Mixed bag of Free books October 21, 2019

Free books this morning comes from a mixed bag of sources. BookBub, BookRunes, and Jennifer Youngblood, author. Most of the books are written in a style that is, admittedly, not my favorite - lighter romance often involving the rich and the famous. They are well written so can't be faulted on that level, personal preference is simply the issue … Continue reading Mixed bag of Free books October 21, 2019

Free books Oct 01, 2019

Well, this morning's daily emails from BookBub and BookRunes did not have anything   exciting to offer so I decided to do something I haven't done in a while.  I went trolling  on Amazon looking to see what they have for free books. With better than expected  results, too. Fishing was so good I wanted to keep going until the good picks were exhausted. Rational … Continue reading Free books Oct 01, 2019


Collections have been very popular this winter season, and there were many to choose from. More than I could possibly read before winter is over so I had to show some restraint. I've always enjoyed collections. Especially the ones with various authors, because their individual styles make the flavor of the story change. The more books the better, is … Continue reading Collections

Reading, and Writing

One of the discussions happening yesterday was centered around the question; what place does reading hold in the life of a successful writer? My comment was - I agree with previous comments, reading is essential to good writing. Today I feel compelled to go back and expand on that thought, but the moment has passed. I am bursting to share more about this discussion because … Continue reading Reading, and Writing