Free books October 26, 2019

I think I must be losing it. I’m pretty sure I’ve come across a book by this duo recently, Melanie Wilber author and Kevin Wilber editor. It sticks in my mind because it’s unusual to see credit listed as author and editor never mind that they are a husband and wife team. I’ve searched my download history but come up empty, so far anyway. Bottom line, there is a vague memory of their names but I don’t remember the book itself. If I did read it I  can’t say if I liked it or not. It seems strange their names don’t appear anywhere on the cover.

So, three FREE books today!

BookRunes daily email suggested this book Wildflowers


Then, while I was trying to figure things out I stumbled across this book by the same authors Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas

If it turns out you like Melanie and Kevin Wilber books, they are a prolific duo on Amazon.

Of course, the search also lead to another book (different author) I recognized from 2015 (it’s lovely that Amazon always tells me the purchase date) so we may as well add it to the list today too. Forever Dreams

Forever Dreams

A New Zealand school teacher arrives on a Montana cattle ranch, secretly searching for her missing father.

Happy Saturday and Happy Reading.


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