Mixed bag of Free books October 21, 2019

Free books this morning comes from a mixed bag of sources. BookBub, BookRunes, and Jennifer Youngblood, author.

Most of the books are written in a style that is, admittedly, not my favorite – lighter romance often involving the rich and the famous. They are well written so can’t be faulted on that level, personal preference is simply the issue here.

Three of the four authors – Jennifer Youngblood, Cami Checketts, and Melissa Storm – are prolific writers and they make good use of Kindle Unlimited. As shown below, a few of their books can be purchased $0.00 right now but I noticed many more can be found read-free on Kindle Unlimited. If you happen to be a subscriber this is good news. If you are interested search by authors name on Amazon and a large number of their books will come up for you.

I’m not sure is this rambling information is helpful at all but, hopefully…

Jenna is more my usual preference and I started reading it last night. It’s great so far.


As for the others, The Hot Headed Patriot is one downloaded earlier in the year but the rest are new reads for me. I will check them all out, just in case, you never know when a story will make a connection. Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise. Hope springs eternal!

Happy Monday and Happy Reading!

Free Books – Miller Creek Series plus one October 20, 2019

A friend pointed out that Cathy Bryant’s complete Miller Creek Series is currently FREE on Amazon. I checked it out and sure enough, it is. Over the years I’ve read books 1 – 3 and enjoyed them, now I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I know recent posts have included several of these books but it will be nice to see them all together in one place. There is  also a Christmas surprise as a bonus at the end.

Cathy Bryant   Miller Creek Series  books 1 – 7

Texas Roads Texas Roads book 1

A Path Less Travelled  A Path Less Travelled book 2

The Way of Grace  The Way of Grace book 3

Pilgrimage of Promise  Pilgrimage of Promise book 4

A Bridge Unbroken  A Bridge Unbroken book 5

Crossroads  Crossroads book 6

Still I Will Follow  Still I Will Follow book 7

I couldn’t resist adding a Christmas story. It was free afterall.

Pieces of EarthPieces on Earth

Happy Reading this sunny Sunday morning.

Free books October 19, 2019

There was one FREE book this morning courtesy of BookRunes daily email. So I decided to cruise Amazon again today because it just seems wrong to quit at only one. I found three more that looked interesting. Several I’ve read before but only one of them is remembered, there will be a re-read in store for me on Texas Roads.

Timothy’s Home

Timothy's Home

I don’t recognize the author but the synopsis looks interesting for this historical novel and I’m looking forward to checking it out.

Hazardous Duty

hazardous duty

I’ve mentioned this book before but it’s free and a fun book so…. here it is again. Give it a try if you like fun mysteries.

A Hero to Keep

A Hero to Keep

This one is totally new to me, both the book and the author. It’s about family drama, someone in need of rescue, and a care-giver not used to asking for help. At least that’s what I gathered with a quick look. I plan to read it to see if I thought wrong.

Texas Roads

Texas Roads

It’s hard for me to find free books I haven’t had before. This one says 2013 for me. I’m sure I’ve read it but will read it again to be sure.

Looking forward to another interesting week-end line up of books. I hope you are too.

Happy Reading!

Weather update October 19, 2019

This morning, so far, it’s cloudy with sunny breaks and it’s not that cold. 7 Celsius, expected to rise to 11c this afternoon. The snow is finally gone after the big storm blew through here several weeks ago. Well, it’s mostly gone. This is the edge of Walmart parking lot the other day. A reminder of what was.20191017_114241 snow pile

Snow piles will be hanging around on plowed parking lots for a few more days. I see another pile too, further back (on the left) on someone else’s parking lot. The snow is always a little ugly once it melts a bit. It’s the sand left behind making the whole thing look dirty.

They spread sand around liberally on roads and parking lots so we can drive safely on slippery snow. But then, it gets picked up when they plow the deep snow to clear roads and parking lots so we can drive without getting stuck. Stuck and slippery can be fun if you are playing around, not so fun if you have somewhere you need to be.

Needless to say, we go through a lot of sand every winter. I imagine they try to recover some of it at the end of the season but I don’t know that for sure.

20191017_085148 frosty deck

It has been cooler sooner this October than other years. There was frost one morning and the evidence was on  the roof and back deck. The temperature had dropped below freezing during the night and with all the moisture in the air the frost was thick and sparkly in the rising sun. I didn’t manage to catch the sparkle, which was sad because it was beautiful. It didn’t last long – once the sun hit the deck it melted. That last bit of snow was soon gone too.

It’s easy to be taken in by this lull in the cold weather. I keep reminding myself our days are numbered so get to work.

