Been needing to say that for a while. September 29, 2022

First, I have to say it’s a bookless day, So sorry about that. And, I probably should have called this a This and That day because it may turn into that, you just never know.

It all started with a knock on the door. For the second day in a row.

Unexpected knocks on the door usually end up with people selling something or other that I don’t want or need and knowing that, I don’t care to answer. Maybe the reluctance is not liking to say no, even though I want to.

That’s what happened on the first day. I’ve never had someone be as persistent as this lady. She obviously knew I was here because she looked in the side window and could see me sitting at the table, typing away. After the fourth knock I went to the door and opened it a crack. She asked me a question. It was not a conversation I wanted to have so I slowly closed and locked the door walking away. I couldn’t believe did it. I still can’t. But I’m glad I did. It was better for both of us, at least from my perspective.

The next day there was a knock again. This is an unusual experience at my house y’all. And when it does happen I try to peek to see if it’s someone I know. I rarely answer the door so to do it two days in a row is unheard of.

This time there was man standing at a respectful distance from the door. He was holding something in his hand that looked suspiciously like election handouts. Sure enough they were. This confident professional man was running for school board and wanted to know if he could leave a brochure.

It’s kind of hard to say how the conversation veered from school board into a broader political conversation but it did. I’m not even sure how I had the audacity half way through to ask him what his political affiliation was, but I did. I couldn’t believe I did it and I don’t think he could either. To his credit he did answer carefully. Maybe he was trying to avoid being trapped in a negative situation.

It was good, we covered a wide range of subjects relating to politics in Canada and other places. I’m sure we don’t see eye to eye on everything but it was a positive experience. Several times before he left he commented on enjoying the experience. I did too. It isn’t often I get to have a conversation with someone that invested in the topic.

The coolest thing of all though, as I thought about it later, was that I got to say, spontaneously, things I’ve wanted to say to a politician for a very long time. I realize he is at the school board level but our city isn’t that big and I’m sure he has opportunities to meet up with our federal member of parliament now and then. He may even remember some of our conversation and things I was hoping he would pass on. Like be brave and stand up to people with crazy ideas. Say no when no needs to be said.

This was one time I was glad I answered the door.

I am learning to say no more often too. This usually generates even more I can’t believe I just said that moments. Love it.

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