while there were some that were not well liked, they have been removed. This seemed like a strategic idea to keep me from having to guess as I share.

I feel sorry for not remembering more of the stories I read but then I think about awesome meals I’ve eaten. I don’t remember most of them either.

So here we are, in no particular order. Some may be repeats of the last read & enjoyed post as at that time they didn’t allow me to remove the download without deleting it. I guess I must read faster than the algorithm expected.

Definitely all read and enjoyed.


Currently I’m about to read …

Northwest Counter-Terrorism Taskforce: the complete series

Having previously read book one in this series I get to go straight to book two. Very helpful when there are five books to be read. Two pages in I must say we are off to an intense start.


Happy reading….

on this cheerful day… no matter that there is a thunder storm and it’s pounding down with rain. The garden and lawns will be happy.

Story prompt – Mountains

Sunday Scribblings  is hosted by peckapalooza – the Confusing Middle

This weeks prompt is Mountains.

Usually, I try to write a story with the prompt. Failing that, I try to write something/anything.

This morning my creativity feels stopped up and I have nothing. It’s like the mountains currently in my life are creating the barrier.

I thought, hey, I could write a blog post about personal mountains interfering with my obligations.

The more I considered the idea the less it seemed like a prudent move. Maybe I could just leave a comment on Aaron’s site explaining my lack of participation. That sounded like a better idea.

One good thing about procrastination; it gave me time to think things through and come up with a better idea.

I decided the post idea was the best way after all.

I had two thoughts causing doubts about the wisdom of sharing. Maybe some would make more out of my mountains than they should. That could cause ripple effects. Or maybe more would say What, you call that molehill a mountain?

I decided they are my molehills and I can call them mountains if I want to. So there.

I think I just killed two birds with one stone.

Bargain books August 29, 2020

BookBub has a couple of bargain book collections to tell us about today.

Chapter one in the first set opens with three feisty sisters planning an unwanted intervention. The recipient sister is not happy. Leave me alone to grieve my break-up in peace. Of course, no one is listening to her.

The Gustafson Girls Box Set: A Series About Sisters 

Juliette isn’t thrilled when her well-meaning sisters devise The Monday ManDates; an intervention plan requiring Juliette to endure a series of disastrous blind dates.

Renata’s life is going exactly the way she wants it. A beautiful home. A wonderful husband and four boys who make her life oh-so-sweet and (almost) complete. That is, until Juliette opens up a can of worms labeled ‘Angela Clinton’ at a G-FOURce meeting, and things are said that can’t be taken back.

A wild child. A Jesus freak. A tangled past and a second chance at love. Oh, the FIREWORKS when these two worlds collide! Phoebe has been running wild her whole life. A gifted and passionate artist, Phoebe charges full throttle into the future, never investing in anything or anyone for longer than it takes to finish a job. When a family emergency stirs up painful memories long ago laid to rest, Phoebe’s lacquered facade shatters.

When Gia uncovers a past she didn’t know she had, will she trust in a future she can’t control? Gia, the youngest Gustafson sister, is officially coming of age…but now what? She feels like she’s standing still while everything and everyone around her is moving at lightning speed. Her best friend, Ricky Zander, is acting like a stranger, her grandparents have grown old overnight, and her older sisters have all found their happily-ever-afters.


The first chapter in this next bargain Box Set starts out with a high level of angst, Both parties are feeling it. She needs this contract to shore up her fledgling business. He needs to sign one in fulfillment of what he hopes is a final obligation to his vindictive ex girlfriend.

A Taste of Romance Box Set: Books 1 – 3 

A Splash of Substance (Book 1)
Paige Jackson wants to change the world, one catering job at a time. She started her business to show anyone who asked that it was possible to turn locally grown, low-to-zero-waste cooking into gourmet fare that satisfied even the snootiest diner.

