Free book October 28, 2019, and a weather update

One FREE book today, courtesy of BookBub’s daily email. All of You

It is mindboggling, the number of new authors out there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see so many developing their skills, and using their imagination to provide us with enticing reading material. It’s just hard to keep up with an answer for the do I like this author question.

Confusion popped up again this morning with the free book and another unfamiliar author name. Checking my history, there was a book in 2016 called The Isaac Project and Amazon says I read it. Looking at the cover, I think I did like it. This new one should be likeable too, I think.

There aren’t that many disliked among the chances I take but there are a few. Since my memory seems to be foggy this far down the road, maybe it would be helpful  to delete the disliked and eliminate the uncertainty. Sounds like a plan.

In the meantime, I expect All of You should be a good read.

All of You

Working a career in a guys world, Jacquelyn restores vintage planes and has enough stresses in her own life. She doesn’t need the complication of someone else’s emotional baggage.

Michael’s military career is cut short with severe injuries. He is unable to work but he can fulfil his promise to protect his friend’s baby sister.

Looks like there could be conflict on the horizon.

Weather update:

It looks like our above freezing weather is coming to an end. There have been a few nights with heavy frost but it burned off in the morning sunlight. The day time temps  have now dropped below freezing too. At the moment it’s -3c.

Last evening light dry snow started falling, enough to cover the deck. It’s still here, with more light snow expected. Winter is almost here to stay.

I was counting up the months we had to garden this summer. Mid May to nearly the end of October. About five months. Well, that’s stretching it a bit because about a month of that is only good for spring or fall cleanup. Not warm enough for doing any growing.


I was looking through the many winter photos clogging up my phone memory. Good memories. The best is yet to come, snow is beautiful in the middle of winter.

Anyway, enough about weather.

Happy Reading!





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