Random thoughts on a Friday night.

It’s a disappointing book day but I’m loving the view of my garden on this sunny day.

Part of the reason for today’s disappointment, other than the lack of interesting suggestions – is the erotica the Amazon logarithms insist on showing me. They haven’t figured out that offense causes me to spend less time browsing and downloading not more.

Maybe their overall sales are down and they are making a concerted effort to boost the numbers with what they believe the consumer wants. I don’t suppose they will notice but it’s backfiring, at least with some of us. And I would wager it’s happening more often than they realize. Many people are on the fence when it comes to reading, they do very little over the course of the year. The fight needed to find something worth reading is pushing away rather than drawing in new readers.

I didn’t plan to say any of this when I started this post but I am steamed over the stuff Amazon keeps pushing on me. The logarithms are supposed to keep track of my likes and show me ads and suggestions that reflect the same. They are not. It’s like showing you choices you hate when you’re shopping for food. Highly annoying.  It’s enough to make you lose your appetite and send you to some other more satisfying vendor

On the upside, with fewer downloads I’m better able to catch up on the backlog of books waiting to be read. I guess you could say they are doing me a big favor.


I have had several time consuming things on the agenda this week to keep me from reading and blogging.

One is my high maintenance yard. It was in need of a make over and now most of the planting and moving things around has happened. Hopefully the last of it will be finished  this long weekend. That’s the goal, anyway. The weeds are not as prolific this late in the season either and that’s got me feeling encouraged. Maybe I can do this. Have it looking beautiful and then keep it that way. I am pleased with the changes and I love the new look.

Another perk in spending a lot of time out doors. The best tan I’ve had in my adult life. It’s mostly on my arms but hey, it’s still good. Improved muscle tone after a passive winter hasn’t hurt (much) either.

The other nice thing about time outside is neighborly conversations. This has been the best summer ever in that regard.


The second time consuming thing this week has been my job.  There have been some challenging projects pop up and one of the upsides to that has been time spent working with colleagues to figure things out. I’ve enjoyed the challenge and the chance to work with others. It’s been great.


This is the before picture of the flower bed on the left and the empty spot in the back by the hydro pole. They are both sporting new plants. I’ll try for new pictures of the upgrades tomorrow.



I’m currently still reading this collection. I’m finally on book 5, just started.

The Newpointe 911 collection


Until tomorrow…

Happy reading!

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