Jackson Trent never wanted to get saddled with managing a fundraiser. He took the job on Capitol Hill to help influence public policy as a way to live out his faith. But when the Senator gives out an assignment, he knows he’d better suck it up and do the work. Even if it means working with a caterer like Paige.

A Pinch of Promise (Book 2)
In the ten years since Ben Taylor last saw Marie, no other woman has measured up. After he meets Rebecca Fisher, the physical therapist rehabilitating his knee, Ben is convinced that she is the same woman he fell in love with so many years ago. She denies it at first, but his persistence causes her to admit the truth. Right before she pushes him away.

A Dash of Daring (Book 3)
Amy Harris is the after-school care coordinator and long-term sub at the same inner city high school she graduated from. She’s always avoided the complications of dating outside her multi-ethnic heritage. Until Zach got hired.


Current read: Two of the three collections in progress the last few days are finished and the third one is half done (The Rock Harbor Mystery Collection.)

I need to start something else to run alongside this collection. For breaks.

It’s tempting to go straight to one of today’s finds but I think I should knock off another of the older ones on the list first. Besides I’ve not read this new author yet and I need to.

Cowboy Ranch: Clean & Wholesome Cowboy Romance (Triple J Ranch Book 2)

A detective’s daughter. A rugged rancher. Can they track down cattle rustlers and lasso love?

Callie Houston needs a break from misery. But when her car breaks down on her way to a rodeo, she finds herself stranded in small-town Montana. Praying that God has a plan for her misfortune, she’s flattered when two handsome brothers offer their ranch for the night.

Luke Manning isn’t sure he’s ready to settle down. But when he and his brother stumble across a woman down on her luck, neither hesitates to compete for the beauty’s affection. But if he wants to win her heart, he must prove he’s different from the shallow men of her past.


Happy Reading y’all

Free and bargain books August 28, 2020

BookBub has a bargain suggestion that is part of my 2016 collection. I really like stories about angels and God. Probably because God has always been close for me, especially in the difficult times of my life. There have been many of those and sometimes I forget about how just many. Until, as happened yesterday, I was reminiscing with a friend and remembered some tough things for the first time in years. Like decades ago when my youngest was a new-born and I found myself opening our home to a young woman suddenly grieving the murder suicide of her parents.

The discussion to arouse such memories was centered around a request for me to consider renting a room to a young woman needing support. She’s working her way through dealing with an abusive background. I’m thinking about it, prayerfully.

The main character in this story is facing some tough times herself.


She begged God to rescue her. 

He said, “Go.” 

So she headed out into the blizzard. In a car that wasn’t exactly hers, with a dog who wasn’t exactly a rat terrier, she drove. Until she ran out of gas in the small Maine town of Mattawooptock. Mattawoopwhat? What on earth is God thinking? 

But it is there, in a weird little bathroom in a weird little church in a weird little town that Maggie Hansen finds herself. And as God would have it, she finds a lot more than that.

You will love this book because it will warm your heart. Read it today!


The same author has a FREE book and while it has angels it looks to to be lighthearted too. A fun read that I’ve not seen before and look forward to reading.

The Whistle Blower: A Wing and a Prayer Mystery (Wing and a Prayer Mysteries Book 1)

Bad guys beware: There’s a soccer mom on your trail.

With three kids, Sandra’s life is a whirlwind of activity. Yet, sometimes she’s a little bored. 

When a referee drops dead during her son’s soccer game, and a short man claiming to be an angel asks her to help investigate—suddenly, life’s not such a routine.

The angel (is he really an angel?) tells her to go undercover as a soccer referee, which, of course, is ridiculous. She hasn’t run anywhere since high school.

But Sandra will find out she is still capable of far more than she thought—with a little help from above.


A short list again.


I’m in the middle of one series, almost finished a second and made a sudden decision to take on a third. I’m in need of another change. It’s still a bargain too.

What can I say.

So, this is the read of the moment.

