Story prompt – Mountains

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This weeks prompt is Mountains.

Usually, I try to write a story with the prompt. Failing that, I try to write something/anything.

This morning my creativity feels stopped up and I have nothing. It’s like the mountains currently in my life are creating the barrier.

I thought, hey, I could write a blog post about personal mountains interfering with my obligations.

The more I considered the idea the less it seemed like a prudent move. Maybe I could just leave a comment on Aaron’s site explaining my lack of participation. That sounded like a better idea.

One good thing about procrastination; it gave me time to think things through and come up with a better idea.

I decided the post idea was the best way after all.

I had two thoughts causing doubts about the wisdom of sharing. Maybe some would make more out of my mountains than they should. That could cause ripple effects. Or maybe more would say What, you call that molehill a mountain?

I decided they are my molehills and I can call them mountains if I want to. So there.

I think I just killed two birds with one stone.

2 thoughts on “Story prompt – Mountains

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