Digging out

Today is a digging out day after yesterday’s massive winter storm, the Colorado low lambasting us with wind, rain, and heavy snow. There was a good amount of snow in the south eastern part of Manitoba where I live but further west it doubled and tripled. There are still highways closed and hydro customers without power but awesome progress has been made considering the conditions clean up crews faced. Records were set with this storm, both for the volume of snow and the damage it caused.

It always amazes me how much good comes out of something so disruptive. Resilient. Take care of each other – comments bandied about as officials give their status updates. People helping people wherever they see a need. A community stronger for having braved the elements together.

You know we Manitobans can’t be kept down when you hear that the football game scheduled for today is still on. It’s an unprotected field in Winnipeg but no matter what the weather – the game must go on. Except for lightning, they will postpone (often go to the field and wait it out) for lightning.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers (football) are playing the Montreal Alouettes this afternoon. The roads leading to the field are a mess but the field is perfect (after four passes to clear it.) The seats are all free of snow. The diehards will all be there,  including my son-in-law and his buddies. Currently The Bombers are leading but the Alouettes are holding their own at the end of the second quarter. We are looking for a Bomber win.

Leaves on the trees with snow on the ground. Incongruous.


Books are not on my mind at this moment. The storm overshadows everything else this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Will we  even be able to gather for a family turkey dinner? Hopefully.

Storms cause all kinds of havoc but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. We are stronger for having faced it together. That’s a good thing.

Wishing you all a good weekend with Happy Reading!

P.S. the game is streaming on radio  CJOB Listen Live if you are interested in Canadian football.

2 thoughts on “Digging out

    • Me too, hardy people in Terrace, great sense of community. This storm reminded me too of the year of the big white-out storm in Abbotsford/Sumas Prairie where the residents took in the stranded motorists on their rural roads. No small task with all the traffic in that area.
      I’ve seen it happen in cities too, where we lead such separate lives but band together in times of fires and crashes. It’s amazing what we can survive together when the need arises.


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