This and that May 05, 2022

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It has been a record breaking year. Before I get into that I have to say it has been another no book day. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

And I have to say it was a busy day. I work as an administrative contractor and everything is based on work load and billable hours. All of a sudden things are picking up. People are needing things done. And I couldn’t be happier. I’m probably more excited about the jobs coming in than I am about the record breaking.

This week is the 15th anniversary of my job. That’s longer than any other employment I’ve ever had. The last longest was 10 years and I thought that was amazing. It isn’t that I was a job hopper, it was just life getting in the way. Mind you I can’t say I minded moving on, mainly because there were life changes behind all of them and I am always up for an adventure. That was then and this is now though. I am more settled and I am in this job for the long haul.

And for the second record broken; this will be the 10th anniversary in this house. They say we are molded by the circumstances of our childhoods. By the time I was six we had lived in five difference houses. One of them was twice but to a young kid it was still a move and felt different, a strange place. Although my memories of those years are pretty sketchy and maybe my assumptions about all this are off base. However it was, a nomad existence seemes to be in my blood, which made all the adult moves feel like no big deal.

My oldest son does not share my love of adventure (aided by my lack of roots anywhere) and he has his feet firmly planted with no plans to leave, maybe ever. It’s funny how differently we react to things. Mind you, the other circumstances of our childhoods were as different as night and day. That was probably a bigger influence. Of the three he is most like me, which is why I can’t understand his dislike of travel.

I should have started this earlier, now I’ve run out of time.

Until next time, have a good night, or day

A whole lot of nothing April 21, 2022

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That’s what I have today, nothing earth shattering that’s for sure.

I’ve been working more hours lately. The exciting thing about all this is that we have started making progress on older projects that have been on the back burner, forever it seems. All of them for one reason or another. We are finally getting some things done and off the list, which is mood altering in a good way.

Of course, working on these projects means more time spent with clients. It has been awhile since we’ve had reason for more than a brief how-are-things email. I’m blessed with such a great bunch of people to work with. It is a pleasure to hear their voices again and spend time with them sorting things out.

Personal activities have suffered some in the last few weeks, with less attention coming their way. Not that they have been totally forgotten. I’m still reading, although live streamers and podcasts are cutting into book and blog times. Maybe that is partly because the river of life moves on and interests shift. That’s not a bad thing, it’s hard to keep moving and growing if we find ourselves stuck in one spot.

My daughter has branched out into a new area of interest. I’ve been the crafter in the family but it didn’t rub off on her, she’s never showed much interest until now. Some of her friends are crocheting baby outfits and blankets to be given to new mothers and she wants to be involved. It made my heart smile to get the call asking if I had crochet hooks and a ball of yarn she could practice with. Do I have hooks and yarn? Does the sun rise every morning? I am a collector of yarn and hooks. I’ll be excited to share a bunch with my grand daughter too, when she and her family visits soon. I sure haven’t been using it much and since my grand daughter has become quite the little crochet artist she is excited to have new supplies. She’s looking forward to making more memories together too. It all began for her at my house.

Family time over Easter was a special treat, like always. Although toward the end of the evening it was becoming a challenge to stay awake. With everyone bringing something for the meal there is always so much food. The teenagers were fine, it was the rest of us who couldn’t eat like we used to. The upside to all this food is that mom, or dad won’t be cooking for a few days and the teenagers will still be fed. Who is going to complain about that.

Well, for not having much to say this has gone on longer than expected. I don’t know about you but I always enjoy times like this spent with you.

So what kind of nothings are happening in your life? We would like to get to know you too. Leave a comment for us. Looking forward to it.

Night guys.

Today’s happenings April 10, 2022

Concert Stage

This clip is an experiment, hope it works, to give a sample of what is happening.

There is a big rally happening downtown Los Angeles today. They are still setting up and it looks like it is going to be big. Concerts, speakers, vendors, lots of people. At one point I heard someone say they are expecting a 50,000 strong turnout.

There are live streamers sharing this on You Tube and Rumble.

Currently I’m watching both Sasnak and Mud Pig Trucking on You Tube.

His name started from his habit of hauling to farmer’s fields and coming out with a truck covered in mud.

