Read and enjoyed September 09, 2022

Three books in a row, great books. Every one of them kept me reading much too late at night but the last one read was the best one. They were well written (less-well is a distraction to me. that’s the trouble with reading so many books, it’s easy to become picky about likes and dislikes,) and there was a satisfying amount of meat on the bones of the story.

There were a few things in each book that were less than thrilling but in the long run they were minor when stacked up against the good. Best one first.

Buried Cold Case Secrets (Deputies of Anderson County Book 1)

Recovering her missing memories

could be the key to solving a murder

Searching for her best friend’s remains could help forensic anthropologist Melanie Hutton regain her memories of when they were both kidnapped—unless the killer gets to Melanie first.

For her safety, Melanie must rely on Detective Jason Cooper, who still blames her for his sister’s death. Can Jason set the past aside to solve the cold-case murder…and shield Melanie from the same fate?


This next story turned out to be much better than expected. A pleasant surprise, indeed. It may even be a tie for first place on this favorites list, now that I refresh my memory of the story.

Even Forever: A Clean Western Romance (Boulder Creek Romance Book 1)

The last thing Rosalie Tomkin wants is another man trying to control her life.

Rosalie’s abusive jailbird father and her ne’er-do-well brother have cured her of that. Not even the wealthy visitor staying in her beleaguered mother’s boarding house can tempt her. She plans to leave Boulder Creek as soon as she can scrape together the funds to do so, and when she does, she won’t ever look back.

Michael Randolph is in a high-stakes competition for the family business and intends to beat his half-brother, no matter what. So when an innocent encounter with Rosalie threatens to cost him everything he hopes to achieve, he’s willing to pay the price demanded by her no-good father. Even if it means marrying a damsel in distress.

Strangers placed in an impossible position, Michael and Rosalie can agree on one thing. Neither of them wants to stay together any longer than they must. What they don’t know is that fate might have a better future in store for them than either could imagine.


Last but not least another good book.

Risky Ambition (Vanishing Ranch Book 3)

Former Navy fighter pilot Nate Casper, also known as Ghost, splits his time between flying jet-setting celebrities around the world and volunteering to help with rescues at Vanishing Ranch. When movie star Chesney Blake books a trip with him, Ghost sets aside his attraction to her in order to remain professional.

But when his flight plan gets waylaid by a barrage of bullets, putting Chesney in danger, his intention of keeping his distance takes a nosedive.

Chesney Blake needs a break before filming her next movie. But when her getaway erupts into nothing short of chaos and her pilot transforms into her protector, her vacation plans are forgotten. Does someone really want her dead? Or was she even the intended target?

As more incidents threaten their safety, Chesney and Ghost set out to uncover the truth. But as they get closer to finding answers, Chesney is faced with a fate worse than she ever imagined—even worse than death itself.


The last two are still on at bargain prices if you are interested.

Happy Reading y’all

An aerial view of the flooding in my home town

The area is south western British Columbia, Canada. They had unprecedented rainfall last week and the damage is crazy. The number of people stranded is staggering too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the helicopter ride. Maybe you will too. The first town is Abbotsford, I’ve lived there twice. East of the flooding is Chilliwack. I was born and raised there. Further east is a small town of Hope. It is the junction town between three highways. One travels east and two travel north. I’ve spent many hours driving all of them. I love the mountains. That’s what I miss the most where I live now. On the prairies of southern Manitoba province. Flat, flat, flat.

I’m happy to be living anywhere. And I have family here. I do love seeing home though, I have to say.

There is a second video of other parts of BC, I haven’t watched it yet but if it’s as good as the first one it will be well worth the watch.


They will travel where there is snow on the mountains. It will be beautiful.

I hope you love this a much as I do.

C-PTSD – The hardest part of socializing. November 08, 2021

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I need to talk to figure some things out before I explode.

The thing I hate the most about socializing? The aftermath. There is always a price to pay.

At the moment I am feeling needy, insecure, weak and codependent. Maybe not codependent so much as the first three.

I don’t like it.

I didn’t want to go to the social event in the first place but I caved. The carrot waved in front of my nose was a reason to be there.

I said yes, as I often do. It turned out better than expected and I enjoyed being there with everyone but…

I wish I had control over triggers and the resulting reactions, but I don’t.


With the over use of the word “I” you can tell this is all about me.

