Bargain books June 07, 2023

It’s been a while, we have a book. Maybe even two if we are lucky. This is an author I’ve enjoyed for many years.

Broken Wings (Second Chances, Book 4)

Among the 151 people who died in the crash of Flight 94 was Mick Hammon, the plane’s captain and Erin Russell’s close friend. A pilot herself, Erin now struggles with the shattering losses both of her friend and of her own confidence in the cockpit. With pilot error speculated as the cause of the accident, Erin fights to save Mick’s reputation for the sake of the family he left behind. But that fight pits her against Addison Lowe, the crash investigator. Like Erin, he is determined to get at the truth of the disaster. But his conclusions could ruin Mick’s good name and the future of Mick’s family. Clashing over the details of the disaster, Erin and Addison discover an unexpected, mutual attraction for each other. But it could go down in flames as the investigation spins out of control. Broken Wings is part of the Second Chances series by award-winning suspense novelist Terri Blackstock. Combining fast-paced reading with realistic characters and situations, Second Chances takes readers to where the conflict between good and evil becomes the proving grounds of faith.


This next book is another one in a series we’ve seen often .

Saving Taylor: The Women’s Work Exchange

Taylor Allen, a woman with a haunting past, finds herself on the run as an eyewitness to a double murder. Her voice, a gift from above, once uplifted the community, but now it may not be enough to save her from a relentless killer.

When fate intervenes, Taylor’s path collides with John Fielding Jr., an unsuspecting businessman traveling home on a fateful night. Little did he know that he would become the hostage of a desperate and intriguing young woman. As they navigate through the dark corners of a train bound for New York, they embark on a perilous journey to uncover the truth behind a saloon robbery, arson, and murder. The world believes Taylor to be the culprit, but she maintains her innocence, claiming to be a victim of a crazed killer.

As time ticks away, John becomes her steadfast ally, determined to prove her innocence, and protect her from the clutches of a relentless pursuer. Together, they search for the elusive evidence that will clear Taylor’s name and ignite a powerful connection between them. In a race against time and against the odds, they navigate a web of lies and deception, confronting their fears and discovering the strength of their faith.


Two is good. There were a few others but they didn’t have a strong appeal at the moment.

The read pile is starting to build up again and a clear out is on the agenda, soon.

Bargain book May 30, 2023

Christy Barritt has another new book coming out soon and it’s a bargain on pre-order. Book 4 was published today so we have that to read while we’re waiting for book 5.

Deceptive Shallows (Lantern Beach Exposure Book 5)

It should be the happiest day of Brandon Hale’s and Finley Cooper’s lives: the day they’re married.

But things take a turn for the worst when, moments before walking down the aisle, federal agents arrest Finley.

Brandon knows the accusations against his fiancee are false, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove her innocence. Who would set her up like this? And why?

When the two realize just how determined someone is to enact their vengeance, Brandon and Finley’s worlds are turned upside down. If they don’t find answers soon, their happy ever after will be destroyed . . . forever.


Carolyne Aarsen has a 6 book series out. Several years ago she published this as a three book series, now we get the next three books. The up side is that I will only need to read three books to get through this, and if you haven’t read the first three, you get all six of them. What a deal.

Holmes Crossing Series: Six sweet romances set in Holmes Crossing

Holmes Crossing is a place you’ll want to hunker down and lose yourself in. These six sweet romance novels will make you yearn for each characters’ happy ending as they deal with loss, family and especially, romance.

The Only Best Place, All In One Place, This Place, A Silence in the Heart, Any Man of Mine, A Place in Her Heart.


Another box set showed up with an author we’ve seen twice. I can’t remember what I thought of that experience so I guess I will have to check out these books for a refresher.

The Chestnut Ranch Cowboy Billionaire Boxed Set: Three Sweet Cowboy Billionaire Novels (Chestnut Ranch Boxed Sets Book 1)

A Cowboy and his Neighbor: Best friends and neighbors shouldn’t share a kiss… Jenna Wright grew up next-door to Chestnut Ranch and the five Johnson brothers. Her older brother was best friends with Seth Johnson, and Jenna may or may not have had a crush on the handsome cowboy in her younger years. It was a long time ago, she tells herself. Now that she’s divorced and back in town, she definitely has eyes for her best friend…

A Cowboy and his Mistletoe Kiss: He wasn’t supposed to kiss her. Can Travis and Millie find a way to turn their mistletoe kiss into true love? Travis Johnson attended the speed-dating event during Chestnut Springs’s Octoberfest and got exactly two phone numbers. One woman’s already told him there’s no spark between them. Ouch. The other has a boyfriend. Double ouch. But when Travis spots Millie at his brother’s wedding, he learns she broke up with that other guy. Perfect.