The Kavanagh Brothers Series Books 1-3: Western Romance 

Happy Reading

…. on this Friday afternoon when the sky can’t decide whether to be cloudy or sunny. The lights keep fading out.

Read & Enjoyed August 27th edition

Not by Sight (Stone River Book 2) 

… is an excellent read and was one of my favorites in this batch. It was a well written, emotionally engaging story that had you rooting for the characters to rise to the challenges. Hoping they would let go of some things and embrace life. This story has some great twists and unexpected turns.


Emma Wyatt agrees to tutor a recently blinded, embittered soldier because of the $50,000 paycheck his brother offers. The job is an answer to many prayers. Blind herself, Emma dreams of independence and freedom away from her overprotective family. Tutoring Ian in all things “blind” isn’t easy, especially when the biggest challenge is not falling in love with a student who could hinder her dreams.


Good soldiers show no weakness. Ian MacGregor holds his battle with claustrophobia close to his chest, unsuccessfully trying to cope on his own. Ian knows duty, honor, serving his country. So why is he being punished with this very personalized hell?

As Ian struggles to strong-arm his phobia, his growing feelings for Emma are overshadowed by the danger lurking around them. Emma would be better off with someone else. Someone sighted.

Someone able to protect her from the person determined to keep them apart…


Seeking Home (Family Bonds Book 1)

… is another favorite read in this batch. There is a depth to this story that keeps the reader engaged. Life is not simple for either party and the invitation to come along for the ride as they figure things out is irresistible.

Sabine Radowski’s rocky childhood left her looking for a stable future for her daughter. So when the insurance payment arrives from her estranged husband’s passing, she brings her dream alive and buys a ranch. And though she’s determined never to lean on another man, she’d still appreciate the handsome former owner’s help to get things running…

Tanner Bond is plagued by the guilt of the death of his wife and daughter. Ready to flee the property that reminds him of his loss, caring for his sick grandmother forces him to put his plans on hold. But despite the new owner’s young daughter being an ever-present reminder of his burning grief, Tanner finds himself falling for the fiery widow.

As they work together, Sabine realizes the kind man deserves a place in her heart, but she worries his obvious issues with her daughter means she should forge ahead alone. And with Tanner barely resisting pressure from his family to clear out, he fears he may be about to lose the one woman who could help him heal…


Hunted (Everyday Heroes Book 1)

… is one more awesome book. A nail biter.

A new romantic suspense series by USA Today Bestselling Author Margaret Daley
Murder. On the Run. Second Chances.
Luke Michaels’ relaxing camping trip ends when he witnesses a woman being thrown from a bridge. He dives into the river to save her, shocked to find her wrapped in chains. As a canine search and rescue volunteer, Luke has assisted many victims, but never a beauty whose defeated gaze ignites his primal urge to protect. When Megan Witherspoon’s killers make it clear they won’t stop, Luke fights to save her, but can he keep her alive long enough to find out who is after her?


There are more but we’ll save them for another day.

Happy Reading!

… on this beautiful afternoon, beginning to smell a little like fall.

Bargain book today August 26, 2020

BookBub has a bargain suggestion for us this afternoon. $0.99

His Secret Mission – Book 7 (After, New Beginnings & The Excellence Club)

Amazon quote:

Former Secret Service agent Hunter Huddleston worked to keep his professional and personal lives very separate—reducing chances of being targeted and ensuring the safety of his family. Suddenly leaving his beloved job at the Secret Service, for publicly undisclosed reasons, he struggles to deal with how he fell in love with his former charge—the First Daughter Susan Wells—who is off limits, way above his class, and highly protected. Worse still, as she tries to bridge the gap between them, he finds out that there are people to whose benefit it was that she remain unattached.

When a series of murders leave Hunter as the only witness—and prime suspect—will Susan’s father, President Wells, accept Hunter’s innocence and allow him to marry his daughter?

Or will the triple label of having an ex-convict in his family, being a suspect in murder investigations, and mixing a professional encounter with personal interests, cost him his future, the love of his life, and land him behind bars?