The thing is, it is but it isn’t.

It was easy to pick up on the awkwardness and the hurt feelings on why I haven’t been going to the monthly meetings.

I’ve tried to explain it is because of the emotional/mental space I am in this year.

I’ve tried to explain about this and the whole PTSD struggle influencing these decisions.

The trouble is it isn’t met with a real understanding of the issue, and why would there be when they have not experienced it personally.

And then there is the “you don’t look sick” assessment adding doubt of my reasons.

I feel bad I am making them feel uncomfortable and hurt. I’ve tried to say things in a way to leave as little hurt as possible. I feel like I’m not very good at achieving this goal. Maybe it’s an impossible goal.


I’ve thought about telling them my story, more than the bits and pieces already shared. I can’t do that though. They don’t deserve to be saddled with hearing the devastating details of my life.

The worst thing about all of this is the domino effect. Suddenly I am feeling needy, insecure, weak and maybe even codependent in other relationships.

It all has me wanting to ….

I’m not going to name what I’m wanting to do …

Saying these things out loud could lead me to making decisions I would later regret.


This too shall pass, it always does.

Will life look the same afterward.

Probably not, maybe not.

I don’t know.


It’s impossible to walk through the fires of life and not win-some lose-some.

Reading and enjoying August 11, 2021

The person who really wants to do something finds a way; the other person finds an excuse. — Author Unknown

This was the opening quote in chapter three of the book I am currently enjoying (I’ll share it in a bit) and it resonates with me. So much so that I need to camp on this thought for a moment and while I’m doing that I need to record some thoughts.

It resonates because I’m wrestling with this very thing. Ideas are causing a ruckus in my head and I’m asking myself if I will step outside my comfort zone and find a way to do them or will I listen to the excuses and walk away. I’ve spent years mulling over these ideas in different forms.

In a way, this quote showing up now is validation for the steps I’m taking.

Chapter three is talking about excuses but the true subject of the book is prayer. The kind of prayer Diane Moody, the author, has in mind is conversation with your best friend.

I’ve been in conversation with my best friend about these wild ideas, and many other things too, and He seems to be encouraging me to get on with it and make it happen.

Why would I do this thing I’m alluding to?

There are two sides to it. One is to help me grow personally, I definitely need it if I want to have useful years. The other is be an encouragement to others. There are enough negative voices in our world, we need more positive ones.

This quote about finding a way is especially relevant for me right now. Mainly because, earlier today I uploaded a picture to my site created yesterday on Putting a picture out there for the world to see is a big deal for this camera shy blogger… admitting to being out there is an even bigger deal. Up until now, I have been trying my best to fly under the radar. My Face Book profile picture is a lilac bush and has been for years. Things are slowly changing.

I haven’t posted to the new site yet, I’m still in the initial set up stages. Maybe this could be part of the first post. Maybe. We’ll see.


As promised, here is the book I am reading. Diane Moody is down to earth, easy to read, and what she has to say is worth hearing.

Confessions of a Prayer Slacker (Second Edition) 

With over 600 “Five Star” reviews.

Let’s face it. Most of us are clueless when it comes to praying. Why is that? And how come we’ve never done anything about it?

In Confessions of a Prayer Slacker, author Diane Moody traces her own personal prayer journey with a touch of humor and a healthy dose of transparency.

‘I want my readers to stop the merry-go-round of prayerlessness, quit acting like a bunch of spiritual babies, and get serious about this thing called prayer. Without it, we’ll never experience the warm, one-on-one relationship God desires to have with each one of us.


It looks like this post has turned out to be a bit of a teaser since I have neglected to give the name of the new site over on

That’s OK because I still have some work to do to make sure it performs like it’s supposed to.

There are more things to be said about the subject anyway so another time works well.


We have no new books today but maybe tomorrow. I did look.

In the meantime,

Happy Reading

A bargain August 09, 2021

Another bargain, belonging to the author I’ve been enjoying the last few days. This one is a new release set for early September.

A Dangerous Scheme (Regency Spies & Secrets Book 4) 

Amazon quote:

Is it possible for love to persist if it was built on a lie?

Mr. Guy Stewart, now an agent of the Crown, has been sent to determine if an illegal labor union has formed in the town of Anmore. It is a simple enough assignment, but nothing seems to go as planned when he arrives, and he quickly learns that one wrong move can lead to his death.