We won’t hear much about this in commercial media that’s for sure.

Check it out.

Well, that didn’t work. March 27, 2022

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The goal was/is to post everyday but I messed up, again. I was distracted, playing a computer game while listening to a live streamer.

Oh no!!!

Five minutes wasn’t much but I gave it my best shot. I moved fast but apparently not fast enough. Hitting publish at 11:59 didn’t do it for me. Oh well, there would be no worrying about today’s post being on time. (big smile)

While I would like to have a perfect record, the world won’t end if I don’t manage to post everyday. The new plan is to cut myself some slack, still try but don’t stress. It’s much too late to change some habits. Besides I like being lost in whatever is going on in my little world. Usually a book or a three hour podcast.

Three hours sounds daunting but I really like hearing about things that are new to me. Some of the posts are fresh every time; like Carey Nieuwhof, his is usually only an hour long but he has interesting guests and he is an exceptional interviewer. No two podcasts of his are alike and even when he has repeat guests it’s because they have more to talk about. Carey is a long time favorite.

Then there is the three hour podcaster who is new to me, his You Tube name is Viva Frei. He is quite the character and he hangs out with other interesting characters. He is a lawyer turned hopeful politician and since he didn’t win his first try at an election he has turned serious attention toward his online presence. Most of the conversations center around politics and legal situations. His co-host is an American lawyer who is also his friend and business partner. These guys are both characters and will, in small ways, be shocking to some, I’m sure. That’s all part of their charm. Wild haircuts, blind dogs and cigars they can’t light up. They are highly intelligent and knowledgeable. “Boring” quickly kills my interest but so far I’m still watching and enjoying these guys and their guests.

The third one gaining the most attention from me is a podcaster I’ve mentioned often. She is from Ottawa and covered the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy there, never having done such a thing before. Her brother started the channel and enlisted her help with streaming 24 hours a day. Charlotte was out on the streets late at night in freezing weather walking blocks and blocks so we could see what was going on. To warm up she would find truckers or others on the ground to hear about their stories and why they were there.

As events in Ottawa wound down the American effort was started. Once their convoy reached Maryland Charlotte traveled down, for an indefinite period of time, to report on what is happening with them.

Her abilities have blossomed with the experience she is gaining as a live streamer. It’s not as easy as she makes it look. Charlotte is nineteen and a university student with a deep well of resolve and determination. This morning she left Maryland to return to Toronto to write exams. This gal is amazing. She has acquired a loyal and devoted audience who pay attention to where she is, what she eating (or if she is eating), and who in her presence is paying attention to her. She has a ton of moms and dads watching out and worrying over her. They do it because she has captured their hearts. She appreciates and relates well to her audience. Actually, even the in-person people she is hanging out with everyday are vigilant in making sure she is OK.

The channel shared with her brother is ZOT. The plan after exams is to cover the story in the next place that needs it. The US convoy may even see her again.

There are a ton of live streamers out there and ZOT is one of the best, both Charlotte and her brother Matt have worked hard to make it successful.

There is much going on out there that is never mentioned in mainstream media. This is an amazing opportunity for potential journalists. Right now it’s easy to break into the industry and gain experience and a following with the new and modern ways of reaching people. Grass roots people want to know what is going on in their world. It’s amazing that polls show some of these podcasters have larger audiences than mainstream media. This is totally mind blowing.

Charlotte is unsure of what her future holds but journalism is definitely on her radar and we all know she would excel if that was her choice.

So there you have it, another unplanned fixation. lol

It was fun.

I wonder is this qualifies as scribbling? (this weeks weekly prompt from Sunday Scribblings)

It felt like scribbling. lol

This man says it best March 20, 2022

Earlier I mentioned things on my mind, things not easy to express in a way that will make sense.

This post manages to say some of my thoughts in a way I couldn’t. Life has a way of banding us together.

Shared from today’s Pointless Overthinking post

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Check out this post if you haven’t seen it already.

The author is a regular contributor to Pointless Overthinking, the site is worth a follow.

Current read March 20, 2022

Is it OK if I don’t have anything momentous to say this morning?

