An aerial view of the flooding in my home town

The area is south western British Columbia, Canada. They had unprecedented rainfall last week and the damage is crazy. The number of people stranded is staggering too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the helicopter ride. Maybe you will too. The first town is Abbotsford, I’ve lived there twice. East of the flooding is Chilliwack. I was born and raised there. Further east is a small town of Hope. It is the junction town between three highways. One travels east and two travel north. I’ve spent many hours driving all of them. I love the mountains. That’s what I miss the most where I live now. On the prairies of southern Manitoba province. Flat, flat, flat.

I’m happy to be living anywhere. And I have family here. I do love seeing home though, I have to say.

There is a second video of other parts of BC, I haven’t watched it yet but if it’s as good as the first one it will be well worth the watch.


They will travel where there is snow on the mountains. It will be beautiful.

I hope you love this a much as I do.

3 thoughts on “An aerial view of the flooding in my home town

    • They are talking in the billions for damages. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Things will never be the same for some people. In some place the river drastically changed course and peoples houses and even their property is completely gone. The force of nature put on one grand display for us. It’s reminding us how small and weak we are.

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      • Oh dear.. I’m so sorry to hear that. Nature is as terrifyingly destructive as it is beautiful.
        I will continue to send positivity and prayers your way but.. it will be a long time before the land and people will be able to begin recovering from this.
        It’s been two years and this area is still trying to rebuild from our own run in with Mother Nature’s brutal fury and you are correct.. we are very small in the grand scheme of things.
        Stay safe and best of luck.

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