Miss Daphne Locke has just received the most extraordinary news—she has just been named her grandmother’s heir! When her meddlesome cousin shows up unannounced, she must do her best to ignore his constant criticism of her and focus on her new responsibilities.

When the two stranger’s cross paths, neither can deny the instant attraction between them. But Guy is under pressure to complete his assignment and doesn’t have time for pesky feelings, and Daphne is far above his station.


This next one was read and enjoyed yesterday, it was awesome. I won’t spoil the story by telling you about the main character but if you enjoy a strong female spy most people underestimate you will love this. I hope to get a chance to read the next book in the series.

Saving Shadow: A Regency Spy Romance (The Beckett Files Book 1)

Born with a perfect memory, Lady Elizabeth Beckett has become one of the world’s most notorious spies, despite being the daughter of a duke. She is shielded only by her code name: Shadow.

When young ladies of High Society begin disappearing from London, Eliza has no doubt who is orchestrating these crimes; a heinous man she has been investigating for years. Vowing to save them before they are sold to the highest bidder, she must risk everything to stop him.


I love it when interesting books show up unexpectedly. Even better when it’s an author on my favorites list.

6 – Book Sampler: A Box Collection of Sweet Romances

Amazon quote:

The Sailor and the Suffragette: Daisy Bennett loved a good cause. Her current? Women’s rights. But when Asa Davenport comes to town, Daisy’s future suffragette plans falter. A new cause has captured her heart. Question is, can she handle it?

Herding Her Heart: Jasmine Hammond wanted more in her life and thought marriage would do the trick. Problem was, there was no one in her home town to marry. So she did what anyone would do, she enlisted the help of a matchmaker. And she wasn’t the only one. Nine other brides from all over the country traveled with her to Bent, Colorado to entrust their marital endeavors to the famous matchmaker, Viola Redburn. Problem was, when they got there, Viola was dead.

Finding Love at Christmas: Wendy Preston had once been the love of his life. He was young and poor. She was young and rich. The gap between their two families was too big for the likes of Wendy’s father, and so, he made sure Wendy disappeared from Jack’s life. Until one day …

Mommy’s Kissing Santa: Billionaire Gordon Holliday has done the impossible. He’s matched each of his sons to a prospective bride and they’ve fallen in love! With a little help …

Overjoyed his plan worked, he’s now noticing the matchmaker! But Gordon has vowed never to marry again. Not after his ex-wife Mara made his life so miserable and makes it her full-time job to continue the effort! But his sons and their fiancés think otherwise and decide to help love along. After all, fair is fair. Since their father saw fit to match them up, then why not do the same with him? Of course, that might prove easier said than done …

Josephine: Josephine Stillwater was normally an upbeat, happy young woman. And why not? She had a wonderful father, a new husband, and things were looking up in the world. Until she lost it all because of a mining accident. Now with a villainous landlord pounding on her door almost daily, she’s losing hope. What else can go wrong? How about a half-dead man on her doorstep?

Claire: Widow Claire Reynolds puts up a feisty front and speaks her mind. But when a stranger comes to town her world is turned upside down. How can he see through her into what lies hidden in her heart? 
Quinn Bates was hired to rid Wildcat Ridge of undesirables. But when the first person on the list is a woman, he has second thoughts. What is it about this spitfire that has his employer so anxious to get rid of her? He’s determined to find out.


I’d better hurry on out of here before the power goes out. We are on our third major downpour for today, with massive thunder and lightning. The lights are flickering and I can take a hint.

I don’t want to miss out on posting while it is still today.

Happy Reading!!

Another this and that August 06, 2021

I think there is something wrong with me. I don’t feel like reading.


I’ve finished the book I was reading and can’t seem to settle on any of the five or six that are next in line. This rarely happens, I must be sick or something.

Maybe it’s or something. My mind has been pulled in a number of different directions today and right now it’s hard to settle down to a quiet occupation like reading.

One of the things I’ve been dwelling on this evening is the subject of the next couple of chapters read in the book called The Power of Writing It Down. The author makes a case for writing as a way to improve our health. Studies have demonstrated a change in moods by writing 20 minutes a day for two weeks, an effect that lasts for an even longer period of time.

