Free book October 27, 2019

If you are into thrillers, Nick Thacker has one on free this morning, The Jefferson Legacy (brought to my attention by BookBub.)

I started following Nick Thacker in 2016, although I must admit I haven’t kept it up. He enjoys connecting with his followers and puts a lot of effort into it. I was engaged at first but couldn’t keep up with his pace and all the new books he puts out. I would encourage you to follow him if you are looking for authors who like a lot of interaction.

I enjoy thrillers, now and again. That’s the part that causes trouble, the now and again. My capacity to read thrillers is smaller than my tendency to download them. My TBR pile is daunting and I’ve given up hope, trying to keep up. I justify the downloads with the I’m supporting the authors argument. And who knows, maybe I will read them someday.

I’ve downloaded five of Nick’s books and read two. The thing I like most about his writing – his imagination. Many times, reading The Amazon Code, I was left thinking – how do you come up with this stuff? There is one scene indelibly impressed on my mind. Harvey Bennett (protagonist) is running for his life and finds himself trapped in a jungle canyon with absolutely no where to go. I think… he’s dead. Not. Nick’s mind figured a bizarre way out and, amazingly, it works.

There is nothing predictable in the two books I did read.

The Amazon Code (Harvey Bennett Series book 2)

The Amazon Code

The Ice Chasm (Harvey Bennett series book 3)

The Ice Chasm


The FREE book today, unread by me since 2018 is –

The Jefferson Legacy (Harvey Bennett series book 4)

The Jefferson Legacy

Check it out and see what you think.



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