Bargain books June 09, 2020

Following an unlikely trail of crumbs, I happened upon clean Regency novels last night. At bargain prices. With unfamiliar authors. They look interesting and definitely worth a try.

The Nobleman’s Governess Bride (The Glass Slipper Chronicles Book 1) $0.99

The Nobelman's Governess Bride

Amazon quote:

In the novella “The Viscount Meets His Match” Sebastian Viscount Benedict knows from bitter experience that marrying a woman of lower rank and fortune brings nothing but heartache. He is determined to prevent his beloved brother from making the same mistake by wedding the local squire’s daughter. Rebecca Beaton disagrees. She is certain her former pupil, Hermione, truly loves the viscount’s brother and will make him a devoted wife. She tries to persuade formidable Lord Benedict to give the young couple his blessing.

In the novel The Baron’s Governess Bride, Rupert Lord Steadwell is determined to hire the dowdiest, most unmarriageable woman he can find to care for his motherless daughters. The girls were heartbroken when their last governess eloped and Rupert does not want to risk a repetition. In her drab clothes, frumpy cap and spectacles, Grace Ellerby look like the ideal person for the job.

Rupert has no idea that clever, caring Miss Ellerby is a beauty in disguise. Alarmed by unwanted advances from men in her previous positions, Grace is desperate to hide her dangerously attractive appearance and her growing feelings for her new employer. But when Lord Steadwell appears in danger of making a loveless marriage and saddling his daughters with a dreaded stepmother, Grace must risk everything to prevent it. Will a midnight kiss at a masked ball lead to scandal and ruin or might two wary hearts find their happily ever after at last?


The Reclusive Duke $0.99

The Reclusive Duke

Amazon quote:

The Reclusive Duke
When Lydia Sinclair is left to care for the orphaned children of her sister she discovers they are distant relatives of The Duke of Hemingford. With the last few coins she possesses she buys seats on a common stage for all five of them, determined to persuade the duke to assume responsibility for his cousins. The duke has no wish to have these unwanted relatives foisted on him, since his accident he shuns society.
However, Digby, his man of business, has other ideas and installs Lydia and the children in The Dower House.
Will the duke evict them when he discovers this deception or can Lydia get him to change his mind?


The Duke and the Spinster: Clean Regency Romance (The Nettlefold Chronicles Book 1)  $1.30

The Duke and The Spinster

Amazon quote:

Lady Juliana Willoughby, whose first Season was such a disaster that it was her last, finds herself at a country house party, all for her pretty sister’s benefit. She expects nothing more than to hide away in corners, and avoid socialising, sure that no man would ever want to marry such as her.

Garrett Rutherford, Duke of Kilmerstan, needs to marry, and get an heir. But he has yet to meet a woman he does not flinch from, even though some pursue him relentlessly. Dragged to the house party for his sister’s benefit, he expects nothing but boredom. Then he sees Lady Juliana.

But there are others at the house party who have less than honourable intentions towards both the Duke and Lady Juliana.


BookBub has a sensitively written bargain suggestion for us. I’ve not read this author yet but browsing through her Acknowledgement page I’m impressed with her tender heart.

The Birthday Portrait (The Family Portrait) $0.99

The Birhday Portrait

Amazon quote:

When overwhelmed with growing up without Mama, will young Kate survive?

As Kate’s eleventh birthday approaches, she fears no one will remember her tradition of dressing up in her mother’s heirloom wedding gown for her birthday portrait. She grieves that their handprints won’t be on the back of the birthday photograph, and there’ll be no special letter from her mother to go in her Book of My Life this year. Precocious Kate gets a few more life’s-not-always-fair lessons as she struggles and finds the courage to ask the hard questions about life.

A divinely-appointed encounter with the mysterious and elusive Mr. Josh aids in her dilemma but requires of her an innocent faith that will satisfy her deepest questions, will raise a few more, and will change her life forever. Kate’s story is the story of a family—a story blending joy and sorrow, death and new life, the joys and hope that children bring, the wisdom elders offer, the value of family traditions, and the mystery of life that remains unanswered.


I’m currently reading and enjoying the first one in this list. There are two stories, a novella and a full length novel. About to move on to the novel.

The Nobelman's Governess Bride


Happy Reading

… on this wet and stormy week. A perfect time to read.

I’m sure the sun is shining somewhere today. Maybe it’s at your house. I’m thinking tropical beaches as I’m looking out at our grey skies.

It could be depressing but we need the rain on our parched flower beds and fields of grain. That’s the bright side.

It will be easier to pull weeds when the sun comes out again.  Liking it.

OK enough window gazing. Back to breakfast and my book.

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