One Free book November 10, 2019

Just one FREE today. Courtesy BookRunes daily suggestions. Both the author and the book are new to me _______________________________________ It's Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the USA, tomorrow, November 11th. A day to remember all of the soldiers who served to protect us through the decades. Our soldiers fought to protect other countries as well … Continue reading One Free book November 10, 2019

Free and bargain books November 8, 2019

This mornings BookBub suggestion is a bargain book at $0.99 Christmas Roses. I first met author, Amanda Cabot, in one of my favorite book collection series using five contributors. I really enjoy her writing. The story line is similar to other books just like it but the style and expression of thought makes it unique. I love it when the first few pages … Continue reading Free and bargain books November 8, 2019

Free books November 4, 2019

BookBub's suggestion this morning has been free before and is FREE again. A historical novel about life for USA pioneers travelling across the country by wagon train. Wagon Train Baby The trip is difficult for anyone but it's even harder for a young woman travelling alone. The wagon master's rules say a woman isn't allowed to travel with his group unless under the protection of … Continue reading Free books November 4, 2019