First Daughter Susan Wells has lived most of her life securely protected behind high walls, vigilant eyes, and classy facades. She longed to meet and marry a man who was down-to-earth, God-fearing, and real. When she met agent Hunter Huddleston, beyond his handsome appearance, she knew he had everything she’d ever wanted in a man. But regulations dictating his expected professional conduct force them into a tough choice. And just then, they discover that danger—and threats to their love and union—were not far behind.


An interesting bargain book collection is calling my name.

The Kavanagh Brothers Series Books 1-3

Amazon quote:

Teagan: Cowboy Strong
The day Teagan Kavanagh proposed he was told to leave and never come back. That was before the Civil War. Now Teagan is puzzled as to why the Maguire cattle are on his ranch. He rides to their ranch and finds Gemma alone, living in a falling down house. He is further confused when she accuses him of buying her ranch and having her evicted.
Gemma Maguire held on during the war, doing without, she paid off the mortgage on the ranch. Now she’s told that her husband Richard gambled away everything she had and to make matters worse, he was already married. Without a safe to live, she goes to the Kavanagh Ranch.
Gemma is determined to marry a widower with children who might be desperate to overlook her mistake in marrying. She’s hoping for a marriage of convenience; she’s never going to allow another man to touch her. Everywhere she goes, Teagan is there, and she’s had enough.
Old family secrets and hard to believe truths keep Gemma and Teagan apart but there is an incredible pull between their hearts. Can they have a second chance at love, or will this cowboy never get his bride?

Quinn: Cowboy Risk
Quinn Kavanagh is never going to risk his heart again. In fact, he doesn’t think he has a heart anymore. Everything he thought to be true wasn’t and now he is traveling trying to find a place where he fits.
If You Love Sweet, Inspirational, Historical Westerns Filled With Heroic Cowboys, Adventure, Mayhem and Marriage of Convenience, You’ll Be Enamored of Kathleen Ball’s Emotional, Faith-Based Books. She Also Writes Touching Mail-Order Brides Series Along with Exciting Oregon Trail Series.
Heaven Burke is about to be shot when Quinn arrives. He saves her then and again later that day in a shootout. A group of men don’t like that she rescues black boys who have nowhere to go. She can’t stay in her house it isn’t safe for her, her children or the baby that is due in a few months.
Quinn takes her to the Kavanagh ranch and fights fiercely to resist her goodness and her adorable children. Working together to make sure no child is sold or left to die they are constantly together.
Heaven has a heavy burden. She’s afraid of Quinn’s reaction when he finds out who fathered her baby. He knows the men in town taught her a lesson and left her for dead. She must tell him before he gets too attached and both of their hearts are broken. He is certain to walk away.

Brogan Cowboy Pride
Cowboy Brogan Kavanagh wants nothing better than to be left alone. Unfortunately, he’s left with no option and helps two women travelers. The Oldest spitfire, Ciara doesn’t trust him one bit and is constantly on her guard. Brogan is both amused and insulted by her attempts to keep him at arm’s length. He doesn’t want a woman in his life. What could go wrong?
Ciara Doyle has the weight of the world laying heavily on her shoulders. She is trying to get her and her sister Orla back to St. Louis after her parents died along the Oregon Trail. One wrong turn after another led her to Texas. Orla had been in an accident when she was fourteen and in her mind, she is forever fourteen.
They stop their wagon at a downed fence trying to make a plan but they are caught by Brogan who accuses them of ruining the fence to steal his horses. He realizes they are just down on their luck and short on supplies.
Brogan invites them to bring their wagon close to the house. Ciara accepts but with conditions. They will not accept charity, so they will work and there is to be no notions of anything improper. Brogan readily agrees after all he doesn’t trust people.


It’s a slow reading day for me and my current read is plodding along. Four new books added to the TBR list is progress though. It’s a good day.

