Free books October 31, 2019

Today we have a nice selection of FREE books courtesy of LPC Book’s weekly email.

Four books this time; Her Deadly Reunion, A Rifle By The Door, A Musket in My Hands, and the last one mentioned yesterday courtesy of the author and again today by LPC books –  Kill Order. I’ve read the first two and can give them my stamp of approval. I’m looking forward to checking out the last two.

There is also a FREE book today courtesy of a BookBub suggestion, Blue Christmas. Amazon  reminds me it would have been enjoyed in 2012 but I’m looking forward to enjoying it again. I could use a few more Christmas stories right about now. It’s never too early.

Her Deadly Reunion

Her Deadly Reunion

A Rifle By The Door

A Rifle by the Door

A Musket In My Hands

A Musket in my Hands

Kill Order

Kill Order

BookBub’s welcome suggestion today

Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas

Diane Moody is one of my favorite authors, I enjoy all of her books. Hope you do too.

Happy Reading!



Two Free books October 30, 2019

Two FREE books and one recommendation. Well, three free books actually, counting the two today and one from yesterday.

The first one is via BookRunes and the second via an author I follow – Adam Blumer. (It sounds like he lives in an area with a climate similar to ours, it looks like they had a light dusting of snow too.)  The first two books are written by men, something I notice happening more and more in the kind of stories I’m drawn to. Very cool. Kindled Love and Kill Order

The third book is a recommendation, the thriller from yesterday. I wasn’t  sure about it at download but it turns out I’m half-way through and hooked. The way it’s written, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of angst to trigger negative emotional responses in me. I think maybe that’s why I can enjoy it even though the story has them hiding from a killer. It’s still free if you are interested in checking it out. Deadly Alliances

Kindled Love

Kill Order

Recommendation from yesterday

Deadly Alliances

Happy Reading… I hope you are loving it as much as I am today.

Free books October 29, 2019

Two Free books, one from yesterday and a new one today.

One of yesterday’s books was All of You and I was uncertain about it because the author was unfamiliar. Well, I’m reading it and loving it. It’s still FREE so I had to mention it again.

All of You

Jack (Jacqueline) restores vintage planes and, she is in danger at the hands of an abusive ex-fiancé. There is a parallel story in this tale – the life of WWII women delivering aircraft to wherever they are needed to help win the war.

A client is contracting Jack to restore a fighter plane used in the Second World War. The present and past are connected somehow. I haven’t read far enough to have that figured out yet.

In the meantime, her deployed brother is desperate to make sure his sister is protected from her abuser. He’s begged/guilted his wounded and sidelined partner Michael into providing her protection. A challenge. The difficulty with this plan: aside from the impairment of his injuries, she’s resisting his help.

This story has pulled me in, no question. Had to share.

The second FREE book looks interesting, after checking it out a little.

Deadly Alliances

I’m not sure about this one either but the first few pages drew me in.

Her brother is in witness protection for living through the murder of his young colleague. The shooter locked eyes with him and would have killed Prosecutor Reilly Tanner too if sirens hadn’t arrived in time to scare him off .

Even in protection, Reilly’s life is in danger of  assassins and his sister is determined to find ways protect him.

Meet Milana Tanner, Deputy US Marshall.

It will be interesting to see if this keeps me reading all the way through. I hope it does.

Happy Reading, everyone!

P.S. it’s snowing 🙂

Free book October 28, 2019, and a weather update

One FREE book today, courtesy of BookBub’s daily email. All of You

It is mindboggling, the number of new authors out there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see so many developing their skills, and using their imagination to provide us with enticing reading material. It’s just hard to keep up with an answer for the do I like this author question.

Confusion popped up again this morning with the free book and another unfamiliar author name. Checking my history, there was a book in 2016 called The Isaac Project and Amazon says I read it. Looking at the cover, I think I did like it. This new one should be likeable too, I think.

There aren’t that many disliked among the chances I take but there are a few. Since my memory seems to be foggy this far down the road, maybe it would be helpful  to delete the disliked and eliminate the uncertainty. Sounds like a plan.

In the meantime, I expect All of You should be a good read.

All of You

Working a career in a guys world, Jacquelyn restores vintage planes and has enough stresses in her own life. She doesn’t need the complication of someone else’s emotional baggage.

Michael’s military career is cut short with severe injuries. He is unable to work but he can fulfil his promise to protect his friend’s baby sister.

Looks like there could be conflict on the horizon.

Weather update:

It looks like our above freezing weather is coming to an end. There have been a few nights with heavy frost but it burned off in the morning sunlight. The day time temps  have now dropped below freezing too. At the moment it’s -3c.

Last evening light dry snow started falling, enough to cover the deck. It’s still here, with more light snow expected. Winter is almost here to stay.

I was counting up the months we had to garden this summer. Mid May to nearly the end of October. About five months. Well, that’s stretching it a bit because about a month of that is only good for spring or fall cleanup. Not warm enough for doing any growing.


I was looking through the many winter photos clogging up my phone memory. Good memories. The best is yet to come, snow is beautiful in the middle of winter.

Anyway, enough about weather.

Happy Reading!





Free book October 27, 2019

If you are into thrillers, Nick Thacker has one on free this morning, The Jefferson Legacy (brought to my attention by BookBub.)