This is the before cleanup picture with fallen leave everywhere.


This is the after picture, evidence of some much needed clean up. The leaves keep falling so clean doesn’t last long. The need is never ending.

20191017_132038 clean up

I’ll get out there again today and do what I can.

The snow will be here soon to cover up whatever doesn’t get done. I’ll sigh in relief. Six guilt free months ahead. There is definitely an upside to winter.






One free book, and a disappointing review for Her Last First Kiss

One FREE book today, courtesy of BookRunes daily email. It appears I would have read this book when I downloaded it in 2013 but I don’t remember. I’ll check it out again, along with you, to see if I liked it or not.

The nephew's wife

A disappointing book review.

This is good bad example… of a story that really isn’t a story, it’s a vehicle used to fulfill a desired purpose. In my opinion.

Her Last First Kiss

The purpose often seems to be; to meet a need to hear the juicy details of a relationship between a hunky man and a beautiful woman. To be fair, the purpose in this case isn’t to provide erotica. The interaction is clean, if you are making a comparison to other books. My complaint isn’t with behavior, it’s with the fixation on behavior at the expense of the tale I was hoping to hear.

A need to focus on boy/girl interaction is something I’ve never been able to understand. I admit I’m not sure why this is. Maybe it’s because at an early age I lived through my own abusive encounters and that had a negative effect. Or maybe it’s just because that’s who I am. As a teen I had zero interest in discussing boys even though I dated through high school.

I’ve never thought too deeply about why I didn’t care about boy talk, I just know I like what I like and the focus on raging hormones is not it.

I do like to read about relationships that turn into deep love. Marriages built on  kindness and respect. Maybe this is because life modeled for me in my formative years was based on lust, with a lack of either kindness or respect.

It would be easy to believe the bad example lived before me is all there is to life but as an adult I’ve witnessed positive relationships lived out of deep love. Not many of them mind you, but enough to know it is possible.

The main thing here though is – healthy or unhealthy – I don’t need to hear all the gory details. Tell me a good multi dimensional story, including a few appropriate descriptions important to the flow of the story.

In the case of this book; the story line is weak and frustrating. So much so that I called it quits without even going to the end to see how it all turned out. (Scarlett was there to help turn around her ailing grandfather’s struggling ranch. The ranch took a back seat to her love interest.)

So, in the end, I wasn’t offended, just disappointed.

Calling a book good or bad depends on your point of view. Some books are bad, period, no matter what. This book is not one of them.

You may read it, see things in a different light, and like it more than I did.

Happy reading! There is a weekend coming up.


Free books October 17, 2019

Today’s FREE books compliments of LPCbooks (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas) weekly email. This is the second time around, that I’ve seen, for these books to be offered and I’ve downloaded all of them – in the spring of 2019. Three, I’ve read… the least traumatic ones. The mystery thrillers are still sitting in my TBR pile.

Considering the source for these books, I would expect all of them are worth taking a chance. I know I really liked the ones I did read.

at first glance

At First Glance

A Season to DanceSummer of Deception

A Season to Dance

A Summer of Deception

Decption Missing presumedA Southern Season

When Darkness Falls – Deception: Missing… Presumed Dead book 2

A Southern Season: Four Stories From a Front Porch Swing

Check them out, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Happy Reading!


Free book October 16, 2019

One FREE book, so far, today maybe there will be more later

Callie comes to us courtesy of the BookRunes daily email.


This shows up on my Amazon download list as a book from 2015. It definitely looks familiar although I can’t bring up a solid memory of reading it.

The first few paragraphs of the online preview, to refresh my memory, has me sending it to my kindle. I’m hooked with the first page.

I’ve learned that Callie is traumatized over memories surrounding the death of a small child. It happened many years before and for some reason she feels guilty over her part in it. Not sure what yet, but something has happened to resurrect the circumstances of  this tragedy, bringing the fallout forward into her present day.

With reservations for a special dinner out Callie’s husband is encouraged, the ambiance is working just as he hoped it would… a distraction.

In an instant the magical evening is destroyed.  The sight of a man heading to a table across the room has Callie running from the restaurant as if she’s seen a ghost.

This book is next up for me… I need to know what happened.


Happy Reading!


My life with snow

Even though I’ve lived the largest part of my life in mild climates where snowfalls are rare, and cause for celebration, I still take snow for granted. It’s easy to forget – not everyone will be able to relate to what I’m saying sometimes. I was reminded of this, thinking back on my snow blower mention in the snow storm post   many may be scratching their heads wondering what in the world is this? Most of my mild climate friends have little-to-no experience with snow blowers either. There will be a future post showing pictures, for sure.

