Mixed bag of Free books October 21, 2019

Free books this morning comes from a mixed bag of sources. BookBub, BookRunes, and Jennifer Youngblood, author.

Most of the books are written in a style that is, admittedly, not my favorite – lighter romance often involving the rich and the famous. They are well written so can’t be faulted on that level, personal preference is simply the issue here.

Three of the four authors – Jennifer Youngblood, Cami Checketts, and Melissa Storm – are prolific writers and they make good use of Kindle Unlimited. As shown below, a few of their books can be purchased $0.00 right now but I noticed many more can be found read-free on Kindle Unlimited. If you happen to be a subscriber this is good news. If you are interested search by authors name on Amazon and a large number of their books will come up for you.

I’m not sure is this rambling information is helpful at all but, hopefully…

Jenna is more my usual preference and I started reading it last night. It’s great so far.


As for the others, The Hot Headed Patriot is one downloaded earlier in the year but the rest are new reads for me. I will check them all out, just in case, you never know when a story will make a connection. Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise. Hope springs eternal!

Happy Monday and Happy Reading!

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