Happy Reading

on this cloudy but warm Wednesday afternoon.

Currently reading Aug 25, 2020

Currently, there are two collections I’m working my way through and it is an enjoyable experience for both of them. The Mystery collection has gone back to full price but the Romance collection is still available at the bargain price if you are interested. Both collections are written by well known authors and they are definitely worth time spent.

I’m almost finished book 2 of 5 in this Mystery collection. When I’m done I think I’ll switch back to the Romance collection for a book or two just to change things up a bit.

Colleen Coble brought me to tears, more than once, in book 1 of this collection. She’s good.

The Rock Harbor Mystery Collection: Without a Trace, Beyond a Doubt, Into the Deep, Cry in the Night, and Silent Night (Rock Harbor Series).

Without a Trace

Bree thinks a plane crash took the lives of her husband and young son, but her son Davy survived the accident. Can she find him before it’s too late?

Beyond a Doubt

Evidence of a violent crime in Bree’s basement causes police to re-open a cold case. Can she and her K-9 search dog, Samson, stop the killer before he strikes again?

Into the Deep

When Bree’s dog Samson goes missing, it’s just the beginning of her life turning upside down.

Cry in the Night

Bree and Samson discover a crying infant in the snowy Rock Harbor forest. But where are the baby’s parents? And how did she get there?

Silent Night

As Christmas day nears, Bree and her faithful search-and-rescue dog Samson follow the trail of a troubling mystery into the snowy forests of Rock Harbor.


Where the Heart Is Romance Collection: Love Is a Journey in Nine Historical Novellas

Journey along with nine women who find themselves on the move out of their comfortable lives and into the unknown as they set up new homes, take on new jobs, seek out loved ones, and encounter romance. Will their faith endure the hardships, and will love form when life is in transition? Written by nine inspirational romance authors who have a passion for American history and faith.


Happy Reading

Free books August 24, 2020

I’m back, sort of, after a few days of rebellion. This block editor may turn out to be a good thing but, currently, I’m not happy about it. My quota for taking on new things is currently over extended without this. I’ll pout for a few more days and then figure it out.

All of the books today are Free. The first one was suggested by BookBub the rest are LPC Books suggestions. I think I’ve read most of them but Amazon is not listing them for me as previously purchased so some of them must have been from anther source.

Beneath a Southern Sky (The Camfield Legacy Book 1)

Amazon quote:

Her Second Husband Healed the Sorrow of a Tragic Loss.
Her First Has Just Returned from the Dead.
Which Man Has the Right to Claim Daria’s Heart?

After two years of serving as a missionary in a remote area of South America, Daria Camfield has returned to the States to mourn her husband, reportedly killed while providing medical aid to a neighboring Colombian village.

One family discovers how God can redeem any tragedy.

At first, Daria finds comfort only in the daughter born to her after Nate’s tragic death. As she begins to heal, she also finds a listening ear and a tender heart in her new boss, veterinarian Colson Hunter. Determined to move forward with life, Daria ignores the still small voice calling her to wait and accepts Cole’s marriage proposal. But after the wedding, Daria’s new dream life turns into a nightmare with the arrival of an unbelievable
telegram:“Nathan Camfield found alive. Flying into K.C. Int’l. via Bogota…”

Now two men have the right to her daughter, her life, and her love. Will Daria return to her beloved first
husband, abandoning Cole? Or will she reject Nate and choose the only man her daughter has ever called “Daddy”–a man she has come to cherish with all her heart?


Every Secret Thing Ann Tatlock

Amazon quote:

When Elizabeth Gunnar accepts a teaching position at the preparatory school she attended as a girl, she revisits ghosts of the past and old self-doubts. But she is returning to more than a place–to memories, mysteries, and an old love. Once there, she meets unexpected challenges—and challenging new people—and she is reminded of the faith that first captured her heart in what she called her “moments of being.” A rich, complex weave of character, mystery and divine epiphanies, “Every Secret Thing” will have you turning the pages late into the night.


