No new free and bargain books February 16, 2020

I’m currently reading Speak Now, it’s still free, and I’m loving it. The setting, the life situations of the characters, and the direction things are taking them make the story appealing but….

The thing I love most about this story is the way it is being developed. Two things; first Chautona is using an awesome tool that is working very well for her. Unspoken communication. So much can be said with inference, reducing long paragraphs of mind numbing conversation to simple sentences. She’s got it just right and it works.

The second thing is character development. The two main characters are emerging layer by layer. The strong picture the opening scenes create is constantly changing with each new revelation. I’m at 15% of the book and realizing – I have no idea who these people really are. And I’m loving them.

This is one of my favorite Chautona books.

Speak Now, Chautona Havig

Speak Now

They met at a wedding and his children stole her heart. What started as a polite dance at the reception initiated a whirlwind romance. He admires her heart–not to mention her beauty. She feels more comfortable with him than anyone she’s ever met.


After an extensive Amazon search, I’ve not found anything else new and interesting in the Free and bargain range. I guess this is about it for today then. I’m hoping this won’t be a huge disappointment for you and that you still have something interesting waiting in your TBR pile.

My weather app says it’s cloudy here today but at the moment the sun is shining and life looks cheerful. A perfect time to refresh my coffee and go back to my book.

Maybe a little later I can come up with a read and enjoyed post. It would be a very good idea if I could since another backlog of read books is starting to accumulate.

In the meantime, Happy Reading to you!

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