Free and bargain books February 14, 2020

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion that showed up a couple of months ago. It’s always good to see books come back for another look. I did read this one too.

The Renovation: (Fulton Ridge Series book 3) 

The Renovation

Amazon quote:


Donovan hasn’t dated since he wrecked the last two attempts. But when he sees Elizabeth, he rethinks his ‘no dating’ policy.

Starting over in a new town means Elizabeth needs to build friendships. When her roommate invites her to join the home improvement ministry, she gets more than she bargained for. Even though she gets a warning to stay away from her new best friend’s ex-boyfriend, she discovers that romance can be healing.

Life in Fulton Ridge gets better until gossips ruin her plans.


Author Chautona Havig has a Friday Freebie (it will be FREE for several days.) I think this cover would show up better on a paperback copy but the inside will read well just the same.

Speak Now, Chautona Havig

Speak Now

Amazon quote:

They met at a wedding and his children stole her heart. What started as a polite dance at the reception initiated a whirlwind romance. He admires her heart–not to mention her beauty. She feels more comfortable with him than anyone she’s ever met.

Their chemistry–so intense that they can’t risk affection. Their temptation threshold is simply too narrow to risk.

Cara has a unique talent for making anyone feel at ease. Jonathan prefers to listen rather than speak.

But some things must be spoken–never assumed.


Amazon browsing offers this bargain book  at a $1.32 CDN

Gotta Have Faith: A Seven Virtues Ranch Romance Book 1

Gotta Have Faith

Amazon quote:

Can a small town cowgirl and a big-time city boy risk a second chance at happily ever after?

Faith Goodacre has overcome major obstacles to save her family and bring Seven Virtues Ranch back from the brink of disaster.

So when her high school sweetheart shows up out of the blue hoping to win back her heart – oh, and he’s bought the ranch next door – her tightly wound world suddenly spins out of her control.

Cordell Overman is back, and he’s ready to face his past and make things right. But he’s got a whole town to convince that this time around, he’s here to stay.


1531 Entertainment has a FREE suggestion for us today. This book is new to me and the author is too. I like new.

Sarah’s Smile (The Daughters of Riverton Book 1) 

Sarah's Smile

Amazon quote:

Romance. Heartbreak. Scandal. Secrets. Second Chances.

In 1902, Sarah McCall is waiting to leave for the mission field when the man she once loved steps back into her life. Abandoned as a child by her mother and gambler father, she strives to overcome a tarnished history she didn’t create and a heartbreak she can’t forget.

Peter Caswell returns to his Wisconsin hometown a pastor, dedicated to his four-year-old daughter and new congregation. But no matter how hard he tries to move on with his life, he can’t forgive himself for his wife’s death.

When Sarah learns that Peter is returning to Riverton, the letter giving her departure date for Africa can’t come soon enough for her. They were best friends—she loved him and supported his dreams—but he married another and broke her heart. Although ten years have passed since he left Riverton, Peter hopes Sarah still cares enough to give him a second chance. But a charming newcomer pursues her affections—and Sarah’s childhood nemesis manipulates her way into Peter’s life. Will Sarah and Peter find their way to forgiveness and each other, or will past mistakes make a life together impossible?


One last bargain ($1.32 CDN), I couldn’t resist. It doesn’t look like all the rest and that has me hopeful. We have seen this author before, though.

Remember Me: (Chapel Cove Romances Book 1)

Remember Me

Amazon quote:

Heath Brock has been in love with Clarise for over twenty-seven years and counting. As a young man, he’d plucked up the courage to ask her out on a Valentine’s date, but the couple succumbed to pent-up passions, sending Clarise dashing for the other side of the country.

He’d held out hope of Clarise’s return, but buries his feelings for his childhood sweetheart when he learns she’s married.

Almost penniless, divorced, and with nowhere to go, Clarise returns home to Chapel Cove, her future uncertain. 

With Clarise back in town, Heath is determined not to repeat past mistakes, but if he has anything to say about it, never again will he lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

Welcome to Chapel Cove, Oregon, where life begins at forty.


Today’s abundance makes up for the slime pickings of yesterday, which is very nice.

My current read was More Than Meets the Eye but I left it for Gotta Have Faith. Hopefully I’ll finish one of them, not sure yet if that’s gonna happen.

More Than Meets the EyeGotta Have Faith

Happy Reading y’all.

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