This and that kind of day June 18, 2022

This is one of those days when the only option is to cover whatever. Nothing of significance going on. Loads of insignificant though.

Spring is here

I thought I’d make this post a bit of a learning experience hence the rounded picture. I was hoping to put a Spring is Here caption across the Lilac bush, I saw that feature available somewhere along the line and, sadly, I haven’t been able to find it since. At least we have a new shape so all is no lost.

It has been a crazy stormy, rainy spring here and that means when things start to grow they grow fast. We can practically watch it happen.

I tried to capture video of the wild weather but I wasn’t fast enough for the best of the wild storms. I did catch some of the heavy but less spectacular moments and now I need to learn how to edit. The first part of the 55 second video should be edited out but since I don’t know how yet we will have to leave it in. (I know how long it takes to learn things, way too long for this post but I am motivated to learn.)

In the end the storm video will be abandoned. It wants to lay sideways and I haven’t figured out how to turn it right side up. It seems like everything has to be complicated? Something more to learn another day.

In the end, the Irises are starting to bloom, looking pretty, and the weeds are growing like crazy.

It’s a challenge to keep ahead of it all when it grows so fast. Especially with all the rain we’ve had. Between the muddy flower beds and pesky mosquitoes who wants to pull weeds anyway?

Around here spring quickly turns into summer so I am making the most of appreciating this stage of the growing season.

I hear it is supposed to be 35c here tomorrow. That’s crazy since it is 22c so far today and has been coolish for the last couple of weeks.

We live life on the edge when it comes to weather around here.

How are things at your house?

This and that May 13, 2022

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on

Not quite this far yet, but soon.

This is a just-start-talking kind of day. I have nothing earth shattering in mind to talk about so this will be a whole lot of not much.

It has been crazy windy here all day. It sounds like a wind tunnel running between the houses and it’s loud. I was wishing I had the data capacity on my phone to record a couple of hours of it, sound and all. The sky looked like it should be stormy but hadn’t rained. Yet. I’d put off running errands until the last minute, glad it was still dry out there.

A good tail wind helps a person get to the store faster. That was the first observation. But the funniest thing about it all, the rain waited all day to pour down just as I reached the car with my purchases. A shopping trip cut short. It waited all day to soak me at the last possible moment. Even funnier was that in the five minute drive home it stopped raining altogether. Oh well, I had my new furnace filters.

I change them regularly and usually they are lightly dirty. I forgot that this time of year between heavy wind and the blowing sand left from winter streets, things change. This time it was colored like charcoal. No wonder I’m having coughing fits.

This has been a week for family birthdays, can’t forget that, and the post office has been delivering heavy boxes belonging to some family members moving back home from a foreign country. It has taken months for them to arrive by ground and it’s awesome to see most of them finally here and in good shape.

Several days earlier in the week the weather was beautiful and it was good to get out in the yard for post winter cleanup. One never knows how out of shape they are until they try vigorously raking leaves for a couple of hours. It took several days for the muscle stiffness to disappear but after that first time it was much easier.

I always dread the brownness of the world once the snow disappears but then with good weather green starts popping up everywhere and the yard looks fresh and beautiful.

There are lots of things on my mind these days but the owners of the recently arrived boxes will be here soon, for a number of weeks, and I need to be ready for a full house. I can hardly wait.

Weather is such a boring topic April 24, 2022

Well, it is. Mainly because we all have weather where we live and it all consists of the same elements – precipitation and sunshine with a little wind mixed in. Oh, and hot and cold, or variations of them.

It’s amazing too, or maybe not so amazing, how the same weather patterns can stretch across huge areas, continents even. Probably not north and south so much but for sure east and west.

Weather, as a topic, is boring and yet we are consumed with it. We wake up happy if the sun is shinning in a cloudless sky and abandon our plans for the day if it is pouring down rain. Well, some of us abandon our plans, others shrug and go about their business anyway.

I decided all the errands on my to-do-list yesterday could wait for a better day. When the booming thunder and lightening, and the deluge of rain started in earnest I was slightly sorry I hadn’t gone out earlier.

When the kids were little we used to tell them all that banging around was just God moving furniture in heaven, (they were wise enough not to believe it but it was a fun story.) Not only was he moving it yesterday afternoon, and loudly at that, but there was more to be done at 3 am, It made for a short night, sleep-wise, I’ll tell you that.