A Cowboy and his Christmas Crush: Can a Christmas crush and their mutual love of rescuing dogs bring them back together? Russ Johnson has the degree and the experience to run a ranch successfully. Not that it really matters if he doesn’t, because this cowboy billionaire’s bank account can take a hit. Too bad his heart can’t…


That’s enough new books for today, I think, it’s time to quit. Although I must say, it is awfully tempting to keep looking.

Bargain book May 29, 2023

Browsing seems to be working for me today. There is one book popping up from an author new to me and I’d like to see what his work is like.

The Long Way Home (The Davenport Series Book 1) 

He had a boat. She needed a ride. A simple lift became the adventure of a lifetime.

After being stranded in Nassau, Meg Freeman ran into Jon Davenport, an old friend from her past, who offered her a ride home on his yacht. Before making the trip, they decided to visit a deserted island and scuba dive a beautiful coral reef. While diving, they discovered evidence of an ancient shipwreck, but they weren’t the only ones looking for treasure in this tropical paradise. For some people, however, treasure didn’t mean lost gold, and who had to be hurt in the search for riches didn’t matter.


That’s it for today. So far anyway.

Loved these three May 29, 2023

I’ve just finished three in a row, books I couldn’t put down. There are several others too but we’ll look at these three first. Valerie Hansen has now been added to my favorites list. The other thing I noticed was the expiry of the bargain price, it didn’t last long that’s for sure.

The Rookie’s Assignment (Fitzgerald Bay Book 2)

Law enforcement in Fitzgerald Bay is full of Fitzgeralds, from the chief of police to brand-new detective Keira Fitzgerald. Are they tampering with a murder investigation to protect one of their own? Internal affairs detective Nick Delfino is sent undercover to investigate the powerful clan. Yet the deeper he digs, the more Nick comes to admire the Fitzgeralds…especially his rookie partner, Keira. When a killer targets Nick, can he maintain his cover, catch his attacker and protect Keira while the looming danger closes in?

My favorite aspects of this book were the great characters and the complex development of the story line.

This next one is still a bargain. The thing I love most about this story is that it is nothing like the one above. Different setting, different scenario, different characters too and all of it was awesome.

Dangerous Devotion Valerie Hansen

From the majestic Ozarks to exotic jungles, from hometown to the unknown, Jessica and Greg are running against the clock. Their love and faith put to the test, just how far must they go? And is Jess’s devotion to Greg more dangerous than the relentless enemy at their heels?

I look forward to reading more from this author.


This next one was from a favorite author and it was nothing like what I expected from her. It was an awesome surprise, definitely not your regular run-of-the-mill story and I loved it.

Blackout (Benson First Responders Book 2)

When the search for Ember’s sister lands them in the middle of a deadly scheme, there’s more than just one future on the line. Can they get to the bottom of it before it’s too late?


Now for the last three

Bargain books May 27, 2023

More never-seen books left over from yesterday.

Blackout (Benson First Responders Book 2)


A missing woman.

Cut loose from the CIA after a devastating injury, Ember Hendryx only wants one thing—to live long enough to find her missing sister. The clock is running down. She’s got the skills to do this, but she’ll need the one thing she can’t do for herself if she’s going to succeed. With no leads and little idea what her sister was into, this just might take everything she’s got. And give her a future she can’t even dream of.

An EMT with a choice to make.

Trey Banning got sidelined after he was stabbed a few weeks ago. Now he wants back on the ambulance so he can be who he is: a hero just like his dad. Except all his attempts to get his life on track again get him is social media attention he doesn’t want. His reputation is under fire, and for the first time Trey realizes he needs to change the way he lives. Helping Ember has nothing to do with furthering his career, but this side gig with Vanguard could save a life.

When the search for Ember’s sister lands them in the middle of a deadly scheme, there’s more than just one future on the line. Can they get to the bottom of it before it’s too late?


Half Truth (Squeaky Clean In Between Mysteries Book 2)

Big trouble can come in small packages . . .