The authors name is Allison Fallon. Allison is a writing coach and she has a large team of people working with her. Her book has come out of her personal and corporate experiences and in my mind that gives her credibility. The kind of writing addressed in this book is called expressive writing. Medical researchers have studied brain activity during writing experiences and they found that different parts of the brain would light up during different types of writing. What Allison calls expressive writing comes from the subconscious part of the brain rather than the conscious part where we live most of the time.

Today’s chapters talked about writing when we don’t feel inspired. We have nothing to say and yet if we sit quietly, meditatively, and we gradually set aside the conscious noise about all the things our mind goes to when we are supposed to be working or listening; something changes. Our mind becomes focused on a single thought and as we start to write, a conversation happens.

At the end, we read over what we’ve written, in amazement. Where did that come from? I wasn’t even thinking about any of that when I sat down and yet here it is.

Allison stresses that writing out of the subconscious helps us discover who we really are, not who we have made ourselves out to be to please others. It can be a little scary, thinking about what might come out of our subconscious. Maybe, hopefully, it will be positive more often than we might think.

I’ve experienced a little of this writing what I didn’t expect phenomenon while working on some of these this and that posts. I think they have turned out to be some of the best ones. Reader response seems to bear that out.

In the end. Writing like this was a very emotional experience and I was left with a pleasant aura that stayed with me for hours. It was very positive and I would love to have it happen many more times. Maybe it will as I practice this type of writing more often.

I know you have questions so I’ll say this…

The pleasant aura was kind of like when you read a extra specially good book or watch a movie that leaves you with an awww kind of feeling. Or when you do something that turns out so much better than expected and you can’t help but keep looking at it, thinking about how much you love it. And, at the same time you are thinking I can’t believe I just did that.

This turned out way different, and so much better than I visualized going in to this post. I was wanting to practice expressive writing tonight but I was worried at the same time. I’m feeling a big sigh of relief at the way this all went.


I think I can settle down now and read a book for awhile.

Happy writing and happy reading.

Check out Allison’s book, maybe it will inspire you and meet a need, all at the same time.

There was one more exciting thought on my mind tonight but I will save it for another post.


Bargain books July 19, 2021 Part two

I’m not sure how it happened. Despite seeing a number of tempting books we only ended up with two. I just had to go back for another look. I found two MORE.

I’m a little unsure about one of them but not enough to cut it from the lineup.

Since we started the day with Christmas, we will continue and start this post that way as well. I know and like some of the authors in this collection and it made the selection choice easy. This book is on pre-order and will be released in October.

Christmas in Mistletoe Square: Christmas Romance Novella

Amazon quote:

Christmas is in the air in Kedgewick Creek, North Carolina, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Will romance find four couples in the month of December or will the pressure to keep the festivities Mistletoe Square is known for keep these couples apart?

Find out in this collection of four novellas from inspirational authors Pepper Basham, Cara Putman, Janine Rosche, and Teresa Tysinger.


This next book is a complete change of subject and will be a deep dive by the looks of it. I’m excited to see what this one is about.

Things Left Unsaid 

Amazon quote:

An emotional novel of family, friendship and forgiveness from Courtney Walsh, the New York Times bestselling author of Hometown Girl.

Lyndie St. James is thrilled that her best friend, Elle, is getting married but unprepared for the emotional storm of the wedding week and returning to her childhood summer home of Sweethaven. The idyllic cottage community harbors some of her best—and worst—memories. It’s not only the tragic death of her childhood friend Cassie that has haunted her for ten years, it’s the other secrets she’s buried that have kept her from moving on.

But Lyndie isn’t the only one with secrets.

Cassie’s mother, father and brother, still struggling with the loss, have been drifting further and further apart. And Elle herself, the last to see Cassie alive, carries an impossible burden of guilt. Now reunited, each of them has a choice: to reveal the truths of that night or continue to live in its shadow. That means embarking on a personal journey of the heart—to escape the darkness and all its regrets and to finally come to terms with the past and, especially, with each other.


This next book is in a similar vein but I’m not sure if the dive is as deep.

When It’s All Said and Done

Amazon quote:

As sisters, they couldn’t be more different, but can they count on each other when it’s all said and done?

Ruth Webber’s only focus in life is saving the business her late father left behind and, since her capricious younger sister doesn’t care about family legacy, she must do it alone. When a long weekend trip presents an opportunity to advance the family interests, Ruth won’t let anything stand in her way, not even her sister’s drama or the smile of a handsome new friend.