These days, my thoughts are consumed with several heavy duty subjects but it doesn’t seem appropriate, for many reasons, to talk about any of them. The trouble with immersing myself in these off-limits but important topics is a shortage of time spent pondering things I would be comfortable talking about.

At the moment, it is quiet in here, deadly quiet. All of the normal voices have been turned off.

The temptation to turn some of them back on will be high, I’m sure, but I want to spend time listening to discover what my mind is telling me on acceptable subjects. Sometimes, most times actually, our mind needs input, to help prime-the-pump so to speak.

This is a “why study math when you need to study literature” sort of moment.

I have several non fiction books I should be reading, I’m sure inspiration would be found in that activity.

I was toying with that idea but decided it might be good to start the day a little lighter. So I picked another book instead.

This choice sounds like it will be a fluff book but it’s likely not. This author writes books with meat on the bones. I think this one will be a positive influence on my thought life and who knows, maybe I will be inspired to write something momentous. Maybe not momentous but a smaller scale seems doable. I’ll keep you posted about my progress toward inspiration, later.

Catch of a Lifetime – Low Country Love (Finding Love in the Low Country Book 3)

From an early age, Adella believed that love brings only pain. First her mother dies, and Adella struggles to deal with her grief and care for her younger sisters. When the young girls decide they don’t need Adella anymore, she concludes she can’t trust anyone but herself. With few options, she determines she will use her good looks and intelligence to catch a handsome, wealthy man who can give her the security she craves. Derek Goodson appears to be the man of her dreams, and at first their marriage is wonderful. After a few years, however, Adella discovers a restlessness that nothing seems to satisfy. She is bored with exclusive parties, clothing, and vacations. When introduced to a handsome stranger, she wonders if he is the answer to her secret longings. Adele must face some tough choices, along with a tender tug on her soul. She married Derek for his money. Why can’t she love him for it?


I’m looking forward to seeing what this day had to offer by the time it’s over.

I’m wishing a good day for you too. Whatever your day may look like.

Maybe it will even include a book.

Happy Reading if it does.

More news… February 15, 2022

In yesterday’s Oops post, found here, I shared about much time spent watching the live stream walkabouts and the things I’ve learned about the truckers Ottawa Freedom Convoy 2022.

The post ended with the concerning news of Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister, invoking the Emergency Measures Act. This was concerning because the criteria for using this action is the need for force, which clearly is not the case. It turns out he is using this as a scare tactic to force the protesters to bow to him.

This tactic won’t work and this morning’s short video explains why. Such a relief.

The truckers and the supporters joining them have been amazing in their commitment to peaceful protest.

There were a couple of short videos confirming some of what goes on over there but I can’t find them again. One showed the protesters giving out Valentine red roses to police officers on scene. The other was of the conversation/one sided altercation between a counter protester and the father of a thirteen year old girl who had her flag stolen. It did not end well for the belligerent counter protester, many witnesses – besides the camera, saw the one-sided altercation and the inebriated man was arrested.

There are many new videos today and I would love to share them but will leave you with just one. Dave Rubin, a popular figure in the US is a huge supporter of the Canadian protest and definitely NOT a fan of Trudeau. Dave is excitable and the video is long but he is informative and inspiring.

I’m sure I will be back with more news.

This whole thing is important because they are not just fighting against mandates, they are fighting against tyranny. And this is not just a Canadian issue, it’s world wide.

The truckers are amazing in the way they manage to keep their cool under immense provocation.

I can’t go to Ottawa but I can watch videos. Every view and like counts for them. Subscribe helps them too.

Happy viewing. Be informed.

Real news today February 13, 2022

Live streaming is as real as it gets, no editing or rearranging happening. What you see is what you get.

One of the best, most encouraging things to see coming out of the truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 has been unity.

Up until now Canada has been as fractured as every other modern day country. Discord and harsh words over differing opinions has become rampant everywhere.

It’s been amazing to see unity arising out of a common cause.

Many hours of my weekend were spent watching live stream videos. The beauty of this format has been authenticity. The other treasure out of these walkabouts, comments restricted to simple location information and clarification on sights encountered. There was a deliberate absence of opinions one way or the other.