Gabby St. Claire grabs the chance to check an item off her bucket list: attending an auction of unclaimed storage units and hitting a jackpot with her winning bid. But her expectations plummet faster than her bank account on Tax Day when she gets a glimpse of what she’s won.

Convinced she’s wasted her money on a risky venture, Gabby soon realizes that there’s nothing ordinary about her winning items. In fact, the contents of the storage unit appear to be evidence from a crime—a deadly one.

With a suspicious man following her and new clues discovered at every turn, Gabby must figure out what happened. But someone is out to stop Gabby. Will the killer strike again and keep the truth buried? Or can Gabby uncover the truth—the whole truth—before another death occurs?


It’s now a couple days later. The first book above is my latest read-and-loved, finished just a bit ago. It was so good.

I’ve started the second one here but switched to something else from an earlier post. Dangerous Devotion So far I’m loving it.

There was another bargain book by this author, I was unsure of it the other day but I’m going for it based on what I’ve read today of Dangerous Devotion.

Wages of Sin

An extraordinary young woman in an impossible situation, Ruby McCay’s faith is put to the ultimate test. Now responsible for her newly orphaned nephew, Ruby must turn her back on the life she once knew and loved…to protect the future of her young nephew.

On the run from an evil man who is intent on destroying her and her nephew, Ruby has to stand up to powers beyond her control and flee to one of the most terrifying places for a single woman…the Wild American West of the 1800’s!

A journey of courage requires determination, honor, love and, most importantly, faith. But no matter how dark the future seems or how lost Ruby feels, she never loses her faith in God. And in searching for safety for her innocent nephew, Ruby finds much more than she could have ever anticipated…peace, love and the home that’s she’s always desired…


That’s it for now. I was hoping for something more but it wasn’t to be. Now back to my latest read.

Bargain books May 26, 2023

I’d forgotten I’ve had the privilege of reading this author before and on seeing her pop up as a suggestion today decided on the spot that I would like to. Now I know better after a little investigation and I would still like to.

Freedom’s Flight

Annalise Van Houten knows what it’s like to live in an oppressive situation. Sent to live with her conniving aunt and uncle in Ridge Gap, Tennessee, after her parents die, she dreads the plans they have for her future. When she discovers the handsome Reverend Matthias Sorenson assisting runaway slaves, can Annalise convince him to allow her to help?

Reverend Matthias Sorenson has a heart for serving others—and freeing them. An integral part of the Faith Train, he helps free slaves. When a beautiful newcomer to his church wishes to partake in the organization, can he trust her not to endanger their lives?

Lives in jeopardy. A race against time. Will mistrust prove fatal for all involved?


Another author, new to me, showed up in my search and I’m looking forward to reading this book.

Dangerous Devotion 

Jessica was just 18 when she married the love of her life: handsome, strong, independent, Greg Dixon, who promised to always be there for her. What he didn’t tell Jessica was that he was an undercover agent, sworn to bring down a dangerous drug cartel.

In too deep, Greg had no choice but to fake his own death – the only way he could protect her – leaving Jessica alone to raise their son. Seven long years have passed since Jessica was told she was a widow…and now Greg is back, more magnetic than before, but with shocking news: someone high up in the CIA is dirty – and Jessica and their son are in terrible danger!

From the majestic Ozarks to exotic jungles, from hometown to the unknown, Jessica and Greg are running against the clock. Their love and faith put to the test, just how far must they go? And is Jess’s devotion to Greg more dangerous than the relentless enemy at their heels?


There is a second book from this author. A must have for sure.

The Rookie’s Assignment (Fitzgerald Bay Book 2) 

Law enforcement in Fitzgerald Bay is full of Fitzgeralds, from the chief of police to brand-new detective Keira Fitzgerald. Are they tampering with a murder investigation to protect one of their own?

Internal affairs detective Nick Delfino is sent undercover to investigate the powerful clan. Yet the deeper he digs, the more Nick comes to admire the Fitzgeralds…especially his rookie partner, Keira. When a killer targets Nick, can he maintain his cover, catch his attacker and protect Keira while the looming danger closes in?


There are more, amazingly, but I will save them for the next post. It’s been a good day.

Free and bargain books May 24, 2023

I found free and bargain books from an author we see and appreciate often. I’m excited.