The Baker’s Daughter – Braving Evil In WW II 

Amazon quote:

While chaos reigns over WW II Berlin, seventeen-year-old Liddy returns to her family’s bakery only to be confronted by a new customer—Keppler, a Nazi officer. Marek, a young man with a secretive past, labors just a few paces away in the kitchen, but where do his loyalties lie? With the Nazis? With Liddy?

Liddy’s father, Klaus, secures a night job as a prison guard where anti-Nazi dissident, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, is being held. Klaus smuggles out the pastor’s letters, but tensions rise as Keppler establishes a tenuous relationship with Liddy’s young brother, Willy. Does the Nazi officer wish to recruit Willy, or is Keppler there to spy on Liddy’s family?

From air raids to the Hitler Youth, Liddy becomes enmeshed in a world of spies intent on betrayal. When Liddy makes a critical mistake that endangers a loved one, she faces a decision that puts her own faith on the line and her family’s safety in jeopardy.


Happy Reading!

Free books August 19, 2020

Today is the day for short books. Snacks as opposed to full meals. Snacks always leave me wishing for more but the upside is the chance to sample authors. They are FREE too which fits in with this weeks resolution.

Mail Order Bride: Hannah’s Dilemma (The Mail Order Bride Express Book 1)

Hannah's Dilema

Amazon quote:

If Hannah doesn’t get out of Henson, Missouri fairly soon, she will find herself married to the local banker. A man that sends shudders down her spine at the very sight of him. So, when she reads Inez Pollard’s advertisement for The Mail Order Bride Express, she promptly applies and is accepted. On her way to Silver Ridge, Colorado, she is confident that she has left her troubles behind. But has she?

Ross Pollard is a man with a lot on his mind. And his mother’s crazy scheme to bring brides to Silver Ridge is just another problem for him to deal with. The last thing he needs to complicate his life is romance, but when he sets his eyes on Hannah Stillman, all of his resistance is bound to melt.

Hannah’s Dilemma is the first in a four book Mail Order Bride Series from Mary L. Briggs, author of the popular novella The Stagecoach Bride and The Chance Creek Brides Series.


Polarized Love Act One: (Single Again Book 3) 

Polarized love

Amazon quote:

A fun, romantic encounter on the shores of Rottnest Island, American Navy Chaplain meets feisty Australian news reporter to investigate the Quokka mystery.

Act One of Polarized Love. Six Chapters.






Brother’s Bride (Santa Fe Girls Book 1)

Brother's Bride

Amazon quote:

She rejected his marriage arrangement and created an enemy. Isabel thought she’d made a clever escape, but her past found her and calamity struck.

Two brothers, one in love and one obligated. Who has the heart daring enough to fight for Isabel and will he succeed?




My intentions were good, honest, I was planning to stick with snacks. I just couldn’t resist the sight of a delicious looking full meal when it showed up. I’ll quit with this one. Promise.

Not by Sight (Stone River Book 2)

Not by Sight

Amazon quote:


Emma Wyatt agrees to tutor a recently blinded, embittered soldier because of the $50,000 paycheck his brother offers. The job is an answer to many prayers. Blind herself, Emma dreams of independence and freedom away from her overprotective family. Tutoring Ian in all things “blind” isn’t easy, especially when the biggest challenge is not falling in love with a student who could hinder her dreams.


Good soldiers show no weakness. Ian MacGregor holds his battle with claustrophobia close to his chest, unsuccessfully trying to cope on his own. Ian knows duty, honor, serving his country. So why is he being punished with this very personalized hell?

As Ian struggles to strong-arm his phobia, his growing feelings for Emma are overshadowed by the danger lurking around them. Emma would be better off with someone else. Someone sighted.

Someone able to protect her from the person determined to keep them apart…


I’m looking forward to experiencing every one of these new books.

Happy Reading.