One free book, and a disappointing review for Her Last First Kiss

One FREE book today, courtesy of BookRunes daily email. It appears I would have read this book when I downloaded it in 2013 but I don’t remember. I’ll check it out again, along with you, to see if I liked it or not.

The nephew's wife

A disappointing book review.

This is good bad example… of a story that really isn’t a story, it’s a vehicle used to fulfill a desired purpose. In my opinion.

Her Last First Kiss

The purpose often seems to be; to meet a need to hear the juicy details of a relationship between a hunky man and a beautiful woman. To be fair, the purpose in this case isn’t to provide erotica. The interaction is clean, if you are making a comparison to other books. My complaint isn’t with behavior, it’s with the fixation on behavior at the expense of the tale I was hoping to hear.

A need to focus on boy/girl interaction is something I’ve never been able to understand. I admit I’m not sure why this is. Maybe it’s because at an early age I lived through my own abusive encounters and that had a negative effect. Or maybe it’s just because that’s who I am. As a teen I had zero interest in discussing boys even though I dated through high school.

I’ve never thought too deeply about why I didn’t care about boy talk, I just know I like what I like and the focus on raging hormones is not it.

I do like to read about relationships that turn into deep love. Marriages built on  kindness and respect. Maybe this is because life modeled for me in my formative years was based on lust, with a lack of either kindness or respect.

It would be easy to believe the bad example lived before me is all there is to life but as an adult I’ve witnessed positive relationships lived out of deep love. Not many of them mind you, but enough to know it is possible.

The main thing here though is – healthy or unhealthy – I don’t need to hear all the gory details. Tell me a good multi dimensional story, including a few appropriate descriptions important to the flow of the story.

In the case of this book; the story line is weak and frustrating. So much so that I called it quits without even going to the end to see how it all turned out. (Scarlett was there to help turn around her ailing grandfather’s struggling ranch. The ranch took a back seat to her love interest.)

So, in the end, I wasn’t offended, just disappointed.

Calling a book good or bad depends on your point of view. Some books are bad, period, no matter what. This book is not one of them.

You may read it, see things in a different light, and like it more than I did.

Happy reading! There is a weekend coming up.


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