Free books October 29, 2019

Two Free books, one from yesterday and a new one today.

One of yesterday’s books was All of You and I was uncertain about it because the author was unfamiliar. Well, I’m reading it and loving it. It’s still FREE so I had to mention it again.

All of You

Jack (Jacqueline) restores vintage planes and, she is in danger at the hands of an abusive ex-fiancé. There is a parallel story in this tale – the life of WWII women delivering aircraft to wherever they are needed to help win the war.

A client is contracting Jack to restore a fighter plane used in the Second World War. The present and past are connected somehow. I haven’t read far enough to have that figured out yet.

In the meantime, her deployed brother is desperate to make sure his sister is protected from her abuser. He’s begged/guilted his wounded and sidelined partner Michael into providing her protection. A challenge. The difficulty with this plan: aside from the impairment of his injuries, she’s resisting his help.

This story has pulled me in, no question. Had to share.

The second FREE book looks interesting, after checking it out a little.

Deadly Alliances

I’m not sure about this one either but the first few pages drew me in.

Her brother is in witness protection for living through the murder of his young colleague. The shooter locked eyes with him and would have killed Prosecutor Reilly Tanner too if sirens hadn’t arrived in time to scare him off .

Even in protection, Reilly’s life is in danger of  assassins and his sister is determined to find ways protect him.

Meet Milana Tanner, Deputy US Marshall.

It will be interesting to see if this keeps me reading all the way through. I hope it does.

Happy Reading, everyone!

P.S. it’s snowing 🙂

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