A snow storm, and books read

Not much productive happening here today. The weather has been distracting.

It started last night around supper time and delivered a four hour power outage right off the bat. A Colorado-low weather system landed in southern Manitoba yesterday, determined to stay for the weekend.

This is how it started late afternoon yesterday. The fallen leaves will be covered soon.

Backyard 20191010_143240

A Winter wonderland in the front yard this morning.

Front yard 20191011_092725

We’ve had snow, freezing rain, bursts of gale force wind, more snow/rain, and then this morning – thunder and lightening.  I thought someone in the neighborhood was trying to start a stubborn snow blower until flashes of lightning caught my attention. Sure enough, it was thunder. Highly unusual in winter around here. Just plain snow is unusual this early in October. Life is never boring around here. We do have some awesome storms.

They didn’t have to tell me twice to stay home unless necessary.

The power outage meant Colleen Coble Collection had to be enjoyed by candlelight last night. A real hardship.

It turned out all four books were romantic mystery/thriller. Maybe the candlelight helped soften the tense mood a little.

CassiaColleen Coble All is Bright

The rest of these books were enjoyed awhile ago, I’m playing catch up. They were all very good.

unspokenLove of the Summerfields

Second ImpressionsSomething Better

It looks like I’d best hurry up and hit publish, the lights are flickering.

The thermos is filled with hot water for tea, the candles are in place, and the kindle is fully charged. I’m ready.

Happy reading. Stay warm.


5 thoughts on “A snow storm, and books read

    • Yes, you guys could be hit this year too. The weather is so unpredictable. We had highways closed, trees down, major power outages. It’s nice so far today though, the sun is shining, snow is melting. Tropical moisture is responsible for the volume, some tropical heat would have been nice instead 🙂


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