It’s been raining and now snowing most of the day but I missed out on it while catching up on my beauty sleep. I do feel more awake now than I did at 8 this morning, and that’s saying a lot.

At least the weather hasn’t kept me from catching up on reading, although maybe that’s not totally true. I keep forgetting about nap time.

Photo by Haider Tahir on

Interruptions and unexpected events keep life interesting, don’t you think?

Free book February 17, 2022

The first and only suggestion is from BookBub, an author we have seen a few times. It is FREE.

Roping the Wrangler: Wyoming Legacy (Wind River Hearts Book 6)

The spinster schoolmarm makes a match...

Teacher Sarah Hansen has always wanted a family of her own. But a cowboy is the last man she’d consider—especially one who humiliated her in their childhood schoolroom. Oscar White is back in her life, and all grown up. He’s different than she remembers but that doesn’t mean she can trust him.

When three motherless girls are shunned by the community, Sarah and Oscar are the ones who step up to take on their care. As they work together, Sarah discovers that Oscar isn’t afraid of hardship—and that he makes quite a family man. Can the soft heart Sarah has been hiding tame the wrangler?


I’ve been spending a lot of time keeping up with what’s happening in Ottawa Canada and the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy, and abandoning books.

Here is the current live stream I’m watching. Ottawalks on You Tube. They are having quite the snowstorm. It is wet compare to our dry snow. It accumulates so much faster than ours here in the center of Canada.

These videos have disabused us of a few false rumors too so it all good.

Happy reading, and maybe viewing too

A snow day February 01, 2022

The weather outside was frightful. Just ask the morning commuters and the day’s delivery drivers trying to get around, they will tell you. Closed highways, gridlock with stuck vehicles. The radio talk shows had audience participation in spades.

Looking at this I’m overjoyed to be home.

It has been a quiet day when it comes to books and blog post ideas. No books and not many ideas, at least nothing I’m allowed to talk about. Today was a busy work day and that’s where my mind was. Tomorrow will be busy too and I couldn’t be happier.

I have been fascinated by the snow, though, and tried to capture a few interesting pictures. I’m not so sure about the interesting part, but there is definitely snow.

I’m sure no one remembers but my Christmas tree was in front of the left window. I took it down on the weekend. I figured November 2020 to January 2022 was long enough. I’m going to miss it and it’s privacy function but, on the plus side everything is so much brighter with it gone. I’m thinking maybe a multi level plant stand would be good in it’s place. I seem to be accumulating plants after years of having none.

Well, that’s it for now.

The dishes are done, the blog post is written, I can read for a while before lights out.

I’ve just started a collection that has been on my list since September 2020. It was lost in the shuffle, crowded out with new books coming in so fast. I’m enjoying this read like I have with other books from this author in the past.

Dakota Brides Boxed Set: Books 1-4

Four brides long for love and find it in unconventional ways. Read this collection of heartwarming historical romances from an award-winning author with more than one million books sold. 

TEMPORARY BRIDE Lena Stevens has lost everything. Everything except her son. When her neighbor Anker proposes a marriage of convenience, she has no choice but to accept, but makes him vow to annul it come spring. Anker has longed for a wife–but not like this. A forced marriage with an end date. Can what started as a pretense turn into something more?

Happy Reading, y’all

This and that January 07, 2022

I need a little writing therapy so here we are. I don’t have anything in particular on my mind though.

I heard a loud noise earlier, it sounded like something tipped, rolled, and fell over. I went all over the house trying to see what happened. Nothing. I was listening to two guys doing their weekly op-ed type podcast and since I couldn’t find anything in the house I thought maybe one of them had knocked something over at their place. Didn’t seem likely but you never know, right?

In the quiet aftermath of their show ending I heard downspouts rattling on the roof. A storm rolled in when I wasn’t paying attention. The wind must have been strong to make a noise loud enough to be heard over the cranked up volume.

Hopefully the storm won’t blow as hard all night as it is right now. The forgotten bedroom window is open a crack and it’s frozen in place so it can’t be closed. The wind whistling in a narrow space makes a lot of noise, it will be interesting trying to sleep if it keeps this up. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and thaw it enough so that it can be closed.

Along with the wild wind tonight we have a blowing snow advisory. That’s one drawback to fine powdery snow, it doesn’t take much wind to move it around. I’m grateful for my neighbor! If the promised amount happens he has plans to clear it out.