Watch Over Me: An international romantic thriller with Hero Protector and a woman on the run (Global Guardians Book 1)

Emotionally wounded hero, a woman with a secret, this forced proximity romance will have you on the edge of your seat.
*Susie writes a delightful story! -NYT bestselling author Dee Henderson.

Her best friends are murdered and a serial killer is on her tail, and she’s got a secret that could save millions of lives. The last person Gracie Benson is about to trust is a cynical Russian FSB agent.

Pursued by his own demons, Vicktor isn’t going to let the killer escape, not again. But his plans for payback are suddenly threatened when he has to choose between justice or saving the woman he loves.


The Perfect Match (Deep Haven Book 3)

Ellie Karlson is new to Deep Haven. As the town’s interim fire chief, she is determined to lead the local macho fire crew in spite of their misconceptions about her. But when someone begins setting deadly fires, Ellie faces the biggest challenge of her life. Especially when sparks fly with one of the volunteers on her crew: Pastor Dan Matthews.

As Ellie battles to do her job and win the respect of her crew, she finds that there is one fire she can’t fight—the one Dan has set in her heart.


In tonight’s travels I stumbled over another one I’m excited about. Different author but someone we’ve enjoyed before. I’m wishing I was between books so I could start in on one of these three.

Sycamore Circle (The Rumors in Ross County Series Book 2)

There’s a lot going on in Joy Howard’s life. She’s got an ex-husband who starts acting like he doesn’t want to be an ex anymore, a sixteen-year-old daughter in need of a guiding hand and a lot of rides to dance practice, more orders for paintings than she has time to paint, and a roster of tutoring clients who sometimes need far more than she can give.

What she doesn’t have is time for a new relationship.

Samuel “Bo” Beauman is a lot of things. He’s a counselor for transitioning ex-cons, a good friend to many, a construction worker, a brother and son, and even a part-time model for a high-end sportswear catalog. He’s also a man searching for redemption.

One thing he isn’t is a man in need of a girlfriend.

But none of that seems to matter when Bo hears Joy’s kind voice in a crowded coffee shop. He instantly knows she’s someone he wants to know better. The two of them hit it off—much to the dismay of practically everyone they know—but Bo doesn’t care what other people think. He feels at peace whenever he’s with Joy, and he won’t let her go without a fight.

When Joy starts getting mysterious texts and phone calls from unknown numbers, she tries to ignore it. But instead of going away, the messages escalate and Joy realizes she can’t handle it alone. But she is juggling a jealous ex-husband, a handful of students with little to lose, and a brand-new boyfriend who spent several years behind bars. Who can she trust?


It has been a good day!

Bargain book May 23, 2023

We have one to start with, and maybe there will be more, on this browsing day. Hopefully. We’ve had a few from this first author and I’m looking forward to this one too.

Deadly Evidence (Mount Shasta Secrets Book 1)

A dangerous reunion they may not survive

In this Mount Shasta Secrets novel

FBI agent Tori Peterson intends to find her sister’s murderer, even if someone’s willing to kill her to keep the truth hidden. But that means returning home and working with the lead detective—her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Bradley. Though sparks still fly between them, Tori and Ryan must stay focused on catching a killer…before they are silenced for good.


Well, this is it. Despite my best effort nothing else has popped up. One is still better than none, though. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Clear out time again May 22, 2023

It’s that time again, to clear out the growing stockpile of read books.

This first one is the most recent and it turned out to be more engaging than first expected. It was a family saga with lots of drama and an interesting twist which meant pretty much nothing turned out the way I thought it would. I loved it. Another part of the intrigue, family secrets, lots of them. It was the fresh take on family life and that provided the attractive element.

Going to the Water 

A Place and a Story That Will Take Your Breath Away

Mama always said our lives were ghost stories—metaphors—to hide the truth behind.

And so begins the struggle Isla Weehunt—wife of wealthy chicken farmer, Scott Weehunt—encounters to keep her family buried in the past and her secrets well hidden. But plans, no matter how well thought out, have a way of taking their own paths.

Isla receives a call late one Friday night that rocks her perfectly crafted life. Velvet, her estranged sister of seventeen years, has died in what appears to be an arson, leaving behind a teenage son, Randal, and a tangled mess of murder and chaos. Isla never thought she would return to Nantahala, to the sweet, rugged gorge of her childhood. And taking her nephew into her life was certainly never on her agenda. The thought of conversing with her mother, devastated by Alzheimer’s, seems out of reach. But there are questions that need answering about Velvet’s death and hidden stories that go back generations.