I started following Nick Thacker in 2016, although I must admit I haven’t kept it up. He enjoys connecting with his followers and puts a lot of effort into it. I was engaged at first but couldn’t keep up with his pace and all the new books he puts out. I would encourage you to follow him if you are looking for authors who like a lot of interaction.

I enjoy thrillers, now and again. That’s the part that causes trouble, the now and again. My capacity to read thrillers is smaller than my tendency to download them. My TBR pile is daunting and I’ve given up hope, trying to keep up. I justify the downloads with the I’m supporting the authors argument. And who knows, maybe I will read them someday.

I’ve downloaded five of Nick’s books and read two. The thing I like most about his writing – his imagination. Many times, reading The Amazon Code, I was left thinking – how do you come up with this stuff? There is one scene indelibly impressed on my mind. Harvey Bennett (protagonist) is running for his life and finds himself trapped in a jungle canyon with absolutely no where to go. I think… he’s dead. Not. Nick’s mind figured a bizarre way out and, amazingly, it works.

There is nothing predictable in the two books I did read.

The Amazon Code (Harvey Bennett Series book 2)

The Amazon Code

The Ice Chasm (Harvey Bennett series book 3)

The Ice Chasm


The FREE book today, unread by me since 2018 is –

The Jefferson Legacy (Harvey Bennett series book 4)

The Jefferson Legacy

Check it out and see what you think.



Free books October 26, 2019

I think I must be losing it. I’m pretty sure I’ve come across a book by this duo recently, Melanie Wilber author and Kevin Wilber editor. It sticks in my mind because it’s unusual to see credit listed as author and editor never mind that they are a husband and wife team. I’ve searched my download history but come up empty, so far anyway. Bottom line, there is a vague memory of their names but I don’t remember the book itself. If I did read it I  can’t say if I liked it or not. It seems strange their names don’t appear anywhere on the cover.

So, three FREE books today!

BookRunes daily email suggested this book Wildflowers


Then, while I was trying to figure things out I stumbled across this book by the same authors Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas

If it turns out you like Melanie and Kevin Wilber books, they are a prolific duo on Amazon.

Of course, the search also lead to another book (different author) I recognized from 2015 (it’s lovely that Amazon always tells me the purchase date) so we may as well add it to the list today too. Forever Dreams

Forever Dreams

A New Zealand school teacher arrives on a Montana cattle ranch, secretly searching for her missing father.

Happy Saturday and Happy Reading.


Two Free books October 25, 2019

Two FREE books today. Searching Amazon.

Amanda Tru is one of my new favorite authors and I’m looking forward to re-reading Baggage Claim. I’m always on the lookout for one of her books to add to my collection.

Baggage Claim


Julie C. Gilbert is new to me although I think she may have been involved in one of the Collections books I’ve read recently. At this point I have no opinions on her work so need to read this to find one. I’m always looking for clean and well written, with a good story to tell. I hope this is all of that.

The Collins Case

Happy Friday Reading!

Free books October 24, 2019

It’s easy to pass up on chocolate… but it’s a struggle, for me, to pass up on books. All I needed was one or two to go with BookBub’s single enticing suggestion this morning. It was tough to leave without peeking through the rest of the free pages and the temptation to return to the site has been pestering me off and on all day. It’s a good thing I didn’t have time to go back, my TBR list is growing longer by the day.

So, there are eight books this time and I’ve read half of them. They were fun reads, for the most part, Murder in Mind looks like it could be a little scary. I hope the rest are OK, with no surprises. It always feels like I’m taking a big chance, not reading them first. Fingers crossed.

Courageous LoveMurder on Half Moon Bay

Foreclosedmurder in mind

New ones to savor

Sunset in the MistsA Doctor's Promise

The Lies That Save UsThicker than Blood

Happy reading!








Free books for October 23, 2019

Exciting news, the email is here for LPC Books (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.) There is a tight timeline on these offers, they will only be available through the 25th so you will need to hurry.

Fall Flip is a recently published book. There was a pre-publish copy available from the author a number of weeks ago and this book is on my read (red) and enjoyed list. Several months ago if I remember correctly.

Fall Flip

Remnants, and its author Stan Poel, sounds familiar to me but I’m not finding it quickly in my lists so it will have to be read to solve the memory puzzle.


Ann Tatlock shows up fairly often on my TBR list and I’m looking forward to A Room of My Own. A historical novel looking at the Great Depression (1930’s) through the eyes of a child.

A Room of My Own

In A Pirate’s Debt has been offered up in these emails more than once and it’s also a read-and-enjoyed book. If I remember right this was a fun read but not without peril and excitement.

In a Pirate's debt

Sticks and Stones is also a repeat offering so if you don’t have it yet, now’s your chance.

Sticks and Stones

This is a nice selection of books today… enjoy.



Free Books October 22, 2019

A couple of FREE books today, courtesy of BookBub’s daily email.

Blake Pierce books have shown up here before, he is a prolific writer and works hard to get his books noticed. They usually pop up every six months or so. Psychological Suspense is the genre.

Next Door is a Chloe Fine Mystery book 1

Next Door

Once Gone is book 1 in the Riley Paige mystery series

Once Gone

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for book selections, we haven’t heard from LPC books in a while, tomorrow could be the day. It’s fun having choices.

Happy Reading