Snow, in itself, is an unknown quantity to many, as well, and maybe a glimpse would be nice. It will be fun to share some of our journey with those of you living in warmer climates, having to miss out on the cold weather experience.

Each winter I keep a bit of a photo diary for myself as a reminder of important and disputable things like – how early it snowed, how much it snowed, how long it stayed. This year I’ll share some of my diary with you all.

Some current pictures, to bring you up to speed.

This was a few weeks ago when the day lilies in the corner were still beautiful.


The first dusting of the coming winter storm just over a week ago. The leaves are falling but most are still on the trees.


A few hours later, while there’s still enough light for a progress picture. It’s blurry because of the falling snow.


Next morning after storming through the night. Morning brought still more storm with thunder and lightning this time.


A week later, the weather has warmed up and the snow is disappearing. Not quick enough though. There is still much fall clean-up to do and the real snow could be here to stay in two weeks or so

20191015_094731You can see the remnants of a rabbit trail, about in the middle. They like to shelter under the deck. Rabbits are pretty common around here. They like to eat the tender plants we care about lol

I’m looking forward to sharing my snow life with you. The winters are hard, some years more than others, but I love living here, and I love to spread my enthusiasm for this place.

On the subject of books… there were none today that I cared about. Maybe tomorrow.

Soon! Winter. I have no doubt.

Free books October 14, 2019

Two FREE books caught my interest this morning.

The first one is courtesy of the BookRunes daily email.

Celtic Cross was in my downloads for 2015. If I remember right, I did like it and would have shared it if I was blogging back then. It should be a good read. Historical Fiction.

Celtic Cross

The second one is courtesy of the BookBub daily email.

Her Last First Kiss is new to me. Liz Isaacson does show up in my read list but not as often as some authors do. I can’t remember if I liked her style or not. Some write deeper than others and I prefer deeper, personally. I think Liz’s style may be in a lighter vein. We will have to read this and check it out to be sure.

Her Last First Kiss

I have been reading some of the novellas from yesterday and it’s served as a reminder as to why I prefer full length novels.

Summer of Dreams

Summer of Dreams is the first one to be checked out and I loved it. Every now and then a book comes along that lights-up-the-room and this book did that for me, in the beginning at least.

A successful novella will set an even pace from beginning to end. Difficult to do it seems. The common fault is time spent developing the story with a sprint to the end, before running out of pages. The sudden and hurried conclusion spoils whatever the book had going on for itself in the beginning.

That’s what happened here. The beginning of the book was awesome.

Novella format is great when the storyline doesn’t have much going for it and it would be a stretch to make it fit the Novel length. In my opinion, it’s a shame to waste a good idea on a Novella when a longer format could do it justice – leaving a satisfied reader.

The sneak peak at the sequel was disappointing too. It followed one of the other characters, ten years in the future. There was no resolving of the unfinished business in the first book.

Aside from the disappointing ending, it was well worth the read. The characters were great. I loved the way they think, and the resulting interactions between the three of them. Dry humor with audacious characters is the best.

Historical fiction.

One brilliant young woman with a military father disapproving of her engineering dreams.

A brilliant young man seeking an engineering education in the only avenue open to him, Officer Academy training.

The two are thrown together because the accumulation of his misconduct demerits has him facing expulsion and possible imprisonment. He must work to reduce that number to graduate in a few weeks. His reduction assignment is to build a working pump for a fountain in a ‘birdcage.’ That’s what her father called it when he requested military engineering help for his daughter.

Her colorful and resourceful cousin is part of the awesome threesome and between them, life is full of trouble.

Check out Summer of Dreams to see what you think.

Happy Reading!





Free Books October 13, 2019

Awesome results this morning…. searching Amazon for free books. I have to admit, it took great restraint to cut off downloads after only twelve.

Many of them are novellas this time, 150ish pages or so. Normally I go for full length novels but shorter is fun sometimes.

All but three of these are new to me, both the book and the author, so I can’t guarantee what they are like. I did try to be selective in this search, though, so hopefully most are worth the read. They looked enticing enough for me to take a chance anyway. Three, I’ve downloaded before (2013 – 2016) but don’t remember much so I’ll revisit them as well.


Summer of DreamsA Search for RefugeAn Awakened Heart


Free to LoveToward the SunriseStarboard Secrets


He used a stoneLove and RedemptionA Lady of Esteem


The Way of GraceA Rose Blooms TwiceThe Envelope

Oops.. there were 13

An Unexpected Family









I’m excited to check these out. I’m hoping you are feeling a little bit inspired too.

Happy Reading