Isla’s life will change whether she embraces it or not.


This next one was a keeper too. I wanted it to go on much longer than it did and I hope to see more from this author. Both of these books are a first exposure to these authors and I was impressed with them both.

MAYA HOPE: A Medical Thriller (A Dr. Nicklaus Hart Novel Book 1)

A doctor stumbling through life. A North Korean bioterrorist plot.
The two collide in an unforgettable tale.

Dr. Nicklaus Hart, a gifted trauma surgeon, searches for meaning in his life. His self-reliant spirit is broken with the death of his missionary best friend, found sacrificed at the base of a Maya Temple. Going to Guatemala to fill the shoes of his friend at the mission hospital, he discovers God’s redemption and peace in the smiles of the children he cares for. But his own life is in danger as he and his team stumble onto a deadly North Korean plot.

As Nick delves into the mystery of his friend’s death, he exposes the very cause of the extermination of the Maya race…a virus which is about to be released upon the entire world through a bioterrorist scheme of global proportions. Will Nick and his team stop them in time?

Maya Hope is the first book in a series of skillfully crafted medical thrillers. If you like fast-paced adventure, international settings, sizzling medical suspense, then you’ll love this heart-pounding thriller by Timothy Browne.


Now, finally, a whole bunch of well appreciated reads.


Bargain books May 18, 2023

Today is a browsing day and we have at least one book from one of our popular authors. We’ve seen two enjoyable books from this series and expect good things from this one too.

Lineage of Corruption: Page-Turning Romantic Suspense (Coventry Saga) 

In the world of big money and big politics, nobody walks away unscathed.

The people of Coventry never suspect that Josie Smith, owner of the local coffee shop, is the daughter of a powerful senator. She went to Washington to serve constituents, but her desire to do good morphed into a desire to win at all costs. When one of those costs grew too heavy to bear, she changed her name and left DC, vowing to never get involved in politics again. But when her father becomes his party’s lone voice standing against corrupt legislation, his enemies will do whatever it takes to get his vote, and Josie finds herself caught in a familiar web of malicious tactics.

Thomas Windham never planned to run for office, but when Coventry’s disgraced mayor is replaced by a dishonest appointee, Thomas can’t stand to see his town torn apart by corruption. He feels he has no choice but to throw his hat in the ring. He doesn’t have a chance in the mayoral race against the well-known politician, that is until he meets Josie, who knows more about running for office than a typical café owner would.

When Josie is threatened by two masked men, she and Thomas form an alliance—her wisdom for his protection. The election becomes secondary as Josie’s adversaries escalate their attacks. How can she and Thomas withstand enemies determined to get what they want at any cost?


This next one found is from an author we’ve seen once before. It takes multiple exposures to gain a solid opinion on someone so it’s nice to see another one of her books show up for us.

One Final Breath (Dive Team Investigations Book #3)

When investigator Gabriel Chavez had his cover blown by an aggressive reporter, the silver lining was being able to rejoin the dive team. The downside? Dive team captain Anissa Bell–a woman who both fascinates and frustrates him.

Anissa grew up as a missionary kid on the Micronesian island of Yap and always planned to return after college. But she remained stateside, determined to solve the case that haunts her–the murder of her best friend and the disappearance of a three-year-old child.

When Anissa’s fractured past collides with Gabe’s investigation into the tragic shooting death of a teenage boy in Lake Porter, they’ll have to put their complicated history with each other aside in order to uncover the identity of a killer. What they’ll discover is that revenge has no statute of limitations.


This is a good day. It looks like Christy Barritt has another pre-order book about to come out.

Troubled Graves (Lantern Beach Exposure Book 4) 

As a resident at Hope House, Gunner Mathias is trying to come to terms with how his life has completely derailed after his last mission as a SEAL.

Noelle Henderson never thought when she took the job at Ocean Essence Cosmetics in Lantern Beach that the choice would lead her back to the man from both her most wonderful dreams and her worst nightmares. Gunner saved her once. Can she help him now? Or will trouble from their past destroy them both first?


It has been a good day, and I’m done. It’s time again to pick a new read. Decisions, decisions. Too many choices right now, it’s hard to decide.

I really like the book just finished. I’ll mention it soon.