Despite what Ruth thinks, family means a great deal to Angela, but the unexpected loss of her husband ended her dreams of having one of her own. Now, her only chance of building a new dream lies in her writing career, if she has the strength to act on it. All she needs is a weekend away to clear her thoughts.


This one is a different flavor all together. Except, is it really? Maybe not.

Defending My Heart – Clean, Christian Football Romance: (A Texas Tornados Single Author Sports Romance Book 1)

Amazon quote:

The man who broke her heart. The second chance she’s not sure if she wants.

Emmitt Brown’s demons are even bigger than he is, and as a defensive lineman for a pro-football team, that’s something. When the team captain tasks his defensive line to go home for Christmas and get rid of their biggest past regret, Emmitt finds himself returning to the small town he grew up in to find the woman he never should have left. Too bad she hates him and tells him to go away.

Mia Carter can’t believe Emmitt Brown is back in town. She does not need this right now. Especially since he’s been the ghost who won’t leave her conscience alone for the past five years and especially since she recently lost her husband. But when the pro football player steps up and offers to help her son fight cancer, she finds herself reluctantly agreeing.


OK. This is definitely It for today. Anything else will have to wait for tomorrow.

I will stay far far away, there will be no more looking and books.

Happy Reading!

Who knew

Oh my goodness, who knew it would take this much work to load the new Kindle with the books still on the old one.

(To bring everyone up to speed after the fact; my Kindle developed fatal issues and had to be replaced. The new one arrived yesterday and the unsuccessful attempt to load it with the same books took most of the day)

Syncing would probably work if I knew how to do it. The only reason I don’t know how is because I resist sameness. I like to think that different devices fill different functions, so I have steadfastly resisted.

Besides, it did not enter my mind ti think it would be this big a deal. Oh well, live and learn.

I haven’t accomplished the original goal and sadly, nothing is in the same order.

It has been a good chance though to reassess what’s read and what’s not. Many have been read but appear as not for some reason.

It’s also turned out to be a good paring down. There were 275 books on the current device but a fraction of those have ended up on the new one. It’s not a bad thing, I have to say.

The new long term goal is to have every book properly flagged.

The other thing I learned? The insane length of time the battery is supposed to last between charges, does not apply to me.

My current read is a book I don’t even remember downloading.

Ghost of a Girl: A Novelette in The Good Shadows Series

Out of time, must go.

I’ll say more about all this later.

Happy Reading

P.S. I had to write something, anything, to keep from breaking my posting streak 🙂

Thanks for your patience!

Isn’t the update feature great?!

P.P.S. the book I was reading is YA and was much better than I thought at first. There aren’t actually any ghosts, the whole idea is the figment of a teenage imagination.

Pretty cover.

We all learned some things

It’s funny how a lighthearted conversation can turn into something so much more.

So the back story is that this annoying application showed up on my android phone a number of months ago and it kept wanting to open things up for me. I had no idea where it came from or why it was there. Unequivocally, I wanted it gone. Stop trying to take over my phone and my life.

Nothing worked the same with it there. I was happy with life before it showed up and I just wanted it off my phone so things could go back to normal. I even searched out removal instructions but couldn’t make them work for some reason.

After limping along for a very long time I mentioned it at my daughter’s house yesterday, complaining that I missed dates because I couldn’t access my calendar anymore. She enlisted the help of my grandson and while he searched to see what the app was all about before he looked for removal instructions, I laughingly but vehemently admitted to my rebelliousness at the app for trying to take over my life.

I’d figured out how to work around it for most things just not everything and I was highly resentful.

This was new territory for my daughter, I think she called it an eye opening experience listening to me rant about how much I hated the interference of this thing. Thankfully she didn’t enlarge on her comment during the family Zoom call later on.

So with my grandson’s search, he discovered the annoying app must have been an update and it was intended to launch apps, replacing the last version of an app launcher. It wasn’t the enemy I took it for and it wasn’t trying to take over my life and force me to do things I didn’t want to do.

There was a choice for just-once or always. I thought that meant it was an optional thing and the just-once was to decide if I wanted it or not. Turns out the just-once was to let me choose between two versions. He checked them out, we decided on always, problem solved.