Speaking of podcasts, I was listening to another favorite tonight and at one point he was going on a bit of a rant trying to warn his listeners that the people posing as him, asking for money, are scammers. It must happen a lot because he seems to address this on a regular basis. It mostly happens for him on Facebook.

I haven’t had anyone approach me on line but I’ve noticed the scammer phone calls have come up with wild schemes that unsuspecting people could fall prey to. Hopefully people will be suspicious of anyone posing as a bank or some other institution, or of anyone at all asking for money. Never trust someone asking for money.


So currently I have two things on the go, aside from listening to podcasts. Another read and my Christmas puzzle. The book is a two in one, it includes a full length bonus mystery. I wasn’t sure how I would like them, story one started out like another one from WWII. I was glad to find it was just the introduction, the main part of the story was present day. In the end I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read so far.

A Christmas Eve Promise: a story of hope and joy

It’s December 1941. Thomas is in his third year of college and is about to propose to Emily, his high school sweetheart. But the attack on Pearl Harbor has shocked the nation and is threatening to keep them apart. On a snowy, romantic Christmas Eve, he makes a life-changing promise to her. But fulfilling it will require everything of him and will lead to generational consequences he never could have imagined. Now is the time for a story of hope and joy.

BONUS BOOK INCLUDED: The Lakeside Conspiracy. Max and Michelle Henry had the perfect marriage and an ideal life in the small town of Lakeside, Arkansas where Max is the football coach and Michelle is a teacher. But when Max discovers the police are covering up the death of his star player will he and Michelle uncover secrets someone is ready to kill over?


One thing for sure; podcasts and puzzles go well together.

Time gets away on me when I find something to get lost in, like two more podcasts. It’s time to quit and get out of here.

It’s been nice chatting with you.

Happy reading…

…and maybe listening to some good podcasts.

Happy New Year everyone January 01, 2022

New Years Eve tradition alive and well

Happy New Year everyone! On this bright and beautiful, very crisp sunny day.

My kids kept up the tradition by presenting me with a new puzzle on Christmas. It had me very excited, for a while there I thought I might have to resort to digging out an old one this New Years Eve.

With the glorious blue sky out the window in front of me today it will be fun working on it.

On top of that, knowing it’s -32C feels like -41C is like a gift. It’s a great excuse to feel happy about staying in without changing out of my cozy pajamas and heavy bathrobe. Not that I need an excuse or anything, now that I’m old enough to do whatever I want. 🙂

Wishing you all the very best in the year ahead.

An aerial view of the flooding in my home town

The area is south western British Columbia, Canada. They had unprecedented rainfall last week and the damage is crazy. The number of people stranded is staggering too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the helicopter ride. Maybe you will too. The first town is Abbotsford, I’ve lived there twice. East of the flooding is Chilliwack. I was born and raised there. Further east is a small town of Hope. It is the junction town between three highways. One travels east and two travel north. I’ve spent many hours driving all of them. I love the mountains. That’s what I miss the most where I live now. On the prairies of southern Manitoba province. Flat, flat, flat.

I’m happy to be living anywhere. And I have family here. I do love seeing home though, I have to say.

There is a second video of other parts of BC, I haven’t watched it yet but if it’s as good as the first one it will be well worth the watch.


They will travel where there is snow on the mountains. It will be beautiful.

I hope you love this a much as I do.

Formidable, truly formidable. November 16, 2021

It’s a slow book day today. That’s OK

I’ve been paying attention to what is happening in British Columbia Canada, weather-wise.

It’s crazy what’s going on there. That’s for sure

They have been having unusually heavy rain and highways and train tracks are experiencing washouts and slides. Flooding in low lying places with people evacuated.

There have been floods before but I don’t remember anything as wide spread and destructive as this.

Rushing rivers taking out anything and everything in their path

Many of the highways and rail lines run through mountainous areas. Supply shortages will be worse than they were already with trains at a standstill

The high mountains are beautiful on a dry sunny day but formidable when slides and washouts happen.

The force of nature is truly impressive, take a look. It is awe-some.

It’s snowing and it’s October 31, 2021

It’s only a flurry but still…

I guess it’s not that unusual when I stop and think about it. When I lived in northern BC we always said snow could be expected to show up on Halloween. We have been spoiled the few times it held off until well into November.

Last year it happened early, October 20 was the beginning of it. But still it was not a bad year for snow. The driveway only had to be cleared a few times.

Here is a clip showing what it was like in the city last year, Winnipeg MB.

I love the music and the lights.