It was beautiful to see laughter, cooperation, kindness and caring toward everyone crossing paths with each of them. Many nationalities and languages were represented. One of the live streamers spent time in trucks hanging out with the drivers. One driver, who as well as English spoke a language I didn’t recognize, had little time to eat because people kept appearing at his window to say thank you. There were constant references to his hero status and it was unclear to me what that was about, having not heard the story behind the comment. It had to be true, though, seeing the fondness in the eyes of people greeting him expressing appreciation for all he’s done.

This was the last video for me tonight and I’m looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s video from this young man.

There are many guys walking about doing this so there is good coverage day and night.

It has been great to see the way they keep track of each other. It was something, the way the stream I was watching ended at the War Memorial and one minute (or less) later the notification came through for this next one starting. It was a little freaky to see we were starting from the War Memorial. Obviously the new guy checked to see what was happening and where his friend was before starting his own live stream.

Through the evening viewers were along for the ride to see the camaraderie whenever they crossed paths. That’s how I found out who else I should be watching.

Batteries die faster in the cold, people change places often and we go with them.

Anyway, it was inspiring to see goodwill happening all over the place.

There are many out there recording life on the ground, I have taken note of only a few.



Kotab 123



Ottawa is beautiful, at least the part I’ve seen, it has been a treat to spend so much time walking around enjoying the sights.

Things were very quiet tonight, nothing like the huge crowds of last night, but it was still nice.

These guys and their videos are getting attention from all over the world. Amazing.

I love the sights on this video. I’m a sucker for city lights. So pretty.


One more thing Feb 11, 2022

Most of the world has heard about the Freedom Convoy of trucks here in Canada. Yesterday I discovered there is a team of You Tubers on site in Ottawa streaming what is happening on the ground. I watched a few hours of it last night and this morning another four hours has been posted by Zot.

The routine has them walking to cover most of the area just to see what is happening. They stop often to chat with people along the way.

I was watching live streaming yesterday with several different guys, this morning one of them has posted a four hour video from the middle of the night.

Check these guys out. We get to see for ourselves what is happening over there.

Why do I like Carey Nieuwhof so much? Jan 22, 2022

If you haven’t explored any of his podcasts shared on this site, Carey Nieuwhof is a popular internationally known podcaster with millions of downloads. That isn’t why I like him but it helps.

He started out in radio as a teen, went on to become a lawyer, practiced law for a short time and decided he didn’t love it. Next he went to seminary, decided to try out pastoring, starting with a small congregation that over time became a very large one. After twenty-five years or so, developed a succession plan for the church to survive beyond his time there and gradually worked himself out of a job.

Retirement was unappealing. Looking around for a hobby or two he settled on blogging and then podcasting. He didn’t plan for it to go anywhere, one thing led to another, though, and it just did.

It was a lot of hard work but he had dreams and was brimming with good ideas. Mentoring his successor as pastor provided an added a dimension to his plan. Eventually he found himself mentoring leaders in the church world as well as in the corporate world.

Carey has a gift for asking the kind of questions that will turn interviews into something special. He can draw the best out of people and leave us feeling like the conversation only scratched the surface of what was still there to be discovered.

Here’s what I like best.

Every interview is like reading a book, only better. For one thing it is a multi-dimensional experience. Particularly if you watch the video version. Hearing the voice, watching the expressions, adds to impact and understanding.

The main attraction though is content. Every guest is there because of a gold mine to be explored.

Last but not least, I love these interviews because they get right down to the meat of the issue. It’s like reading Cliffs Notes, we get to skip the lengthy explanations.

And, if we want more we can order the books that were the impetus for the interview in the first place. Carey is good about populating the show notes with an abundance of useful information, most of our questions should be answered there.

So, now that I’ve shared a brief glimpse of why I have faithfully followed Carey Nieuwhof, I want to share a video that reads like a book. It’s one I can barely understand and it will be life changing in the world of internet.

It needs it’s own post, though, so that is what I am going to give it.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with a picture of Carey and one of his many books.

Didn’t See It Coming: Overcoming the Seven Greatest Challenges That No One Expects and Everyone Experiences.