Free books Thursday Oct 10, 2019


The first FREE book this morning is suggested by BookBub’s daily email, the second is mentioned in BookRunes’ daily email.

Deborah Raney writes deep, insightful stories. Appropriate for this book. Insight was originally published in 2009, After reading the first few pages I suspect I’ve read it before, but that’s ok. It’s been updated and was republished in 2016 with a new epilogue, I’m looking forward to reading it again.



I’ve not encountered this author, M.E. Weyerbacher, until now so can’t make any recommendations or comments. I’m expecting the best from her though. I’m looking forward to checking this out.

Wild Hope


At the moment I’m still hooked on yesterday’s Colleen Coble Christmas Collection. The second book, Holy Night.

Colleen Coble All is Bright

The bride is calling off the wedding. Her Downs Syndrome sister has been kidnapped on the mostly deserted  Hawaiian beach by a criminal with a vendetta against her fiancé. He’s calling the shots now and if she tells anyone he will kill Eva.

A witness claims they  saw a man with a girl jump of the cliff into the water and that’s where they are gathering.

The groom has just learned from his best friend about the prisoner’s unexpected release from prison. Bane is stressed by the danger it means for all of them but with the frantic search for Eva the opportunity to share his concern with Leia hasn’t been there. Now she’s calling off the wedding and he believes her. He has no idea the two situations are linked.

Some tense moments happening in this Christmas romance story.

In the meantime, we’re still waiting on the possible weekly email from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas – LPC Books. If there is one today I will be letting you know!

Happy reading.


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