At the time, I thought the whole conversation was hilarious. Later, thinking about why I felt like I was being pressured to do it’s biding, the conversation in my head took on a more serious tone.

Part of the problem in the misunderstanding is that while I can figure out how to use most apps, I have a problem with operating system issues. It’s always been that way. Probably because the need for action shows up so seldom.

The bigger part of the misunderstanding is more complicated. Thinking about my knee jerk reaction and my unreasonable position of viewing the app as the enemy, I have to admit, an irrational response on my part is pretty normal as a first reaction to many things.

I see the enemy everywhere because I have major trust issues.

I have to figure out how to make positive changes.


I’ve been thinking about a dog. After seeing my grandson’s new puppy. A dog would be an easy way to share my life with another being and allow a little more than the usual contact with other humans.


I know. I have to stop thinking that everyone and everything is out to harm me. Fear is no way to live a fulfilling life.

Bargain books May 07, 2021

If I had to name my top ten favorite authors, this man would be on the list. That’s why I’m excited to see one of his books suggested by 1531 Entertainment. This is his most recently published and it’s book 1 in a new series. I believe this will be a first for him. I remember a two part story but not a whole series. I’m looking forward to the experience.

One of his sons wrote an emotional review with one strong suggestion. Cancel all appointments and book time off work. He cautions that once we start reading we won’t be able to put the book down. I believe him.

How fortunate that today is Friday. Good timing.

The Water Keeper (A Murphy Shepherd Novel Book 1) 

Amazon quote:

A riveting new story of heroism, heartache, and the power of love to heal all wounds.

Murphy Shepherd is a man with many secrets. He lives alone on an island, tending the grounds of a church with no parishioners, and he’s dedicated his life to rescuing those in peril. But as he mourns the loss of his mentor and friend, Murph himself may be more lost than he realizes.

When he pulls a beautiful woman named Summer out of Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway, Murph’s mission to lay his mentor to rest at the end of the world takes a dangerous turn. Drawn to Summer, and desperate to find her missing daughter, Murph is pulled deeper and deeper into the dark and dangerous world of modern-day slavery.

With help from some unexpected new friends, including a faithful Labrador he plucks from the ocean and an ex-convict named Clay, Murph must race against the clock to locate the girl before he is consumed by the secrets of his past—and the ghosts who tried to bury them.

With Charles Martin’s trademark lyricism and poignant prose, The Water Keeper is at once a tender love story and a heartrending search for freedom.

Praise for The Water Keeper:

“I’m telling you, it’s an action-packed, classic Charles Martin romance novel unlike anything I’ve ever read. And remember . . . the day you pick up this book is the day you become temporarily unavailable to the world.” —Charlie Martin, son of Charles Martin


Several of his other books are also listed as a bargain price right now.

Water from My Heart: A Novel 

Charlie Finn had to grow up fast, living alone by age sixteen. Highly intelligent, he earned a life-changing scholarship to Harvard, where he learned how to survive and thrive on the outskirts of privileged society. That skill served him well in the cutthroat business world, as it does in more lucrative but dangerous ventures he now operates off the coast of Miami.

Charlie tries to separate relationships from work. But when his choices produce devastating consequences, he sets out to right wrongs, traveling to Central America where he will meet those who have paid for his actions, including a woman and her young daughter.

Will their fated encounter present Charlie with a way to seek the redemption he thought was impossible — and free his heart to love one woman as he never knew he could?


The Dead Don’t Dance (Awakening Book 1)

Amazon quote:

Experience Charles Martin’s debut novel, a story of loss and undying love written in his signature emotive and heartrending style. 

A sleepy rural town in South Carolina. The end of summer and a baby about to be born. But in the midst of hope and celebration comes unexpected tragedy, and Dylan Styles must come to terms with how much he’s lost. Will the music of his heart be stilled forever—or will he choose to dance with life once more, in spite of sorrow and heartbreak?

The Dead Don’t Dance is a bittersweet yet triumphant love story—a tale of one man’s journey through the darkness of despair and into the light of hope.

  • Full-length, emotive Southern fiction
  • Sequel: Maggie


I will be leaving it here for today. There is nothing I can do to top this, except maybe add more Charles Martin books.

It is a good thing I happen to be between books. I won’t even have to think to know what comes next.

Although maybe it’s late enough I should wait until morning to start. Hmmm.

Join me on this adventure.

Happy Reading