Two Free books October 30, 2019

Two FREE books and one recommendation. Well, three free books actually, counting the two today and one from yesterday.

The first one is via BookRunes and the second via an author I follow – Adam Blumer. (It sounds like he lives in an area with a climate similar to ours, it looks like they had a light dusting of snow too.)  The first two books are written by men, something I notice happening more and more in the kind of stories I’m drawn to. Very cool. Kindled Love and Kill Order

The third book is a recommendation, the thriller from yesterday. I wasn’t  sure about it at download but it turns out I’m half-way through and hooked. The way it’s written, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of angst to trigger negative emotional responses in me. I think maybe that’s why I can enjoy it even though the story has them hiding from a killer. It’s still free if you are interested in checking it out. Deadly Alliances

Kindled Love

Kill Order

Recommendation from yesterday

Deadly Alliances

Happy Reading… I hope you are loving it as much as I am today.

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